Selena Gomez on Quitting Music & Justin Bieber's Surprise Performances (VIDEO)

Justin & Selena’s Romance
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Is Selena Gomez putting down her microphone? The double-threat superstar talked to E! News about her future, and she confessed that it may not include singing.

"I think I'm tackling a bunch of different things because I'm dabbling in a bunch of different areas that I really enjoy," Gomez told Michael Yo. "I think eventually I'm going to have everything slow down and stick to one thing."

So what is that one thing?

No, not Justin Bieber.

"Probably acting," Selena responded. "I think that music is always going to be in my life for sure, whether it's me in my house singing or in the car, I feel like that's where I belong."

Still, SelGo said she will be getting to work on her fourth album so this won't happen just yet!

Biebs has popped on stage a few times already, but when asked about having her boyfriend as a nice surprise on tour she says: "It's not really about that though, it's definitely just about my tour and the hard work I've done."

Check out the video below to see more from Selena's dressing room! And trust us when we say her tour is one you definitely don't wanna miss.

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  • david b conway
    david b conway


  • david b conway
    david b conway

    page 2 / and just for now selena gomez , and can you just do the second sequel tv movie of wizards of waverly place the movie 2 sequel , your disney family and loves you to selena marie gomez , i know that you have your own future off motion pictures that you what to do selena gomez , but we do,nt what you to be alone to along and to cry to your self , that is so wrong selena gomez , we just what to help you , love david b conway

  • david b conway
    david b conway

    dear celebuzz web site , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here and to miss selena gomez , i just think that she should do just make the 4 th and the 5 th albums just in her future and just quit after the 5 th album , and do feel bad just for her boy friend justin bieber , but can i just say this to selena gomez , just give it some time selena gomez untill next year 2012 on your 20 th birthday , and just let the hater,s to come down this year , the break up might hurt for a a while , but it will fix the relationship with justin bieber , love david b conway

  • david b conway
    david b conway

    page 2 / just with my frist comment here i said that just about her side project,s by having her old tv series of wizards of waverly place , why do,nt she do the side projects special just for tv and that is my second idea as well , but i do wish that she can still stay on it on her old tv series untill she has her second motion picture comes out just from next year and she can still leave again next year , love david conway

  • david b conway
    david b conway

    dear web site , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here , and please do,nt get me wrong to say this , i know how much she whats to do this choice off her,s but the only problem i have is that just with selena marie gomez , i did read on my laptop before that she lost her voice just when she was on the lopez tonight talk show and she might not get that back just as a singer just after 30 or 40 years of age , just from now , and i do have some future plan,s just for miss selena gomez her self , and just with one idea i have for selena gomez is that just about her side projects i love to see her in doing her singing and doing her albums just for her side project,s instand ,, and just her old tv series of wizards of waverly place just do them for the side project,s , love david b conway

  • hope123

    your right

  • beats1727

    i agree

  • Trends

    People who are hating on other people should stop hating because you have to remember that whatever you are doing right now will come back to you ten folds. That is the law of attraction; that's also karma and that's life.

  • Trends

    I am not a fan of anybody. I like different artists, but I believe Selena deserves to be credited for her hard work. To each his own, everybody has different taste in arts, sound and music. I like her music and I do listen to her songs. I also like watching her shows, they are very entertaining. I think she could sing, she has a voice, she just needs to practice more live to bring in the strength of her voice. Of course, singing is not something, she should focus on. A lot of the artists who could sing, but like acting, are trying out different venues. I am happy for her decision to put more focus in acting, I think she has a better edge in that field because she started from there. I really want to see her more in movies or TV series, most specially the new "Sex and the City". I hope she'll get it.

  • Trends

    She is more popular right now because she has more activities in 2011 and she is also getting out of Disney as well. Selena has the right not to answer any questions she is not comfortable answering and not relevant to what she is doing as an artist. The assumption that she is being rude and not appreciative of what Justin is doing is only creating more hates and death threats on both sides. It is also generating more news saying that she needs Justin to become popular which is not true. She could do it on her own because she worked hard for it. The media has to stop interfering with their private lives.

  • Kendra K.
    Kendra K.

    She didn't sound like a bitch, the dumb interviewer asked about JB out of nowhere and she simply said well it's not about him, it's about the tour." That is not bitchy, that is answering back politely. This girl has been famous for years and to know that she is getting over shadowed from her relationships and personal life is quite idiocracy. She has everything she wants and people rather judge her by her choices than see the talent and dedication she has towards her career. It's quite funny though, people can comment all they want and say this or that about one celebrity or another and just confirm that their worth nothing, when they are worth MILLIONS. I am super glad she is going to wrap up the music and continue acting, she has 2 films in the works right now which is Jay Asher's 13 reasons why & What A Boy Wants. Both have a very good plot and I see her with a very but very long career in acting. Never judge one by their image right now, because later on BAM, they suprise you out of nowwhere. Now that she's done with Disney, she has grown a lot and I applaud the girl for keeping her damn feet to the ground than be all Hollywood soaked like so many people get caught up in. BOSS.

  • Noame23


  • Cameron Salvant
    Cameron Salvant

    hi kool guy :;how do we do!;;well what ever she does we ::will always suprot!''

  • Phelicia Odima
    Phelicia Odima

    I just think that she feels like she has enough money already so now she can just dump one thing and begin another.And as for Justin,of course he will not be a serious part of her future because duhhhhh,she seems to be more mature and know what she wants.he is still a kid,so this couple is just soooo awkward.But Selena,I have to say,Has grown into a bitch over the years:)_

  • rasha

    she looks fine to me..she knows what she want ..on what she want to focus right now and she took the right decision to stop singing now although shes fine with singing.. but too much things goin on in her life may be a bad thing for her..she could crash down and fall apart just like lindsay and britney ..slowing down is a good idea.. keep it up girl

  • simplydiffer

    She can't sing and she can't act. Yeah, good luck with that...

  • Iako Mgvdliashvili
    Iako Mgvdliashvili

    Did she reach her auto tune limit?

  • ugh

    she came off as kind of rude. and like she didint want to do this interveiw.