Because He’s Hot: Zac Efron Gets His Playground Work Out On (PHOTOS)

Hot Zachs!
Who is the best Zach in Hollywood?
We guess Zac Efron is just a kid at heart! The 23-year-old actor was spotted at a park in Mandeville, Louisiana, on Tuesday afternoon, where it looks like he was having a little fun with his workout.

While Zac could have just gone to any regular old gym, the Charlie St. Cloud star decided to turn a play structure into an impromptu workout machine! Dressed rather incognito, he was rocking a blue tee, a pair of aviators and a trucker hat. Judging by the hair sprouting out from the back, it looks like he’s growing those luscious locks out a bit, too.

So, what exactly is Zac doing all the way in Louisiana?

He’s currently filming The Paperboy, along with Nicole Kidman, who was sporting an extra blonde ‘do for the new film. Hitting theaters sometime in 2012, The Paperboy is about “a reporter who returns to his Florida hometown to investigate a case involving a death row inmate.”

Zac has also been filming Heartland in Iowa, which resulted in him getting all dressed up as a race car driver. Check out those pics below!

He is one busy fella! It’s amazing he finds the time to workout at all — no wonder he has to be creative!

What do you think of Zac’s impromptu fitness routine? Smart? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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