Sexy Suit Style Showdown: Joe Manganiello vs. Matt Bomer (POLL)

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Buff Hollywood bods on full display.
Matt & Joe on Set!
Joe & Matt film 'White Collar.'
Two sexy men were spotted wearing two very sexy suits on Wednesday which begs the question — who looks hotter?!

While each suit was just a little different, True Blood’s Joe Manganiello and White Collar’s Matt Bomer were both looking like total smoke shows regardless.

Joe spruced his look up with a purple hued suit, and while Matt’s was a classic color, he did add a tie clip and fedora (bonus points!)

Since these two will share the screen on an episode of White Collar in 2012, we thought we’d ask you guys — who do YOU think looks better rocking a slick suit? Matt or Joe? Cast your vote in the poll to let your voice be heard!