Readers Respond: Is Miley Cyrus Smoking a Big Deal?

Miley Bikinis in Rio
Cyrus hangs on the beach with her fam.
No one is arguing how great Miley Cyrus looks in her bikini while vacationing with Liam Hemsworth, but the fact that she has what appears to be a cigarette in her hand has been up for debate with Celebuzz readers.

Miley, 18, is legally allowed to be puffing away, but it was interesting to see where you guys stood on the cig sitch both on Facebook and in our comment section, seeing as the former Hannah Montana star is a figure in the public eye.

Readers were pretty much split with the “lay off her” mentality and the “how dare she” argument. Angela K. told us on Facebook:

“She’s smoking because she can. I think you all would be surprised to know that half the celebrities you idolize most likely smoke. It’s a lot more common than you think.” 

However, Joe chimed in, writing in our comment section, “Anybody who judges other people based on their choices (in this case, the choice to consume a legal product) is ignorant.” 

Other comments included: 

“I’m sure you all aren’t perfect, so either say something nice or shut up! FYI: she can do whatever she likes, it’s her life, stop telling her how too life it and take your own advise instead!” Theresa posted under the article.

“We care because she is a role model to many young girls and smoking is bad for your health!!” Angela H. responded on Facebook.

“I thought she was attractive until I saw the cigarette in her hand” Alex L. said.

“I didn’t know she smoked. Well that’s her problem and all but I would think she wouldn’t want to hurt her voice” Christal posted on Facebook.

Those are just a few of the hundreds of comments we’ve received on the picture, so we thought we would open it up to you readers right here. Vote now: Is Miley Cyrus smoking even our business?

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