Selena Gomez on Quitting Music & Justin Bieber’s Surprise Performances (VIDEO)

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A look at Justin and Selena’s road to romance.
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Is Selena Gomez putting down her microphone? The double-threat superstar talked to E! News about her future, and she confessed that it may not include singing.

“I think I’m tackling a bunch of different things because I’m dabbling in a bunch of different areas that I really enjoy,” Gomez told Michael Yo. “I think eventually I’m going to have everything slow down and stick to one thing.”

So what is that one thing?

No, not Justin Bieber.

“Probably acting,” Selena responded. “I think that music is always going to be in my life for sure, whether it’s me in my house singing or in the car, I feel like that’s where I belong.”

Still, SelGo said she will be getting to work on her fourth album so this won’t happen just yet!

Biebs has popped on stage a few times already, but when asked about having her boyfriend as a nice surprise on tour she says: “It’s not really about that though, it’s definitely just about my tour and the hard work I’ve done.”

Check out the video below to see more from Selena’s dressing room! And trust us when we say her tour is one you definitely don’t wanna miss.