Justin Bieber Lookalike Performs Lady Gaga Song (VIDEO)

This kid has two things going for him, he can sing Lady Gaga's songs flawlessly and he looks like a little Justin Bieber! Ronan Parke is on target to be the latest breakout star of Britain's Got Talent (step aside Susan Boyle), and posted this video of himself performing Gaga's hit ballad "Edge of Glory."

Check out the 12-year-old's unbelievable performance and let us know in the comments what you think of the singer!

Meanwhile, in Gaga and Bieber news...

We just spotted the Biebs this week showing off his muscles in Miami! Click the pics below!

Lady Gaga was also on the East Coast, giving a crazy performance on The View that involved a whole lot of houndstooth. Check out that appearance below! 

'Edge of Glory' Video
Lady Gaga's 'Edge of Glory' video
Check out Lady Gaga's official "Edge of Glory" video. Watch »


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  • luke skywalker
    luke skywalker

    @yana Ronan excels in soulful music with depth not that teeny bopper crap that JB sings. and learn to spell please I believe you meant to say " that's sad, not "said" :-) to your credit, you a tleast used the correct form of your instead of the all-to-common "you're own music" i see all over the place. :-)

  • Marjorie

    Justin isn't the only kid who has rocked that haircut, give him a break. very talented

  • yana

    get a normal haircut,, bieber is bieber,, u get your own haircut, and start making own music and u will be famous in no time, but with that haircut u just look like a wannabe and it's said cuz u have a voice,,

  • briana

    Is that a girl?