Readers Respond: Is Miley Cyrus Smoking a Big Deal?

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Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus
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No one is arguing how great Miley Cyrus looks in her bikini while vacationing with Liam Hemsworth, but the fact that she has what appears to be a cigarette in her hand has been up for debate with Celebuzz readers.

Miley, 18, is legally allowed to be puffing away, but it was interesting to see where you guys stood on the cig sitch both on Facebook and in our comment section, seeing as the former Hannah Montana star is a figure in the public eye.

Readers were pretty much split with the "lay off her" mentality and the "how dare she" argument. Angela K. told us on Facebook:

"She's smoking because she can. I think you all would be surprised to know that half the celebrities you idolize most likely smoke. It's a lot more common than you think." 
However, Joe chimed in, writing in our comment section, "Anybody who judges other people based on their choices (in this case, the choice to consume a legal product) is ignorant." 

Other comments included: 

"I’m sure you all aren’t perfect, so either say something nice or shut up! FYI: she can do whatever she likes, it’s her life, stop telling her how too life it and take your own advise instead!" Theresa posted under the article.

"We care because she is a role model to many young girls and smoking is bad for your health!!" Angela H. responded on Facebook.

"I thought she was attractive until I saw the cigarette in her hand" Alex L. said.

"I didn't know she smoked. Well that's her problem and all but I would think she wouldn't want to hurt her voice" Christal posted on Facebook.

Those are just a few of the hundreds of comments we've received on the picture, so we thought we would open it up to you readers right here. Vote now: Is Miley Cyrus smoking even our business?



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  • numisiro

    I've always been a loser but I've never realized it until a few years ago. Never was good with people, and until very late in life I thought the only way to make friends and please people was to do and be everything they wanted us to. I shaped my personality on that of those I wanted to be friends with. I wasn't myself. So I was bullied, beaten, mocked, taken advantage of and such. Then there were the parental units. Work took them away a lot, and the little time we spent together was them saying constantly I behaved like a lunatic and if I didn't behave properly I was to be commited to an institution. What a great thing to say to a child, right? My whole family, though small, started to see me this way. I was the crazy one, the child that never said anything that made sense, the child who always had to be watched lest he break, stole or severely damaged anything. Well, movin' on... Let's see...School: Check; Parents/Family: Check; Work - Check my other story "damned if you do..."; That leaves married life. I don't have to tell you about my love life, use your imagination under these circumstances. I met my future wife and eight years later we got married. Best and fastest day of my entire life. I later found out that my marriage isn't a partnership, but a domination. She's the dominating one, I'm the dominated one. So at this point I really start thinking like that famous Demotivator poster with the picture of a sinking ship that says «It may be that your goal in life is to serve as a warning to others.». I looked around and realized that no one respected me, people saw me as a child of 5 in a 30 year-old body, the lunatic mad prankster who never took anything seriously and never did anything right. I had one last chance to prove myself to the world: to have children of my own, to make others around me see that I too could make something right, something beautiful. Then the Doctor told me I couldn't have children. I was sterile. No chance in Hell.

  • shshbbsbhsgusgugsh

    i think thats fakeshbbh

  • Melek

    Atleast now she'll hopefully die sooner. Support you and your stupidity!

  • Beth

    Oh how I look forward to the next crappy generation of young adults.

  • Beth

    Ironic that the tattoo under her booby says, "Just Breathe" in honor of her friend who died of CF and her grandfather who died of LUNG CANCER. Funny how we put such idiotic hypocrites up on a pedestal in our society just because their daddies are famous.

  • Tylrr

    If parents and media outlets didn't make Cyrus smoking a cigarette into such a huge deal I bet most of her audience wouldn't even know...

  • sarahhh

    Idiot, liar fake and stupid, her voicr goea croaking then its her fault im not gona stik up 4 her no way

  • CharlotteSwift

    I mean she can do what she wants, but when her voice goes all croaky, i wont be cheering for her..

  • Dan

    I think she looks Very, Very Sexy smoking!! I wish she would use my mouth as her Ashtray!!!

  • Gabrielle

    Who says anything any celebrity does is our problem? It's not up for discussion. She's eighteen. She can do what she wants. Her music is no longer aimed at little kids because she is no longer a part of Disney. She has her own life now, so it doesn't matter. She's a person and is able to buy cigarettes at her own leisure, like everyone else.

  • Joh

    So much for being a rolemodel to kids then... If she's not careful she could look years older within months, and I doubt she would be able to keep that figure for too much longer...

  • Potato

    All her fans are children. She has no adult fans. "She’s not 12 anymore and with the release of her last few songs/music videos you can tell that she’s growing up and singing for an older audience, it may or may not appeal to them but that’s what she’s doing." You're right, and her newest albums were the lowest of her career. Many of her new singles didn't even make the charts. The only people that want her albums are children, but it's the parents that buy the albums. I wouldn't be surprised if she did it for publicity. Her career pretty much died after she quit Disney. There's not even any argument, so don't bother. Check wiki. Compare the sales. No one cares about Miley Cyrus anymore, except for maybe children.

  • Chachi

    She already sounds like she smokes 2 packs a day. She has since she was, like, 16. I just think she is a hypocrite because she has done all the things she said she would never do. I could care less if she smokes crack, but if you say you will never do something, stick to your guns.

  • Jolene Johnson-Bieber
    Jolene Johnson-Bieber

    She not a 10 year old idol anymore. She's a teen idol, and to be honest, half of my friends(who are 15 years old) smoke pot and are drunk very often. Her, being 18, and smoking a cigarrete is NOT a big deal, but yet others who do it, and are 3 years younger than her, seem to care alot. It's dumb, that people are judging her because of what she decides to do. It's her life, let her choose what she does.

  • Sandy

    Smoking is definitely her choice, BUT she also knows how much of a role model she is to younger children. Considering being a star on a children's station is what got her where she's at, she should at least try to keep it under wraps and keep it out of the public eye where the little ones can see. Children's minds are easily influenced, especially by those they adore.

  • imalexia1

    yea I would say it's no big deal too, BUT in her book she specificly said that she would NEVER smoke! and she wrote horrible things about ppl who do smoke. And now she is smoking herself...That is why she is not a good role model..

  • imalexia1

    when I saw the pics of her smoking a few days ago I was shoked! In her book she said she would NEVER smoke, and now there she is, smoking like it's no big deal...Not my role model anymore..!

  • brooke

    WOW firstly let me just say i love miley cyrus and support her no matter what. secondly Brooke omg my names Brooke ahahha :)

  • Briana Devoon
    Briana Devoon

    I dont understand how she could smoke from a bong and everyone forgets in a good month.Catch her smoking a cigarette and everyone start calling her a bad rolemodel.... SHE IS A GROWN ASS WOMEN SHES BEEN OFF DISNEY AND IM PRETTY SURE THE KIDS MOVED ON SO ALL HATERS SHOULD DO THE SAME!!!


    The only problem with her smoking is that she kept talking about how bad she thought smoking was and that she would NEVER EVER do it because it would be like smashing a guitar, basically ruining her instrument (her voice). I don't think there's much saving her voice to be honest. It's already shit anyways. But the fact that she's a huge hypocrite is what bugs me.

  • minneymouse

    ah get over it she doesnt care about you or any of her fans all sher cares about is fame and attention and doing whatever needs be to get it

  • sierra

    i know you feel upset but dont stop being a miley fan she rocks u know that she makes mistakes i dont like smokeing either but im not going to hate her becuz she smokes i will always my heart she will be

  • sierra

    miley rocks i dont care what she does its her choice and im not going to hate her becuz she does something that she chooses and alot of stars smoke my mom smokes i dont hate her becuz she smokes i know miley has made mistakes everybody does i do all the time i love miley and support her 4 ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anonymous

    i don't support smoking, so I don't smoke. But it isn't my choice if other people smoke, it's THEIR choice. I do think she is trying to hard to make a bad ass image for herself though with all of the tattoos and sexy outfits at only 18

  • Sam

    Her Disney days are over, she's 18, and probably trying something new out, or maybe just not hiding it anymore. Let's be honest with ourselves, lots of people smoke, yes. It has negative effects on our bodies, yes. I'm sure you could point at any person and say negative things about them. I'm going to assume most of you don't know her so you continue much except what you've seen on tv, or in her book, or her music. Perfectly fine people have smoked. Yeah, it sucks cause she's a 'role model'. I've heard this enough. If you dont like it, get over it.

  • gunit

    life is short. if you like smoking, smoke. you're going to die one way or another. her "fans?" she's really not that popular anymore. and i don't think they post paparazzi photos on the disney channel anyway. if a kid reads about this on the internet, there's worse things they'll see on the internet then some ex teenybopper with a cigarette.

  • meredith

    of course it's not your business but you're the media you're gonna talk about it anyway. half of you will say "it's her choice" and the other half will say "*gasp* she's being such a bad role model!!" and then in a few weeks it will be old news look i'm psychic.

  • sona

    i don't give a shit about that either

  • K. Alexandra
    K. Alexandra

    I'm soo tired of people always talking about Miley Cyrus and always concerning themselves with what she is doing. Whoooo cares?! How old is she now? 18, 19 years-old? Yeah, she's smoking, but oh well! She's been off of Disney for almost a year or two now. Of course she has younger fans, but guess what? Those younger fans are growing up along with her. She doesn't have 5 and 6 year-old fans anymore, because those 5 and 6 year-olds are now 11 and 12, so shut up! Disney forces whoever is on there to fit into this mold to become some perfect role model for kids. Miley is trying to get out of that mold, and grow up, and try new things. If yall are so concerned with whether her smoking, tattoos, etc. is going to affect your kids, then make sure you teach your kids to not pay her any mind. Damn, yall crazy ass parents with Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus-obsessed kids always wanna get on her, because she's growing up. Let her parents handle her! She is a grown adult now, so let the girl live her freakin life!

  • dotmatrix

    If she's trying to appeal to the trailer park demographic that loves her daddy, then mission accomplished. All that's missing now is a can of Old Milwaukee.

  • Natalie

    I love Miley so much! This is her choice and whatever you say wont change it! My mom used to be a smoker and some of her friens are still smokers! My grandma is a smoker! I've grown up with them an have realized no matter what its not my choice for how they live their life! Smoke or ont smoke. I dont care. I still love you Miley!

  • Seth

    ...Right. If she were 21 and decided to take a drink, would everyone be b*tching about it? Seriously, she's 18 and she can do what she wants. Anyone who criticizes her for hypocrisy is even more of a hypocrite themselves. Who here hasn't tried something they said they'd never try when they were underage? I remember taking a 'purity' pledge at church when i was like 13. Pffffft. Get over yourselves, she's a human. Let her live her life without expecting anything from her. That's absolutely not fair.

  • Terresa Nelder
    Terresa Nelder

    Here is an off the cuff thought has anyone considered that the photo is cropped what i see in this picture is her the georgeous puppy she is holding oh n yes she is holding a cigarette in between her fingers now i ask this how do we know that she isn't holding it for someone else OR smoking it now that papperazzie being the type of people they are you would think they would get a photo of her actually smoking the cigarette hmmmmm so does this mean that she may not be smoking but at the back end of nasty pappirazzi ASS U ME ing that she is or come on people be smart this stuff sells would you have been equally vocal if the headlines read Miley Cyrus holds cigratte for Aunt Mary ( hypothetical name ) no everyone would have so what who cares unless you are a person who reads this crap n swear it is gospel because you believe everything you read we weren't there so we can't judge the situation. i was a smoker for 27 yrs gave up 12 mths ago but in saying that its coz i couldn't afford to get married while i was smoking so i gave up n still struggle occassionaly.

  • may

    Regardless, it's a stupid thing to smoke. It's pretty much common knowledge at this point that smoking is bad for you, in many ways. But whatever, if she wants to f up her lungs, so be it. I'm not gonna feel bad for her when smoking takes its toll.

  • jenn

    anybody who smokes this day and age is stupid. Have fun with your yellow fingernails, bad breath, lung cancer, and emphysema

  • Akosua Agyapomaa Asante
    Akosua Agyapomaa Asante

    ...why are you guys hating? there are so many celebs e.g. vanessa hudgen who smoke yet you don't complain. Why is it that whatever Miley does is questionable,huh. You guys should give her a BREAK. She's miley and will forever be miley.Guess what...she is bless regardless.

  • dfklgjdf

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  • Phoebe New Zealand
    Phoebe New Zealand

    Woop woop, ild spark up with you anyday bub!

  • Cameron Salvant
    Cameron Salvant

    hiii hi kol guy here i too agree one ting fo sure whaethwer she smokes or not she issssssss;one finnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Cameron Salvant
    Cameron Salvant

    ;;;;one thing fooooo sur she is a beauty wheather she smokes or notttttttttttttttttt

  • joannaparker98

    I thought I was her #1 fan but that may change because I looked up to her and it makes me sad that she would do that to her beautiful self

  • Jon

    As far as Miley Cyrus Smoking a Bong being a Big Deal, who cares, it's her life!

  • Aly

    Um..she can do whatever she wants to her own lung. I feel bad for the dog!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    Miley Cyrus is awesome - smoking is not but its her choice, she is a young adult and if she wants to damage her lungs and maybe even her beautiful voice eventually its her life

  • Kia

    I honestly wouldn't care as much if I hadn't been saying that she was awesome my whole life . People are always like "Eww you like Miley Cyrus?" And I defended her Every single time . I know she doesn't know me and she never will but I was a huge fan and she lost a lot of my respect. She isn't a child anymore and she is of age so whatever but smoking sucks in every single way . But hey if thats what she wants to do then thats on her ..

  • n

    well to be honest people who hate her blindly or defend her blindly are both pathetic she chose to smoke and she's the one who's gonna regret it and may eventually quit it for me im against smoking whoever was the smoker a boy, girl or even a role model its wrong because its just harmful and many things are legal but they are harmful like smoking and alcohol

  • n

    its her life i dont care she's the one who's gonna regret it later

  • Melissa

    I think we should just leave her be she wants to smoke? who cares? its her life. honestly i dont like her that much but she wants to smoke? i really dont care.nobodys a rolemodel cause nobodys perfect. let her live her life to her fullest. shes not a kid anymore. Shes a grown adult and its legal. Stop treating her like a child. Your fans should be your age range. Shes almost 19 her fans are adults not young kids. She used to be a young kid range when she was younger. She was 12 when she was on hannah montana. its over. like i said before shes grown now. she can make her own choices.

  • minneymouse


  • BEN


  • lalaland

    100% agree!!!!

  • lalaland

    i think that smoking his wrong and unhealthy but no one should be judging her because now in your lifes you might not smoke but you don't know if one day in the future you may fall into the mistake of doing it...and i also speak for myself i don't smoke but i don't know about the future (not that i want to star smoking thought)...and even if you have kids, you never know if they one day will smoke.... that is why i think people shouldn't judge her.....YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS!!!!!!!

  • rasha

    who made her a role model... why shes a role one on earth deserve to be a role model cz no one is perfect and everyone make mistakes

  • Brooke

    I agree with you Katie. Growing up doesn't mean that a person has to experience everything that they legally can do. I will never understand after we know so much about how bad smoking is for us, and many people know others that have cancer caused by smoking, that people continue to start smoking. Not only that, but Miley has a career. The effects of smoking could ruin her singing career

  • anonymous

    but then again it's none of our business and she can do with her life whatever she wants.....amd we don't even know if she's addicted to may be just for fun and wonce in a while....

  • anonymous

    i agree with you if she did write that in her autobiography one of two: she was faking it back then and it was all a part of the disney execs to please her fans and the world and she really is an hipocrit or now she is doing it just to get atencion and to get people to talk about her...

  • minneymouse

    hate her, shes such a hipokrit, she sed in her autobiography she would NEVER smoke and look at her now, shes looking for attention because shes an attention seeker, cant stand her never could.

  • Mei-Yuen Joan Jett Sober
    Mei-Yuen Joan Jett Sober

    but its like you said.. she wrote that book ''a few years ago'' and she is of age. and people change all the time, and so does your opinions. i just dont think its right for people to quote her on what she said when she was 15-16. because i used to say the same thing but i went and did it but now iv quite

  • Mei-Yuen Joan Jett Sober
    Mei-Yuen Joan Jett Sober

    WOW! the amount of people that actually care about what she does and comparing her to when she was in disney.. its incredible.. Seriously smoking is bad for you, i agree. HOWEVER!! its up to the person to decide what to do with their life. if she wants to smoke a cig then let her.. if she wants to try out some weed then let her.. if she wanted to trespass to somewhere and suffer the consequences then let her. i am only 19 and i have to do things that i have to learn from.. i have tried smoking and i did it on and off then decided its not for me.. leave her to figure out what she really wants in her life. many celebs do things that they may or may not be proud of.. were only human and by saying that she is a role model to kids is labeling her. she is as every bit normal as the rest of us. parents are role models for kids. if one parent goes off and has an affair then would that not make you a bad role model for your own kids?? seriously don't take the celeb world so seriously

  • Laquita T. Hodge
    Laquita T. Hodge

    It's not like I seriously care whether she's a smoker because there are many celebs who smoke. She's 18 and she's not oblivious to the hazards that smoking can cause like her lungs & her voice. She knows that and she's stated before that she would never smoke like Katie mentioned. If she wants to cut her life short & expose her body to that then that's on her. I think she wants to show she's an adult & we get that, but smoking isn't the way to go. It's her life and let her live it the way she pleases.

  • Iako Mgvdliashvili
    Iako Mgvdliashvili

    her time has ran off! nobody cares about her anymore so she can do whatever she want

  • dustglitterrain01

    So you're saying that she should spend her whole life constantly selling her face to young children? How is that fair. She, and people in general should be able to grow. She's not 12 anymore and with the release of her last few songs/music videos you can tell that she's growing up and singing for an older audience, it may or may not appeal to them but that's what she's doing. You can't just expect her to stay a certain way forever. It would be understandable if they were still filming for Hannah Montana but they're not. It's finished, over with. Just because they're still airing the shows on TV doesn't mean that she should be constantly put in the bloody spotlight for everything she does. So, how long should she stay in line with what she started, until she's 25?! Get real, she's finished that now, she started at aged 12 until aged 18. People can't expect her to just stay the same person and if they do they're down right deranged.

  • Katie

    The thing that drives me up the wall about this is, in her book that she wrote a few years ago she was quoted saying, “I would never smoke. I always say that for me, smoking would be like smashing my guitar and expecting it to play. I’d never do that to my voice, not to mention the rest of my body.” Don't tell me she is just growing up! There are other ways to do that.

  • Mary

    I wouldn't care about things like this if they hadn't spent so many years pushing her as a fucking rolemodel. Yes, she's legal. Yes, she'll make her own choices. But then her music shouldn't be aimed towards younger children, which it most certainly is. Her whole career was/is aimed at children. And if it hadn't been, she would not have had a career. Children don't really listen to the words or the distinct musical quality of the music they listen to, they look at who's singing it and go from that. And if they're doing so with Miley, well... We can definitely expect an influx of slutty pictures and smokers from younger generations. She isn't overly talented, so I don't even believe she has a place for older listeners. There just isn't that many people with that bad of hearing. Basically, she should try to stay in line with what she started, which is selling her face to young children, or get some talent and start to be enjoyable for larger groups of adults. I could say the same for Britney, Lindsey, etc.

  • dustglitterrain01

    At the end of the day, she can do what the hell she wants. It's her life, why do some people take it upon themselves to try and judge and dictate it. Psh, the comments I've seen are talking like she's actually going to give a crap what people she doesn't even know say.

  • sona

    i don't give a SHIT! let her parents decide!