Emmy Rossum Hits the Ground Running Towards Hit Series in Short Shorts & Tank (PHOTOS)

It’s always a visual treat seeing celebs running around in skimpy workout clothes!

Although she looked casual and comfy while she darted across a track in short shorts and a gray tank top, Emmy Rossum wasn’t snapped running at her leisure, she was spotted filming a scene for her Showtime series Shameless.

On the show she plays Fiona Gallagher, daughter of Nick Gallagher, who struggles with alcoholism. This dysfunctional family deals with their issues while Fiona, the oldest daughter, holds the family together.  Shameless was given five stars by the San Francisco Chronicle and gained many other buzz worthy reviews. Unfortunately, Emmy went Emmy-less this season.

She definitely got snubbed when it comes to earning an Emmy Award nomination. Regardless, the talented young actress has gotten a chance to showcase her many talents in her previous works, such as her singing in Phantom of the Opera. Now the actress is debuting her need for speed — on the track, that is.

Tune in to Shameless on Showtime and see Emmy at the speed of light!

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