Jason Bateman Makes A Killing In Showbiz – and GQ Magazine!

Joe in GQ
The 'True Blood' werewolf shows off his abs for GQ!
If you’re an authority figure of any sort you better watch your back, because some of Hollywood’s head honcho’s are on the look out for their next target!

With The Change Up on the way and Horrible Bosses making a killing — pun intended — in the box office, Jason Bateman has been the talk of the town this summer. The funnyman landed a shoot with his two equally hilarious Bosses cast mates for GQ magazine.

After picking up the annual comedy issue of GQ, Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis will have you dying of laughter! The triple threat hit the big screen in Horrible Bosses a few weeks ago, and made fans laugh so hard that there’s been talk of the possibility of a sequel.

GQ asked each of the fellas: if they had to choose a co-star to be their boss, which of them would be less horrible?

Bateman jokingly responded, “In both cases, I’d be screwed. The smart play would be to get hit by them. I could sue, buy the company, fire the prick, and take his office, his wife, and his parking spot.”

To find out more of the horrible situations Bateman, Day and Sudeikis have experienced, make sure to pick up the GQ comedy issue, the one with the sexy Mila Kunis on the cover!