In the LA Area? Go See ‘For the Record: Coen Brothers’

Hey Los Angeles folks! Celebuzz just had the pleasure of checking out the For the Record series which showcases signature songs and iconic scenes from Hollywood’s most legendary directors.

Up now is For the Record: Coen Brothers which combines East Coast traditional Broadway theatrics with the style and spectacle of Los Angeles. Coen Brothers takes audiences on an emotional voyage while laughing at some of dark comedies funniest moments, clapping to energizing bluegrass tunes and fervently singing along to memorable soundtrack successes.

At the same time, audiences will enjoy world class California cuisine, inventive cocktails and exceptional service. 

The show features songs and scenes from hit Coen Brother directed films including Oh Brother, Where Art Though, Fargo, Hudsucker Proxy and The Big Lebowski among others. 

Quentin Tarantino, Baz Luhrmann, Noah Wyle, Wayne Brady, Taye Diggs, Molly Ringwald, Deborah Ann Woll are all celebs who have stopped by.

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