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Teresa Giudice, mom, author and 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' star wanted to set the record straight about the latest dramatic episode on the Bravo reality show, so she came to Celebuzz!

I was at the shore all weekend with Joe, my girls, and my friends -- two of my friends from high school came to visit me -- so I didn’t get to watch this episode until it aired on a repeat!

As I’m typing this, I’m watching Andy on Watch What Happens Live. Whoever that John Hickey guy is, I love you! Thank you to whoever voted to spend Christmas with the Giudice family (Andy, it’s “judyCHAY”! I’ll sort you out next week in the clubhouse... get my bellini ready!). But this year, I would’ve voted to spend with the Manzos too -- my whole family was sick! You saw poor Gia throwing up, but you didn’t see Joe doing the same thing. We all had a stomach bug. You smile and push through it because it’s Christmas, but we were not feeling good that morning, especially Joe. I love that even though he was so sick, he still videotaped the girls while he was laying on the couch.

We were up so late too. We went to Midnight Mass, then came over to our house and we ate some more (looking back, this year the second round maybe wasn’t such a good idea...). We probably only had like 2 hours of sleep. So yes, that plus being sick didn’t make Joe super happy. And he was not happy seeing how unhappy I was about Christmas Eve. Yes, this time he did call Melissa a “witch.” You’ve seen my husband on TV for a few years now. You know he’s a straight shooter and he says what he thinks. I have no problem owning it when either me or Joe say something. Last week Joe was not talking about Melissa when she was standing right there. He was talking about Melissa's sister who pulled his mom's hair at the Christening. I think they ARE animals for doing that.

But this week, he did say she was a “witch.” Our kids weren’t around when he said it, I didn’t like it, and I told him not to say it, but it’s certainly not the worst thing Joe could say. I think what Kathy called me at Melissa’s party was a little stronger than that, no?

Here’s why he said it: I was DEVASTATED that Melissa and my brother Joey left our house in the middle of Christmas Eve. My parents were devastated. My kids were devastated. And it came out of the blue. I have never, ever spent Christmas Eve away from my brother and my parents. We always, ALWAYS spend it together. It’s “my” holiday--everyone comes to spend it with me, nobody has to "invite" anybody else. Melissa has Easter, and we do Thanksgiving with our in-laws. My mother actually used to host Christmas Eve, then I took over. We’ve spent a couple of Christmas Eves with Kathy’s family, but a long time ago (the last time she was at my house), always as a group, and it wasn’t our normal thing. Our thing was to be together with my parents. Me and Joey and our families and our parents. I know I’m harping on this, but you have to understand what a big deal this was to my family. And for the first time ever, with no warning, Joey says he’s leaving--before dinner!--because he’s going to Kathy’s house. Never in a million years did I expect that. My husband was right: if he really needed to go to Kathy’s house, he could have stopped there first, had drinks, and then come spent Christmas with his family. But instead, he stopped by, acted like nothing was up, then suddenly tells me he’s leaving. And within minutes of telling us, he’s saying “Pack it up! Pack it up!” It was just so sudden and weird and hurtful.

My girls and Joey’s kids have spent every Christmas Eve together, and suddenly they’re being hustled to the car and told they’ll open our presents later? So all the kids are crying, and my parents are upset. I just couldn’t even believe it. You know what it’s like to spend hours making a big meal and getting ready for having your family over--then half of them suddenly leave for another gig in the middle of it? They sort of took the holiday spirit right out the door with them. It really sucked being left like that. I was trying to calm the kids’ down, trying to take the surprise news well, but it seemed so unreal. I literally thought Joey was playing a joke on me. And all I kept hearing was “Kathy.” Watching the episode now, seeing Kathy so concerned about my brother’s feelings, it’s easier to see both sides. But first you have to know, I don't see that side of Kathy. She likes to talk about being a family in her interviews, but she doesn't act like that in person. So on Christmas Eve, all I could think of was why would Kathy deliberately try and split my family up? Kathy has 3 brothers. Whether she’s talking to them or not, I would never ever take it upon myself to invite one of them away from her Christmas Eve dinner and over to mine. If she was so interested in us making up, why didn’t she tell my brother he needed to spend Christmas with his sister and parents? How can any of us have time to heal and make things right when the cousins are ripped apart and Joey and Melissa leave before dinner? It didn’t seem like Kathy was really on the side of our family getting back together.

And PS Kathy, here's a lesson on being a good cousin: don't blog lies about my father and your father. Are you kidding me? I'm appalled by what you wrote about my dad. He is an amazing man--such a warm, loving, affectionate man. Not everyone has that for an uncle... You know there's more to that story, much more. Your version was very nice to your dad, but unfortunately it's not true. For one, my father didn't get his first shoemaking business from your dad. Out of respect for my uncle who passed, I'm not going to write any more, but please don't write about my parents again if you don't me to start telling the truth about you and yours.

I know you all want me and Kathy to get along, and I want that too, but first you gotta know--we weren't close anymore before the show. We hadn't been close for 6 years. We had a falling out and I know she doesn't want me to talk about why, but needless to say, I'm not the one with the grudge problem... When I heard they picked Kathy for the show, it was weird to me because she was a cousin I wasn't close to. Our families weren't talking when I was growing up from my First Communion until I was 16, and by then she was doing her own thing. After I got married, because I didn't have a sister, I reached out to her and we hung out a lot, but that was a long time ago... I'd love to be that way again, but she makes it hard: joining the show when she still held a grudge just to hate on me, her writing things that hurt my family, constantly bashing me in her blog, her setting up things behind the scenes... What am I supposed to do? What would you do in my shoes? I don't bring up things outside the show in the personal lives of Kathy or Melissa. I don't make huge horrible generalizations about their character or personality or how bad of a person they are. I only write about what's on the episodes or what's in their blogs. I have to defend my family. And it makes me sick I have to defend my family from my family. And as for Melissa... I know she talks a good game too, batting her eyelashes and asking Joey if he really wants to stay, but it is just talk. My Joe knows the wife can make it and the wife can break it. We’ve been there with his family. Joe knows the influence Melissa has on Joey. My brother is a great husband--he’ll do whatever she asks him to. So he was telling me, if Melissa can work her magic and get anything she wants, why didn’t she work her magic to get her husband to stay with his family on Christmas? Why didn’t she say to him, “Since I’ve known you, you’ve always spent Christmas Eve with your parents and your sister. We shouldn’t run out on them before dinner! You know it will crush Teresa and kill your parents. We should stay. Try to fix this family. Thank you, Jesus!” Yeah, I didn’t hear that either.

What I did hear was her saying being with us was like being with “strangers.” That didn’t make any sense to me since she’s been in our family for 6 years now. We live 5 minutes away, and now we’re strangers? Who does she think she's hurting by saying that? That's crushing to my parents to hear after they've embraced her.

I also heard Melissa worrying out loud about not showing up for Kathy’s and leaving her in the lurch. Um, what? You know I’ve cooked a huge feast, set the table, and are expecting you to stay for dinner like you have every single year since you’ve met me. And you’re going to take your family of 5 and ditch right before dinner? With no warning, no phone call, just bam! “Pack it up!” Where’s the concern about leaving me in the lurch? I’m pretty sure Kathy’s buffet wasn’t screwed up, but my Christmas Eve dinner was.

If, God forbid, I had lost my father and my husband wanted to ditch his parents on Christmas, I wouldn’t have let him. I thought Melissa was all about bringing our family together, about Joey spending time with his dad. I guess that just doesn't apply to Jesus’ birthday. Or Thanksgiving. Or Gia’s gymnastics meet...

I was upset when they left, but more than anything, I was upset for my parents and my kids. I keep hearing Melissa saying it's all about the kids. So why tear them apart for the first time ever on Christmas Eve? So you could let your hair down and drink at Kathy's? I don't get it. Her actions don't match her words. Gia was hanging onto my brother, Antonia was crying, who knows if my parents will be around next year... That was the reality of that night. That's what Melissa and Joey walked away from. Melissa can say in every single interview and write her fake happy blogs about how much family means to her, how she's trying to fix it, but that's not what her actions show. Over and over again. I don't care how much they try and hurt me, I can take it. It's watching my kids and parents hurt that I can't take. If Melissa really wanted to be the hero that "fixes" my family (even though it was fine before she came along...), she could have seen the pain on everyone's face and insisted Joey stay. What an amazing Christmas present that would have been!

Back to Christmas morning, yes I did take Gia’s picture right after she threw up. I know it seems crazy, but like a lot of moms, I get crazy with the pictures at holidays. I’ve always been crazy about pictures. I admit it, I am a photo freak. But when the girls get older, the photos are all I’m gonna have! Of course you have memories, but the memories come flooding back when you look at the pictures--what you wore, what you were holding, what the wallpaper looked like back then... Someday Gia and her husband are going to look at that picture and laugh, I promise you. That’s my girl--smile through the tough times!

Yes, the girls got lots of presents, but not too many considering there are 4 of them, they got presents from their grandparents, aunts and uncles, and they had to share the big ones! What I meant by saying we raise our kids not to be materialistic is that they aren’t slaves to the latest fad. They don’t beg me for the newest and greatest thing that just came out because they know they won’t get it. I’m not the kind of mom who rushes out to make sure my kid has the first of everything. Gia got an iPod Touch but only after it had been out for over a year. All her friends got one the year before. She knew she’d have to wait. I want my kids to have that lesson, that they don't just get things immediately. You have to work, do your chores, and wait. I got almost all of their Christmas presents this year at Costco: Chicco toys for Audriana, the drum set, the PowerWheels. Yeah, it was the Mercedes Jeep, but that’s the one they sold at Costco last year. I’m sure 10 million other kids got it too. They love it!

I loved seeing Christmas at the Lauritas. CJ is so freaking cute! I just love him! And Nicolas too! How adorable were their pajamas with their names on them? And my gorgeous niece and nephews tearing into their gifts on Christmas morning. Little Joey was so cute... Antonia screaming about her Barbie scooter. I wish I'd gotten to see them open them. We've always opened our gifts together on Christmas Eve, until this year, when my brother and Melissa packed their presents into the car. It makes me so happy to see their little faces light up when they open what we got them. I wanted to see Antonia's reaction to the princess bike we got her. I hope she liked it.

Albert proposing to Caroline at the underpass was so sweet. They should definitely put a plaque up. I bet it would be a tourist attraction.

Victoria and Joseph giving their mom a laptop for Christmas was sweet (although I want to know how much their allowance is! Wow!). My favorite part though was Victoria’s letter to her mom. I’m sure nothing meant more to her.

Finally, Albie and Chris were cracking me up preparing for Alexa Ray Joel’s concert. Those two are so funny! And yes, Albie, I do think “You want a milk?” might be the worst pick-up line I’ve ever heard.

Alexa Ray Joel can sing, can’t she? I LOVE her voice! When I heard she and Albie were hanging out, I downloaded her song “Notice Me” on iTunes. The girls and I bounce around to it all the time. She needs to release the one she sang tonight: “All I Can Do is Love.” Love love love!!!

It was great seeing you all at my book signings this week. I loved that we got to hand out Holy Cannoli Cupcakes at the bakery to everyone waiting in line. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that you come out and see me. I do meet every single person, and it literally makes my week. You guys are the best!

I know FABULICIOUS! is sold out at a lot of stores (more are coming, I promise!), but it’s still available at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.com: (It’s also on Kindle, Nook, and the iPad.)

Follow me on Twitter (@Teresa_Giudice) and Facebook and check out my site at www.teresagiudice.com for news, photos (especially my gorgeous fans!!!), and my appearance schedule.

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  • karen shelton
    karen shelton

    Teresa would not now the truth if it bit her in the ass.. Remember Teresa..you reap what you sew..

  • Duke

    Teresa, YOU STINK!!!

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  • cecilia

    I love Teresa!! :) and I can totally see where she's coming from.

  • teresa low IQ
    teresa low IQ

    I don't think that any of these comments have anything to do with jealousy. It has to do with her being an absolute moron and her husband is an even bigger moron. Her kids are spoiled brats and all I see her do is teach them how to shop and not be grateful for anything. BTW Teresa their are ppl with waaaayyy more money than u that purchase or lease houses that others have lived in. You are a uneducated snob with a trade school college education in Fashion. U said u went to college....where did u go? I will be sure not to recommend it clearly there was no classes that included English or History.

  • Not Melissa, or Kathy
    Not Melissa, or Kathy

    Sorry, all the Teresa bashing is from people who recognize what a self-centered brat she is. She turns around every little thing someone says only to create drama because she knows what a boring person she is. How can you not see what an act she puts on? OMG-are you that blind? All she cares about is what she looks like, oh and maybe what her daughters look like-those poor girls. She competes with Melissa to no end and tries to act like she's not and doesn't care-it's ALL she cares about. And I agree with whoever said Jo would f--k Melissa in a second if he could. So, both Teresa and her gross husband are jealous of Melissa and the brother.

  • OMG


  • Pro-Teresa fans are not too bright
    Pro-Teresa fans are not too bright

    First, the people who post on here are not the brightest bulbs in the box. I wondered why there were so many pro-Teresa folks on here but now it makes sense-you are all the same, not too bright and limited in your thinking. The grammar is atrocious on here. Teresa-you are living in a bubble. You live in your own self-absorbed world where you only think about you and how you look. Your bullshit about family is just that BULLSHIT. You are the biggest hypocrite I've ever heard. Stop focusing on every little thing people say only so you can get upset about it-is your life that shallow and boring that you have to create drama wherever you go?!?!? I think so. GROW UP.

  • notafan

    Wow, I just had the unfortunate experience of watching the last episode where Teresa is telling Jacqueline, "If you are going to nitpick every little thing, than you won't have any friends...it's amazing to me that no one has a sense of humor..." Teresa, do you actually hear the things you say??? You do the EXACT same thing-you nit pick every f-ing think anyone says. And you have no sense of humor whatsoever. What you wrote about Caroline not being Italian is the worst thing you could have said, and you know that-you are mean and spiteful and the biggest hypocrite I've ever seen!!!! You think you are like Lucille Ball?!?!?! WTF?!?!! You are an idiot.

  • notafan

    The only one half way likable on this show is Caroline. All the other women are narcissistic bores.

  • notafan

    I'm 100% Italian and to me that means being able to forgive. It does not mean holding on to things and telling everyone around you why you are mad, trying to get them to dislike the person you dislike. Her brother didn't WANT to be there with her because she is so f-ing annoying. Who would want to be around her? Being Italian means treating your family with love and respect, she does neither of those things. Teresa, first behave like you want others to behave and then we'll see.

  • notafan

    I can only guess that all these people who like and defend Teresa are just like her. Please tell me what is likable about this woman? She is superficial, self-absorbed, and most of all BORING as all hell. She's not funny, she's not smart, she's done nothing to make the world a better place, she teaches her daughters to be caddy, unforgiving, superficial and defensive. She does the exact opposite of what she says about family being important. She can't forgive, she can't let go of anything and she can't focus on anyone else besides herself unless they are making her mad. What do you all like about her?!?!?!!? Her cookbooks? Do you honestly think she wrote those herself? Have you heard her speak? Please help me out here.

  • notafan

    Agreed-Teresa all you care about is looking good. Grow the f-up and stop focusing on every single thing said by other people so you can react and have a platform for your nastiness. Your brother DIDN'T want to go to your house on Xmas eve, didn't you hear him????? You blame everyone else because you can't entertain the possibility that someone would not want to be around you. You aren't funny, you subject people constantly to having to say something about how you look which is the most boring thing ever, you aren't fun to be around and you have nothing intelligent to say ever. Your girls are learning that to be a woman means shopping for expensive things, constantly thinking about what you look like and being caddy towards other women. You keep thinking people are preventing you and your brother from being close, but the poor guy doesn't want to be around you and I can see why, so can everyone else. Melissa isn't much better but you and she are a lot alike, she's just a little smarter than you are, not much, but it's there. God, leave people alone and focus on your girls like you say you do and help them be someone other than insecure, jealous, defensive brats like their mother. Unbelievable. You are so BORING.

  • notafan

    Teresa-you are the most unlikable person I have ever seen on one of these shows. You are shallow, insecure, obnoxious and mean. You act like a 3rd grader. There is nothing of substance to you-all you care about is appearances. The rest of your family, Melissa, Kathy included aren't much better but at least they have some substance to them. You can't let ANYTHING go. You hold on to every single word said and turn it around to allow a platform for your need to defend yourself and make others appear bad. Go to counseling. I'm a psychologist and have to say, "GET SOME HELP" for your children if nothing else. You are raising vapid, superficial girls who only see you acting insecure and mean. I feel the worst for your kids. They look so lost and sad. Milania is acting out the hatred you spew on to others. Gia is becoming a depressed, lost little girl. You constantly say you are all about family, but you do nothing to facilitate that. Your actions are the opposite of who you say you are. All the people who say they love you are probably exactly like you-insecure and vapid.

  • fabulousme

    Teresa, hang in there, as you have overcome a lot of obstacles this year and you want to keep moving forward. It is obvious that Carolyn and Jacquelynn are very insecure and jealous of you. Carolyn likes to preach to and control everyone. Carolyn looks very old for her age and no matter how much weight she loses, she will still be homely. Her daughter is more attractive, but has been beaten down by Carolyn about her weight. Her sons are momma's boys and their roommate is obnoxious! Her husband likes to run his mouth about everyone as well. They definitely can talk badly about others, but can't take it if someone gives them a taste of their own medicine. Both Jacquelynn and Carolyn have caused an even bigger wedge between you and your brother and Melissa. They need to stay out of your family. Also, Teresa you need to have a talk with your brother about how he likes to get attention by showing his butt and chasing Melissa around naked. It is very distasteful. Carolyn never runs her mouth about Joe's behavior. Finally, do not tell your business to any of these people because you don't know when they will use it against you! Hold your head high and move full steam ahead! Jacqueline seems very insecure as well. She was much more attractive last season and this season looks very hard. It appears that she has been having her lips injected and it looks very bad. Her daughter is a brat and needs to grow up. Jacqueline is quick to make comments about people behind their backs.

  • Kayla

    Teresa, I know that Joe's comments to your brother and Melissa bother u and u r just being a good wife trying not to argue with your husband and standing on his side. All three of you mellisa Kathy and yourself can say hurtful and petty things and I don't think that anyone has put the FULL effort into making things better again. Just remember that life is so short think of 9/11 which u spoke about or 2012 or just general illness that can come about anyone at any time. Make it better! I know everyone is always telling u to be the bigger person, and I do feel like u r trying to do that. U haven't changed a bit since the first season so if someone has a problem w u being on the show NOW, then they r the fake ones! Love u and love watching u!!

  • wtf

    Tresea is so full of shit I can't believe the way she acts you give jeresy a real bad name I hope they don't bring you back next season your just full of drama an everyones tired of hearing your ass talk I'm just saying. You should shut up an worry about your 11 million dollar debt. BRAVO PLEASEEEEE DON'T BRING HER BACK NEXT SEASON PLEASEEEEEEE UGHHH AN FIX YOUR HAIR LINE PLEASE

  • Toni

    I agree. Thanks

  • Toni

    Hate much?!?!!

  • Toni

    Excuse me, Velvet, all the women of RealHouseWives are using Bravo for whatever they want to sell/make/offer, all has an agenda and so what? If Teresa can get her cookbook, then why the fuck would it bother you if the other women want to do something for themselves, why does it bother you? The problem with this shitty world is that we have lots of jealous ass women who can't stand to see other women doing well, no, they got to knock them down, call them names and make them feel like shit when they are trying to accomplish something, I get it, shit I really get it. The fucking women in this shit world are nothing but jealous insecured bitches, instead of just being happy for one another you motherfuckers gotta bash the other for trying to do better and to do better for the family, WTF! But, I see it I see that women like you are nothing but jealous ass mean evil bitches that just can't be happy for other women trying to do good. How low can you be, or maybe you are in your most lowest point to say shit like that, hmmmm, maybe huh!

  • Toni

    Wow! You must be some little kid when talking like this about them. Let's get something straight, Teresa, Kathy and Melissa are to be grown ups and start loving eachother and let the past go and just remember that family is everything and so fucking what about what happen last year or two years ago or whatever, Family don't act like that, we already have to live by strangers and we have to look over our shoulders for strangers, so why the fuck we have to look over our shoulder around our family, it's not suppose to be that way. Teresa needs to listen more and learn to keep her mouth shut when someone is talking to her and telling her on what's going on and why people are saying the things they are saying and then maybe after listening, then she will see that it is not all her cousin's fault and it's not Melissa fault either and on top of that Teresa needs to know that she is not innocent here, she did start alot of shit with people, it starts when you are not listening but talking too much while others are talking, how rude! Kathy knows what she has done that was in the past, let's say it again, the past and so she is trying but as usual Teresa wants all the attention and well she is going to make it difficult for anyone to try shit with her, but to Kathy's credit she did try and kept trying, lets not forget. Melissa is young and she has lots of sisters and she knows how to argue and then make up, why? Because she comes from a family with sisters, and it's always someone going for that attention, but while going through all this while growing up you learn how to compromise and get along because we have to, we have to learn to share. Sisters fight all the time, then they make up and they should all make up and that is what it is with Teresa and Melissa, they are sister in law and so what, from time to time they might fight because of stupid shit, like Jealousy, Insecurity, but what is most important is that they do love eachother, that is why they are fighting too much, they all have strong personality and mouth, so hopefully they will get along and continue with family functions and gathering, don't worry it will happen. For all those blaming the other or whatever, they are all to blame and so all should say sorry and move on, it will work out in the long run, everyone just have to really listen to eachother and not bash eachother to put them down, just listen and learn from eachother and all will see the beauty come out. That's family!!

  • Toni

    My goodness that was so stupid to say, sounds to me that you are so jealous and insecured of these ladies, you sound like Teresa. Can't be happy for others, you have to say something just to make yourself look better instead it just makes you look like an insecured jealous little girl, or mean girl.

  • michelle777beeks

    u wounder why joe and melissa didnt stay for christmas well if u watch the show from that night u will see why??ur little short hubby was sitting at the kitchen table bashing ur brother and like always saying things that are very hurtful.did u ever stop and think ur brother left out of respect for u and ur girls and his mom and dad!thats pretty shitty how ur hubby makes them feel uncomfortable whenever u all are in the same room.its terriable and im soooo sick of it to be frank.and like always ur hubby was throwing drinks down like it was water! u had to hear the little smirk remarks ur hubby was throwing ur brothers way.at a christmas party to boot.and ur just ok with it and are like blamming kathy and melissa like it was there fault that ur brother felt so outta place and not wanted.did u see when they showed up at kathys how nice and happy everyone was to see them and kisses and hugs were being given out.oh and at least kathys hubby asked ur brother if he wanted a drink and talked to him!they felt like the were wanted at kathys home and u could see the fun and at ease everyone was!ur house looked so stressful and fake!!and u know it.dont even try sugar coating this one.shame on you for allowing ur brothers family to be treated like that.u can tell ur hubby pulls the strings and u do whatever he wants.shame,shame,shame on you bigtime!no wounder ur girls act like they all have A.D.D and bad.no wounder none of ur friends like to invite u and ur girls over.its because they are a nightmare bad.screamimg and fighting none stop and hitting each other and and when u took them to melissa home oh my i was so upsat over how bad u let them run around and messing up melissa house.i thought that blow up jumping thing was gonna be torn down thanks to ur daughter and how she was acting.pretty soon u arent gonna have any real friends left at all and its all ur fault.but like always u will turn it around on someone else.cause thats all u do and everyone is sooo sick of it.do urself a favor lose that short fat troll u call a hubsand and get a real jersey man that can treat u and the girls like u should be treated.joes a freaking loser!!

  • michelle beeks
    michelle beeks

    theresas girls are so outta control and i wouldnt want my kids to even be friends with girls who act like that.i cant believe she even takes them in public the way they scream and yell all the time,its awful!and its called bad parenting skills fron her and that little troll shes calls a hubsand!they are the most negative people ive ever and i do mean ever seen!hes a vert mean person and even meaner drunk!i couldnt believe how he acted on christmas the girls having to beg him to even get outta bed.and then tre says later oh well we stayed out late at maa and blah blah blah blah he was sick like our oldest daugter and then to say im so proud of how he videoed the girls opening presents.what are u for real??u think u and joe are the only 2 parents that stayed up half the night?oh but only difference is most of us didnt get drunk when we knew we were gonna be up early with our children.hangover is what i saw happening like im sure u see all the time with joe.whenever he is suppose to be doing the family thing he all od a sudden is SICK!lol thats all he does is drink and tell u to shut up.i wouldnt go out with a couple who acted so rude as the 2 of u do!hes the short fat troll with squitty eyes.not ur goodlooking brother who u 2 treat like shit all the time!!the past is the past get over it and move on!and leave that so called hubsand before u lose more than u already have.wake up and stop letting ur kids behave like u do most of the time.i couldnt believe the grocery store sceen that was nuts.and when u took them to melissas didnt u see how bad they behaved by yelling and jumping around like animals.noone is gonna want girls like that hanging with there kids at all.be a parent and quit acting like ur short fat hubby is such a bad*** because hes a joke.mr. ill rip ur brothers head off and blah blah blah hes a joke.and i think hed do melissa in a heartbeat and im dead serious no joking here.thats all he talks about and u know it.the only thing is she wouldnt go out with a fat little man thats broke!defend ur brother and stop making excuses all the time for ur hubby.get u a real man come on joes a joke.

  • mrfixit

    You and your idiot husband are a real peice of work. He is a drunk idiot and you are his puppy. I hope you get what you deserve and lose everything. You are a snob, hypocrite, liar, phony and shit starter. Without Joe you and your brother have a chance. Together NEVER. We always liked to watch your family but now watching the trainwreck you are all becoming makes me sick. Your kids are brats and you all should have been kicked out of that store, the kid for climbing all over everyone elses food and you for lousy parenting. Don't make excuses about how they are only kids. They are spoiled brats that get their direction from their parents. Do the world a favor and have joe neutered.

  • Cindy

    I ready the Bravo blog and of course I have to come here to comment since Bravo refuses to post comments to all... I would love to know how the choose who can or can't comment... anyway, Teresa is right on, no one is perfect and we ALL make mistakes. Here is the thing to me. If you like someone, you like their core and accept all the suface stuff because you know when someone you care about is having issues the suface can change but not their core! Real friens work through it and I hope Teresa, Jac, Caroline and even Melissa and Kathy all work through it. I really Bravo prefers the drama crap but I don't, not has far as people being mean to each other or talking crap behind peoples back. Accept each other and screw Bravo's love for drama. jmo

  • Sonia

    oops, a few errors there! I forgot to mention that my girlfriends and I have really felt for you this season so my friend made up some Team Teresa T-shirts and we went out to dinner in them...I know, very childish since we're all between 35-45 years old and I wasn't happy walking around with "Team" on my t-shirt or even going in a t-shirt, but it was such good night full of laughter. xoxo

  • Sonia

    Me again...Just read your bravo blog, my comments never get make it there! Just want you to know how proud I am of the way you're dealing with everything, you're a true inspiration. There is no way I would have coped with all that pressure, you've had and unfair rough year but you're a strong woman and I only see you coming out of this better then ever. Keep your head up girl!

  • trish hollenstein
    trish hollenstein

    Teresa I understand about your feelings about Christmas Eve dinner. Your brother should of stayed for dinner and then go to Kathy's house for dessert. Famiy is very important because they won't be with you forever. Trish

  • Sonia

    I hate the way you've been portrayed this season...HANG IN THERE TRE!!!! Sending you so much love, Sonia xx

  • Sandra Conti
    Sandra Conti

    Teresa, I love you and your family! Everything you said about your brother Joey living his family to go to someone else's house was inexcusable. I don't know if the show can be scripted at times, but either way, YOU MAKE THE SHOW! IF IT WASN'T FOR YOU THERE WOUDLN'T BE A REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY! U ARE IT!! Hope everything works out for you and Joey, and keep on thinking forward as you've been doing! Another thing, you were the first one on the show that came out with a cookbook filled with wonderful recipes. Now Kathy wants to do it,..so remember this,..she is a copy cat and that's a form of flattery! If she nor anyone else can think of something original then just know they had no imagination then to do what you're already doing and making a boat load of money doing! Kisses to you, Joe and the girls,... Sandra Conti, Miami Beach, Florida

  • Bravo

    Caroline??? Wasn't she the one that said....you have to choose a side in the last reunion? Then she and Jacqueline turn their backs on a friend when she is at her lowest because Melissa and Kathy are sucking up to her. Caroline??? Didn't she call Danielle garbage and say something horrible about her girls? Oh thats real classy...she's the biggest bully that knows what to say in front of the camera...and if you don't follow, she shuts you down. Out of her league, I think not, she's just knows when to speak and how to speak. I thought Jacqueline was different. In reference to Teresa, I don't agree with any of her actions but people become so paranoid and do and say things they normally wouldn't when they feel the world is caving in on them.

  • holly

    You are extremely fake acting, very negative, obviously very jealous of your sister in law, and should be ashamed of how you carry yourself on national television. Someday your daughters will see the footage of you and how you've acted....trashy is a word that sums it up I think. You are always looking for something to bitch about and people like caroline and jacqueline and family are way out of your league.

  • Bravo

    My comments are not making it on Bravo blogs so I thought I'd share them on other sites. Shame on you Jacqueline! I'm not a fan of Teresa but she and her husband seem at breaking point. These are peoples lives we are dealing with and God forbid another housewife or partner take their own life because of the pressure. You're my favourite but I'm very disappointed in you...you know the saying "never kick a dog when it's down". It's better not to say anything at all. As for Bravo they better tread very carefully, as I said these are peoples lives we are dealing with and there is so much a person can take. I was so happy when Danielle wasn't asked to come back, wrong or right, for all of you to gang up on one person is absolutely disgusting.

  • Carmen

    I see straight through Melissa and Kathy. My best friend is going through the same thing....Everyone loves her sister in-law as she puts on this angelic "I'm the bigger person" persona and is so sweet to everyone else, they don't see all the nasty little things she does and says when no one is around. It all comes out in the end Teresa and I understand how hard it is to move on when you've been hurt so much. I really think Melissa is so jealous of the closeness you had with your brother. I pray that God deals with this for you and that you and your brother are as close as you once were. And PLEASE stay calm :)

  • jp

    Kelly, Thank you so much for writing that...I get sick when I see it in print and on television...With the technology today, people do not know how to communicate, write or spell. The one that really got me was when she met with the people who were writing her second book and said INGREDIENTCISE instead of ingredients....She is a train wreck.

  • jp

    Gag me with a spoon!

  • jp

    DITTO! Her children are the most obnoxious children I have ever seen...Malania needs a smack on the butt...and for you people who don't believe in that, I have to disagree with you. A time out with that child will never work. They are out of control. Sorry, but Teresa you need a good counselor. In Italy, OMG, what obnoxious behavior. God forgive me. That is the way I see it and I agree with everything myopinion047 said.

  • Rob

    I agree 100%. Theresa has such a low self-esteem! She knowingly makes hurtful comments "anyone can make an album nowadays" is just one, they she expects her family to want to be around her. She is rude, selfish, crazy, judgmental, and insecure. I would not want anything to do with her either. Is it worth wrecking your family over the type of cookies your sister-in-law brings to your house or because she used the words "redone home" in a card? Crazy!!!

  • Rob

    Quit justifying your and your husbands bad behavior. It is very immature and unflattering. You have an excuse for everything! Your children will learn from your example and end up like Ashley! You clearly saw as we did that Kathy was OK with Joe not coming over to her house on Christmas Eve so that he can spend time with you. It was Joe's choice to leave. Kathy had nothing to do with it. I would not want to go to my sisters house even if expected, after we just had a fight. Why would you even expect Joe and Melissa to show up after the Christening? Your reasoning is so off most of the time.

  • Nicole Murray
    Nicole Murray

    Teresa your sister in law and your cousin have not done anything to you on the show! It seems like you keep waiting for them to! Did someone tell you they were planning to? Mabe in the past they have but not on national tv! You are making alot of unkind remarks about your family on national tv?? You can never take back words!!

  • Cindy

    As a mohter to a Marine, I agree with you, but when peolke don't live in that world they don't exaclty understand that. Now, I find it odd that people tell Teresa to get over it I understand, but I see her point also. Their father (Teresa & Joey's) is not doing well, so in Teresas mind this could be the last Christmas as a family. I can understand her wanting all the family together like they normally are. Kathy & Teresa; well this is a mess that Kathy continues attempt to fix in a romm full of other people. Why? Who not go to your cousins home and iron it out in private? Thats the mature thing to do. Melissa: She is ok, but odd. She gossips real bad adn is two faces. Did anyone ever think that maybe Teresa knows that so has a hard time trusting her? I could tell all that in 2 shows, Teresa has known her for years....gotta feeling Teresa know Melissa's tricks. Melissas sisters seem to like stiring the pot of trouble also...everyone needs to stop string, let the boil cool down and toss out the mess made and start over from scratch without the past bs I would like to see them all act more like ladies and put the good of the family above this show. To me its backwards, airtime and drama over the good of this family....jmo ... I adore Teresa and she is still my fav! ... I truly want this family to be big happy family. love, peace ad blessings to all

  • daisywasie

    Interesting. My reply comment was posted but not the other one. Makes me wonder why? Because I mentioned the military? Hmmm.....My point is that life is too short and Teresa and the rest of us think we have problems. Well, there is a little 10 yr old boy among many children whose mothers & fathers won't return home because they died while serving our country! Get over whatever issues you have with your family! Move on! This is your family and you only get one chance. Also, friends are important. You seem to have issues with everyone and so maybe it isn't the others and time to take a look in the mirror. Now, if this comment doesn't fit the guidelines then something is wrong!

  • Terri

    I love your honesty Teresa. No matter what people say to you on here, just keep keeping it real and honest. It is the right thing to do. Your worries and words about what went on and is probably still going on, are all right on the money. I could right you a novel about the same stuff in my own family,...it is NOT easy to deal with and at the same time, be on TV and have all the other issues going on in your life. I commend you and Joe and hope that you know how loved you are.

  • daisywasie

    Nope, I live thousands of miles from New Jersey and have zero Italian heritage. I don't hate Teresa...I think she needs help. She and Melissa are very much alike. They both want attention and seem to be very self-centered. They will stop at nothing to get that fame. None of these housewives, maybe Caroline, are as wealthy as it seems...nothing is as it seems in these "Reality" shows. But, I'm guilty of watching RHNJ.

  • Jeanne Harris Perrotta
    Jeanne Harris Perrotta

    Teresa, I love you but I think Kathy only invited Joe and Melissa when none of you were speaking. She was probably like, well, you can always come to our house on Xmas Eve and they acepted because they didn't know if you would all be made up by then. And really, why would anyone be comfortable or want to stay at a party where the host thinks you're a "witch", a "racoon face" and that your family are all "animals." How could you blame Joe and Melissa for leaving?

  • Just an idea!!
    Just an idea!!

    I don't think Teresa is mean at all!! She is actually a very sweet girl!! I think what is going on with her is someone said to her that her cousin and melissa were coming on the show to undermind her!! If i were Teresa i would go back to the person who said this to me and ask them exactly who they heard this from!! Sounds like something Kim G. would of said to start problems!! It appears to me that Kathy and Melissa have not tried to undermind Teresa, I think the person who told Teresa that they were planning to, underminded Teresa. Teresa always seems to be waiting for a dig or reading into things to much! Again i think its the person that told her this put a bug in her ear and has caused Teresa to behave the way she has. She seems to be on the defensive without good reason.

  • Barbara Lauria
    Barbara Lauria

    what do you think of Kathy's idiot husband trying to get free clothes because he is a celebrity??? Also he made an ass out of himself at the brownstone when someone danced with his daughter. Since it was all invited guest he must have wanted camera time & Caroline never said a word to him for insulting her invited guest----i guess she needs Kathy's cookies---What did you think of all that crap---

  • Cindy

    Tersa is the least stuck up of the bunch.

  • Cindy

    WHy is it everyone can bad mouth Teresa, but she nor Joe can say one word about anyone? Its bull! Teresa has done more to try and make things right than anyone else. Melissa and Richard are two of the nastiest people I have ever seen and Teresas sisters and aweful also. Those are the most fake loving family people I have ever seen. It blows my mind that Caroline doesn't see that, at least now that the show aired and she can see both sides. Shows me Caroline isn't as great as I thought. Melissa needs her husband to tell her to shut her gossiping mouth. That girl starts more drama but running off telling crap. If she carried half as much as she pretends to then she's keep her fat mouth shut and "rest her voice"

  • Cindy

    She'd want money for doing it. I don't thing Danielle does anything without her getting something out of it.

  • gessie

    How can we get Danielle to release the authenticated e-mails, tweets and phone calls from she and Melissa last season? There has got to be a way. Let's prove once and for all, that "Miss Who Me?" was slithering behind your back last year trying to help Danielle make your life a living hell. Do the right thing, Danielle! Release the evidence! I just pray that your brother wasn't part of it. That would hurt so bad for you. By the way, if Ding-Dong sells 50,000 i-tune songs, you can bet your ass that Joey bought 49,999 of them. He will inflate whatever sales she has. You know it.

  • Alex

    Teresa, I love your blogs! They are so funny(just like your interviews on the show). Such a natural! I'm 16 and me and my mom watch RHONJ every week! It is my favorite show! My family is Italian too so I can understand how bad the fighting can get. Melissa seems like a nice girl from what I see on the show and from her tears on previous episodes it seems like she genuinely wants the Gorga family to be one, big happy family again. But the one thing I can't understand is her ripping the cousins apart on X-mas Eve. Its one thing with the adults but when it affects the kids is taking it to another level. I understand Joey felt uncomfortable and that is a shame he has to feel that way around his family, but leaving doesn't mend anything. It was nice of Kathy to invite Joey and Melissa but they could have A) politely declined her invitation B) stop by Kathy's a little bit before/after your party or C) leave like they did in reality but not bring the kids with them and let them play with their cousins. It seems like things with Melissa are going well and mending your relationship is a work in progress and over time I do believe things will be like they once did if you continue to take baby steps(play dates with the kids, family vacations, family functions, parties, small get togethers, outings, etc.) As for Kathy, I really don't know. I'm in a similar situation as yours I can relate to that is with a very close friend of mine. Just a month or two ago we were so close, did almost everything together, shared secrets, and had deep conversation about high school life, which is the main reason I'm writing this hoping my problem can help yours with Kathy and vice versa. This girl, I'll call her "Jane", just all of the sudden one day in the summer stopped texting me, calling me, inviting me over to swim, and went and had a sleepover behind my back with a very close friend of both of ours! On top of that she also went behind my back and invited a girl we all made fun of! Hence, I don't know where our friendship stands and although its usually better to be the bigger person, I'm scared. Sounds like some things Kathy did to you. Now all of the crap that Kathy has done to you and "Jane" has done to me its awkward to encounter them. Its like what do I do? What do I say? What did I do to piss the person off? How did things get to this? All I can think is shrug it off and don't worry and take things day by day and whatever happens happens. But unlike me, Kathy is your cousin, your family. "Jane" is not. But when I think of those old days and look at pictures it breaks my heart deep down, and I'm sure you do too. All we both can do now is take everything day by day and don't let such a big problem consume us and ruin everything. Just wait and see. Hopefully, only the best will come. God bless you and good luck!

  • Cindy

    Evactly, those are small kids and are acting there age. Teresa is what I call a normal parent who does it on her own. ... Its the real world. Those kids act just like mine did at that age.

  • Cindy

    I totlally understand why Teresa has issues with Kathys husband, he is way over the top rude. I have to say one of the many reasons I love Teresa is even thought she has issues with her family she makes it very clear that she is on their side... do not mess with her family... love it! I have no understanding of anyone who doesn't like her. She is the best and the closest to "real".

  • david

    The people writing novels on here hating in Teresa are Melissa and her sisters. DUH

  • NJx3

    UGH. everyone who says teresa has "no control" over her kids is so annoying and clearly does not know how children that age act. PLEASE explain to me what her children do that make teresa seem like she has no control. if you are referring to the way Milania was acting... ummmmm shes FOUR years old. ALL four year olds act like that. get realllll. when i was that age i pulled all my clothes out of my dresser too because i wanted to wear what i picked out. & after Milania pulled her clothes out teresa told her to put them back and she was so im pretty sure she DOES have control.

  • xoyelhsa

    what i dont understand is why all of these people who "hate" teresa so much and love to bash her (whatever, rhonjfan, and so on..) write NOVELS about her on here. if you truly did not care about her you would NOT come on here and take the time to read her blog and then write a freakin story book about her. looks like YOU are the ones who are pathetic and have NO life. love you teresa! <3 TEAMTERESA always! :)

  • camcorder

    Wow I'm amazed at what I'm reading. You bettyboop are in the same low life category as Teresa. Tit sucking, really? Are these that the next foul mouthed, low life words that Teresa will using next? Seriously, who speaks like that................oh, I forgot the demographic of women that loves Teresa & thinks she is a good person.

  • myopinion047

    Teresa, Unfortunately, this is not pleasant blog. It is as nice as you treat others on the show. Season 1 and 2, I thought you were great, maybe a little over the top but you made me laugh. OMG!! Season 3, you are the only one; I do not care for on the show. You may think this is an attack and hurtful. But Teresa, the truth hurts and I hope you review my comments and do a self-assessment of what you have become. • You talk out of both side of your mouth, at the same time. You make excuses when you are called on it. • You are vindictive, jealous and a mean spirited person and you claim others on the show want to be like you………lol • You contradict yourself all the time. • You are superficial; it’s so obvious. • You lack social etiquette conversation skills. • Teresa you can truly benefit from parenting classes. Teresa your household is chaotic; you have no control of your home. • Your children are a terror, disrespectful and aggressive. No fault of theirs. They behave like their parents. (Note: Parent is their children role models). Take a moment and observe/watch Jacqueline and Melissa children during filming, then look at your children behavior. They are in the same age group. • The seat belt issue…..OMG, one of your children told you, the seat belt wasn’t fasten, then you asked if the seatbelt was fasten. Instead of pulling your vehicle over and securing your child in the seatbelt, (child endangerment) you allowed your daughter to scream at you…GO!!..JUST GO!......and you kept driving and you told your children you are going to send them away….SMH Ummm, WHO IS THE PARENT?? • The candle issue…….Lack of supervision of your children. During one episode, you had light candles and the children were playing near/with the light candles and you never noticed. We, as parents are given one opportunity to raise our precious children, there are no second chances. Respectfully, Ex-Fan of Teresa

  • gessie

    Two-faced Kathy and her husband who looks like Jeff Goldbloom after being run over by a car, called you and Joe f****ING ASSHOLES at the end of the last episode. Just goes to show you how sincere they are. Stay away from them, they are very bad news. I am surprised Caroline cannot see through Melissa and Kathy. It baffles me. On another topic, I have a question for you. I was taught to cook Italian by my Italian mother-in-law, and I was always told to look for olive oil that is "First cold pressed" I only saw you mention extra virgin olive oil in Fabuliscious. An

  • Cindy

    For some reason Bravo is not allowing a LOT of posts. I think they like all the drama. Any way.. I adore you Teresa and I can tell you try very hard and that others only listen to 1/2 of what you say...because they want to keep stirring the mean pot up! I do want you and all your family to get along..maybe not buddies, but get along.

  • Tina

    Teresa I was really in your corner but after that last episode I am not feeling it anymore. You need to step up your game and stop letting Melissa out wit you. My allegiance goes to the best player.

  • mark

    Shut up Melissa! Get a life! You're such a beech! And your singing sounds like nails on a chalk board!

  • madison

    Sure it isn't Melissa lol. It probably is. Freaking creepy stalker. You want to skin Teresa and wer her like last years Versace! Get a life Melissa you creep.

  • abby1120

    teresa, have you stopped and really watched yourself on tv. you make yourself look crazy. you are so jealous of everybody and you are forever putting someone else down. you are basically a train wreck. they keep you on this show because you keep the ratings up because people can't take their eyes off you, because you are so ridiculous you always want to be the center of attention, you never give anybody credit for anything. you always got to be on top. God forbid if someone out did you on something. you give italian families a bad name. you have no control over your kids, they are so ill behaved and make you look like a very ineffective parent. i think instead of trashing your family and friends, maybe you should listen to their advice. if i were you, i would be so humiliated to watch the episodes playback. grow the hell up.

  • Salina Torres
    Salina Torres

    you need to pull your head out of your ass or your going to loose both sides of the family they clearly dont agree with the way your handling the situation. but your just to full of yourself you would never admit to how discusting your attitudes is twards your sisterinlaw and cousin. so its waisted words. who cared if he left a little early on new years eve BABYSTEPS. at least he came!

  • Georgia from New Jersey
    Georgia from New Jersey

    Is it just me or do you find it funny that people act as though Teresa is the worst person in the whole entire world and they will not waste their time with her and yet they have taken the time to go to her blog and think about what they will write on it? FUNNY!! I think secretly they are all inlove with her! LOL!

  • Tina

    I completely 100% agree with you. I am disappointed in Jacqueline because she is afraid to stand up to Caroline for Teresa's sake. Even though Caroline has a condescending attitude (and her kids) towards her daughter Ashley. I hate to say this but I feel like Carolines kids are her little minions and have no opinions of their own. Teresa is the only one who will challenge Caroline and that is why she hates her so much. Caroline is just a bully. This is why I love watching Teresa, because good or bad, you always get the real deal and she doesn't care if you like it or not. Kudos to her parents for raising her that way. There is nothing wrong with being proud to be who you are, although I think it drives the small handful of hate-fans crazy, which is amusing in itself. Kathy looks like a deer in the headlights and she expects all of us to just forget about every mean thing she wrote about Teresa in her blogs. All the sudden she is the little sad innocent one who we should all feel sorry for. Wrong! Melissa will always be the immature and shallow sister in-law who is shocked that the world doesn't revolve around her, but atleast Joey does. Teresa shouldn't even be bothered by her and just treat her like an ill behaved child that she is. As for Teresa's brother Joey, you can't help but love the guy! The only reason I don't fast forward past Melissa is because I want to see Joey. It is obvious he loves his sister and Melissa has now realized that she won't be able to change that. Good for you Joey, your parents raised you well by teaching you to stay true to your feelings. This is my own humble opinion that I am happy to exercise. Teresa, thank you for entertaining us!

  • Tina

    I can understand Teresa's side of the story. I watch Teresa and her brother and I am amazed there are actually people like that out there and that is why they are so entertaining to me. I am still trying to catch up with Melissa's new attitude. When she was first on the show she was so hateful towards Teresa and hit her below the belt so many times. She realized the viewers were ready to hang her for it so now she sings a different tune and I am not falling for it.

  • gessie

    Teresa, I really, really feel for you this season. I feel like Bravo stabbed you in the back by bringing on Melissa and Kathy just to antagonize you. And you put on a brave face and put up with all the abuse because you are trying to crawl your way out of debt and you need the money. Otherwise, I feel that you and Joe would not have put yourselves and your parents through this hell. The worst part is that Caroline has turned on you. She has some kind of superiority complex. If I were your friend I would back you up 100% because you are that kind of friend, and you deserve the same kind of friend that you are to others. All I see is a lovely woman trying to earn money and take care of her children and be beside the man she loves through thick and thin. And deep down, I think your brother is a nice guy but he is impressionable and easily influenced by the witch. Don't even get me started on Kathy. She is so dull of a character, I don't even know why she is on the show. Just to be a thorn in your side I guess. Her eyes bulge right out of her head. Don't even get me started on that wanna-be goon doughboy she calls a husband. And all of a sudden she and Caroline go way back? Sure didn't look like it when she went to Caroline's house with her gift basket to apologize, which by the way, she should have apologized to you. Twice she questioned your parenting skills and I challenge any mother to take that crap from a troublemaker cousin sitting down. There is nothing set in stone that says you have to be friends with her just because she is your cousin. Nobody should surround themselves with people that talk smack about them and wish them the worst. She and Melissa revel in your misfortunes. I am most disappointed in Caroline, however. I thought she had your back. I guess that depends on the season. She thinks that Kathy extended you an olive branch? What? She badgered you three times and three times you answered her politely. She was trying to start drama and it wasn't the time or the place. Then she shows her true colors by calling you an f*** b**** and going in the bathroom to swear with her goony husband. God, they are wierd. Just short of a mental institution wierd. Stay away! Your instincts are right on the money. And while Caroline considers herself a wise old owl, she is not. How hard would it have been for her to take a shower and wash up for Christmas eve, instead of looking and smelling like a garbage can. She had forty-eight sisters who could have relieved her for fifteen min. I love her children to death, but the matching bracelets were a little creepy. Caroline has a very inflated opinion of herself. And she does not know what kind of a friend she had in you. You would never have wavered in your support for her. Oh well, enjoy your family and your kids and I hope you gain strength by your many fans. Melissa's sisters are vile. Now I see where she gets it. Melissa was jealous of your show and wanted in. Now she wants to be a singer. That worked out so well for Danielle. Why can't she be happy being the pampered wife of a guy who adores her and gives her the moon? What is her real story? I wonder. I don't think her elevator goes all the way to the top floor.

  • Question Mark
    Question Mark

    Teresa, I don't know if you are a liar or that you are in denial about the stuff that has happened. First of all you are wrong to blame Kathy and Melissa SO MUCH for your brother not staying, your brother chose to leave. Also you are giving the excuse that your husband called Melissa a witch and said all those nasty things about her family because of what happened at the christening, THAT IS ALSO WHY YOUR BROTHER DID NOT STAY AT YOUR HOUSE!!!!!!! Maybe you think that he was in the wrong at the christening but the bottom line is that there was a fight between your brother and husband and neither of them are over it. TERESA, ARE YOU LYING OR IN DENIAL???

  • Debbie

    Are you kidding? Isn't it obvious that with Teresa, she ALWAYS comes first? Funny thing is - even with the grammatical errors, I was just thinking she must have someone who "cleans up" her blog, as she comes across as completely illiterate on the show.

  • Liz

    Teresa is really annoying this season! She seems to think that everyone else is the problem. She is just as fame-whoring as the rest of them. It just seems like she has this giant stick up her ass, and everyone else needs to bow down to her. I would have never put family business on national television. They are ALL to blame, and no this isn't "Melissa" or her sisters. There are people out there that despise Teresa as much as I do.

  • kat

    No, it is probably not one of Melissa's sisters, just someone who is observant and sees Teresa for who she is. All of a sudden, she does not buy her kids everything, well she did season one when she had the money. Stop being bias and look at the whole picture.

  • Nicole

    Love, Love, Love you Teresa!!!

  • Guest

    Really, Velvet? Rosie is Kathy's "brother"? How enlightned of you. If you're a bigot, why do you watch Bravo?

  • jolo09

    Hi Tre! I too am upset with Bravo. They never post my comments! Anyhoo, I love you and Caroline. I love you because of your wild and craziness and I love Caroline because she is a straight shooter and that's kinda how I am. I could tell Joe was sick at Christmas, especially after Gia got sick. I figured they had a bug. And some people, even me, might have thought he was being a bit of a scrooge because he was laying on the couch videotaping and not looking, but that's real life. That's what people need to realize. I think Joe is real. He may say comments that might not be so good but as reality stars you shouldn't be playing a part because a camera is there, you should be yourself right? Sometimes we say mean things because we are mad at someone. I am glad that you owned up to him saying that though because sometimes you sweep things under the rug. Just stay real! The whole thing with Kathy and Christmas Eve: Do I think Kathy was trying to tear your brother away from you? I don't really know, but your brother should have a mind of his own and say "this is where we always are for Christmas and this is where we are going to stay." The thing is you can't just change how you feel overnight after you've been fighting with someone. It takes time. So hopefully he will start feeling more comfortable and not do that again. I do understand how you feel though especially after cooking all day. They could've at least let you know ahead of time they weren't staying. And I do agree with Joe in that he should've gone to Kathy's first and then come be with his family for dinner. Now onto Melissa. I do agree with you that alot of times her actions don't match her words. She acts like the good cop but there's no doubt she puts the bug in Joe's ear. One thing I would like to know? They have said several times that "Teresa has changed and she's fake" talking about your fame no doubt. Anybody that is going to become famous is going to change. Then why would they thrust themselves into this world? I know this was filmed almost a year ago so if she doesn't understand today how you are as a person then I just don't get it. If I were you I'd bring that up to them. Love you, keep being real!

  • bebe19

    Are you blind to all the names Melissa and Kathy call Teresa? Let alone the names their husbands and friends call her... Come on! Are you taking crazy pills? Why would Teresa want that in her life? They will just hurt her again

  • connecticutfan

    Teresa, I have been a fan of yours since the beginning and want to believe you, but I have noticed some inconsistencies in your explanations. In what we have seen so far, you have not been kind, forgiving or family-like at all -- please try to repair the damage that you've done so far. Your husband did say some mean and hateful things about your SIL -- it's caught on tape, you can't deny it. Your cousin may want her camera time, but she also wants you back. Can you and Joe G. just apologize and move on so that you can be a decent family again?!?

  • Hannah Avery
    Hannah Avery

    I totally agree. I think all of the Teresa bashing is Melissa and her sisters. :(

  • Hannah Avery
    Hannah Avery

    Teresa I have been trying to leave comments on your Bravo Blog telling you how i feel about what Melissa and Kathy are doing to you but they never post them. I adore you and i hate all of the things Melissa and Kathy say about you. They are so fake and Melissa is like weird obsessed with you. I love you and your family and i hope you stay away from Melissa and Kathy, they'll just hurt you again if you let down your guard down :(

  • starr69

    Moron! Melissa is the one that said joe's mom punched her sister but now we know joe's mom punched her because she was getting her pulled. I would've punched her too! Melissa is the liar! Teresa never lies! She tells us like it is

  • gail20

    Melissa we all know it's you leaving mean comments and we are laughing at you. You are such a sad, pathetic excuse for a human being.

  • shelby

    Melissa get a life and stop posting hurtful crap on Teresa's blog.

  • brandy

    it's obvious this is melissa or one of her fugly sisters who wrote the above. Melissa you are so obsessed with teresa and you trash her. Do you dream of taking over teresa's life? you are such a stalker. i hope teresa get's a restraining order so we don't have to see you and your pathetic sisters anymore. Bye bye

  • brandy

    Melissa is such a fake liar! Fakelissa needs to stop stalking you. She's so creepy!

  • David

    I can't stand Melissa!

  • David

    Teresa your sister in law scares me. She is effing creepy! She wants to be you! She needs to get a life and leave you the eff alone.

  • chrisy

    Shut up! Teresa is not lying! you're an idiot! Melissa is the one always getting caught in lies!

  • dontfeelsorry4u

    teresa grow up. pay your bills and stop being jealous of your brother taking care of his wife. who asks for DIAMONDS FOR CHRISTMAS when they are 11 MILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT. shut up. kathy and melissa are are more sincere about theyre lives then you are, STOP playing the victim. BIG GIRL PANTIES PLEEEASE!!! you are the biggest CRY baby ever......

  • Bonnie

    I think when Cathy approached you at the party you were caught off guard. She already knew she was going to do this and was comfortable and you were a litte shocked and caught off guard and probable not ready for this! I think based on that you handled yourself ok! Now that she has taken offense to your reaction-game on! But i really can't blame you for your reaction, since you were not ready or prepared. It takes people different amount of time to get over things. Just because she was ready, it didnt mean you were! But unforunately she went on the attack instead of realizing you were just not ready to make ammends at that time! WHAT A SHAME

  • Bonnie

    I think when cathy approached you you were a little caught off guard and were not prepared or ready for that and thats Talk to anyone with a family and you will see we all have had things said to us and about us, but we forgive and forget, because it goes both ways!! Moods?

  • mzbettyboop992

    You Really Just Wrote A Whole Fucking Chapter About Her Seems Like Somebody Sucking Her Tit's Hard GET A LIFE STALKER

  • pepper2040

    In previous seasons I really liked Teresa but not any more. She has become immature, self involved and fake this season. She always seems to be looking for controversy and personally, I would not be sad to see her go. Her appearance on the show seems so contrived and disingenuous. Grow up and set an example for your young daughters...stop whining.

  • mzbettyboop992

    The Thing About This Is Idk Why Teresa's Family Like To Talk About Teresa Personal Business And Bash Her But When Teresa Talks About Them They Have A Fucking Heart Attack " Like No She Didn't We Suppose To Be Family FUCK TERESA. " As They Say But Like Juicy Joe Said Joe And Melissa Should Have Went To Kathy's House First. That Was Sad To See Antonia And The Other Kids Crying They Could Have Stayed But Melissa Wanted To Go Let Her Hair Down And Have A Drink. Teresa I Understand 100% You Try And Try To Work Things Out But Some Thing's Ain't Meant To Work Out Since Ppl Want To Hold Grudges Thinking Everythings Peaches & Cream. Never Thought In A Million Years That Family Will Become Enemies But It Is What It Is MU@H!!! Luv You Tre :)

  • DebCruzd

    People is funny...first off, every single person in America owes money. In order for u to even finance a car or have a credit card you have to have some kind of credibility, DEBT. Soo, with that said, people over spend counting on the money they r supposed to get paid for, specially on the construction business that had a huge fall down a couple of years ago. The country is still in crisis and just today, there are more people that live off the government than ever before, with 15% of the population living off food stamps. The Giudices made a financial mistake like everyone makes at some point in their lives. So who is the one to throw the first rock? Zoo going back to Tre's blog, I can totally understand where she is coming from. There is something about her that doesn't click. It was annoying to see her getting her gifts for Christmas and then turning her husband down because it was Jesus birthday. Come on, really? And what did she get her husband for christmas? So weird. It's clear that the Gorgas are trying to put a show and instead, they should've avoided all this drama for the sake of their own children and family. Butt who are we to judge?! There are people of every kind in the world: good, bad, evil, jealous, mean, fake... We never know what's up with people and their motives, for each it's own. The bad part about reality tv is that we really get to see that mean and fake people exists in every shape, form, culture and background. Soap operas a much better. Lol. Tre, u rock, u r my girl and keep ur head up high, better days will come. Xoxo

  • golden girl
    golden girl

    ONE WORD...STALKER!!!!!! HAHA!!!

  • golden girl
    golden girl

    Is this Melissa's manly looking sisters! So much hate towards Teresa!!! OMG! You are obsessed with Tre! Get over it and move on! Tre will always be beautiful and loved no matter how many times you all write nasty blogs...and this is what really kills you all! HAHA

  • Zora

    The Giudices don't like Melissa because she is a gold digger. And on Melissa first blog, she mentioned Teresa name 17 times. Melissa is obsessed with Teresa! She wants to be in the same show, she ants to have the same friends and she even wanted to write a cookbook as well.

  • Ronda

    Sweetie, DIE OF ENVY! Teresa is already making a lot of money and her empire will continue growing! She will become more successful than Bethenny Frankel! DIE OF ENVY!

  • Paloma

    TEAM TERESA! She is my favorite ! Melissa and Kathy should not be in the show! Family matters should be private matters. Melissa and Kathy went to the show with the intent of making Teresa look bad and to have fame. I love Teresa! She is a hard-worker and she will continue having a very successful career. She deserves!

  • MonieMonie

    Kathy only wants to be the good cousin when the cameras are rolling and the crowds are out. She called Caroline for a private meeting when she thought there was a problem there. Why not the same respect for her cousin?

  • tianaxoxo

    If you dislike her so bad, why would you write such a long paragraph and waste your time on her? GET A HOBBY!

  • Yeah! Yeah!
    Yeah! Yeah!

    Yeah! Yeah! "She'll pay her debts & get richer" in your dreams. LOL. For that she needs to acknowledge her debt first & withdraw her false bankruptcy petition. Kudos to you for correcting typos and for supporting the Giudices! Continue to live in your bubble :) . Signing off this site forever!

  • MonieMonie

    From what your eyes see - yes, Kathy is trying, but your eyes also saw Kathy go to see Caroline privately - why aren't we seeing that? Kathy is as fake as they come and only wants to be the good cousin when the cameras are rolling and the crowds are out.

  • Truth!

    Boo hoo! Crocodile tears! dad will die from all the drama! Boo hoo. Higher chance he'll die from all the clams & oysters he was gobbling up, being a heart patient. Totally dislike this 'emotional blackmailing'. And, it was Kathy who called Teresa a f***ing b****h and not Melissa. So, how does it justify her lazy ass husband calling Melissa a witch?

  • lisa123

    I have to agree with anniea. This "whatever" person seems too interested in every aspect of Teresa's business to be a random viewer. I think Teresa has grown so much this season. I love the way she is handling herself, stepping up to the plate for her family and taking a step back and being smart about her spending. I also think her husband, Joe, made some mistakes but he is a good family man (not to mention easy on the eyes) and they are a solid couple. They have each other's backs and it's heartwarming to see that after Joe provided such a great lifestyle for Teresa for all these years, she is willing to reciprocate when times are a little rocky. Kudos to them both!

  • Isabel

    You don't know how to spell either , it's discrepancy NOT discrepency. Teresa is the BEST. She has more fans than any other housewife in all housewives brand. She will pay her debt and become even richer. She is working hard and creating new business ventures. i admire her for that. TEAM TERESA!

  • Isabel

    You can't be Italian and think that it's OK to NOT spend Christmas with the immediate family! The right thing to do was to go to Kathy's first and then go see Teresa and Joe and Joey's parents. Italian tradition never changes!

  • Paige1983

    Well said 'Whatever'. It is way overload analyzing for a pea-brain. For the love of God I'm surprised too seeing some people siding these '2-cent actors' who call themselves 'celebrities'. I'd be embarrassed to death if I were Teresa airing all their dirty laundry on TV and getting caught lying time and again. Hypocrites!

  • whatever

    btw, anniea - if somebody analyzes "way too much" another problem in society (like somebody analyzes a person that doesn't pay child support but keep producing more babies) or some scientific problem or an environmental problem, do they need therapy too? It doesn't make sense. It took 5 min. for me to write that and point out that person's arrogance. It is kind of scary that anybody that types fast and is efficient with their brain about analyzing (on a TV show they watch) should need therapy. Maybe other people need to work on making their brains more efficient... It will be good for our society and future generations.

  • Paige1983

    Just as she did when returning from the hospital from giving birth to their 4th daughter. . . talking about using protection so as not to make more babies, while we see that they owe $18k to an IVF center in NJ!! Teresa & Joe Guidice are complete LIARS! Just as they lied through their teeth in their bankruptcy filing.

  • whatever

    I don't have issues with this biatch. I have issues with societal decay. People like her are destroying our societies and as a responsible person, I need to point out these issues. It is not fair when there are scientists that work day and night finding cure for cancer that are paid minimal salaries while this ape becomes famous and rich out of being evil. So don't use the over-generalized "you need therapy" crap. What is wrong with analyzing "WAYYYYY too much". It is not hard if you are smart. It take a few minutes to analyze this ape and her husband. It is not rocket science... any decent human being should be able to do it. Actually, it might take longer for me to analyze and blog about world issues, politics, religion etc but I am still very efficient and try to be rational. Next, it is totally fine that you never used cumin and it is totally fine if somebody doesn't care for cumin. You are just like this ape and you missed my point - I said it is okay to not know "cumin", but it is not okay to put it down or mock it just because you don't know it. See the difference?

  • whatever

    Probably but it looks like you don't have even 1/2 a brain. You have to have an empty brain to support an ape with a fraudulent husband that she supports 100%. What kind of person are you? Whats next? You will support terrorists? Do you relate to them too. These sh&* Holes used 11 million dollars of other people's money (that too fraudulently by fake signatures etc) and then didn't care to pay them back while she is telling on TV to us low people that "it skews her to live in other people's homes". Can you imagine how many people/businesses might have suffered because of these aholes? Do you know how many people might have lost jobs, families etc? Do you know how it might effect our credit card fees, bank fees, etc. Nah... I forget, you don't have a brain. Sorry.

  • anniea

    To "WHATEVER" - It sounds like you need to seek a therapist regarding your issues with Theresa. You have analyzed her WAAYYY too much to be a simple bystander. FYI- I'm an amazing cook and I never use cumin in anything lol

  • whatever

    What do you mean by "you used to be so happy?" or "nice". Was she "happy" when she said "it skews her to live in homes lived by other people". Of course she changed it to "other people don't keep their homes clean". Was she happy when she waited for Danielle to pass by so that she can lunge on her and run after her to fight? Was she happy when she keep supporting her husband why he is being completely fraudulent and drinking while driving (he could have killed any of us). Was she "happy" while she is paying cash for expensive furniture while raking up millions in debt?

  • whatever

    How about the ignorant people that are praising her and will support her even if she runs over somebody stop for a second and think about their social responsibility is. I really don't care for any of them but this ape is the worst of them. Did you guys even see her talk in the 1st season. She was arrogant, evil, ignorant, stupid. Did you guys forget that she said "it skews her" to live in homes that are already lived in. Later when many people are upset, she changed it to "oh I just don't like if other people don't keep their homes clean". And you can see right through her while she said it (she don't even mean it). She thought we will never know how poor(or normal) she was growing up and she thought she will only show off her ugly mansion (built by frauding other people/businesses out of their money) and brag about her life. How do you guys support and idolize a woman that supports a fraudulent husband that signed off her name (supposedly) on many (legal) papers. How do you guys not see the discrepency when she calls this guy a "straight forward guy". A straight forward guy wouldn't fake other people's signatures. He faked his partner's signature and in the court he replied to the judge by saying "everybody does that". A straight shooter would not drive while drunk, and then when he loses his license after crashing, he gets himself a fake license and was got caught again. And in a report of his license information it says he lost his license 9 years in the past 2 decades. He is filth - no class, no brains, no decency, no rationalism, no niceness, no nothing. And she supports him wholeheartedly and bunch of loons love her for that and pray for her. It shows what kind of people you all are. Did you guys forget how she went after Danielle out of nowwhere in the last season... Like I said all of them are immoral and ignorant but you can measure this ape's character by that. She picked up a fight with Danielle while she is walking away and she ran after her to beat her up. She calls herself an author and she can't say "ingredients". She don't know what "cumin" is. I understand if somebody don't know something but it is a whole another thing to put something down just because she don't know what it is. She says "what is COMIN?" mockingly. She also says other cookbooks have all these "ingredienteses" (she keeps repeating that word a few times, not once) that she has no idea what they are. Her cookbook people started staring at her and some are smiling (probably cracking up behind her back and wondering why the world is so unfair that this ignorant biatch gets to make money out of a stupid book while they have to work for her) and they corrected her by saying that it is "cumin" and not "comin". If I don't know a spice used in Japanese cuisine, I wouldn't make fun of it and put it down as if it is something bad... I would either learn about it or just ignore it and this ape doesn't have the minimum decency to know that. BTW, woman, cumin is the second widely used spice across the world (after pepper and both originated in India although cumin was also grown in the middle east and probably has roots there too). So your ignorance is laughable but your arrogance is unbelievable. And on top of this she says "i am so nice, why can't everybody be like me". Every sentence of her is a dig on somebody unless it is her family (juicy joe, kids, parents only), she doesn't have an ounce of looking things from a different perspective. She was just not raised like that... she thinks one way, she acts on whatever she thinks is right and all of that must be universal truth and the whole world has to accept that. I never ever heard her say "I see her/his point of view" or "I understand their predicament". It is only always "my way" and "my family". How does this biatch with such an ugly face and horrible body and ugly mind/heart have so many fans. Because there used to be a time when people used to stay away from bad people and never wanted to be associated with them. But nowadays, all the biatches, ignorant fools, frauds with fraudulent husbands, people who filed for bankcrupcty after they cheated other people/businesses have a platform to like other frauds, other ignorant fools and follow them. I am especially angry at this biatch because of the fraudulent way their life is and because of how many people/businesses they hurt not to mention the society and all the foolish fans are praying for her. I don't have any liking for any of the other women on the show and don't care for any of them. BTW, she wants to cover up her "ingredientsesss" and she says she still thinks in italian even though she was born and raised here so she sometimes messes up words. I spent the 1st 20 years of my life in another country speaking my native language and I know other people that are in the same situation but nobody does what you do to the language. excuse upon excuse... 11 million dollar debt, other people did it, right biatch?

  • LolaC

    I agree. I do think that Melissa and Kathy are behind the problems, but Teresa is putting too much energy into being right. Teresa - Just be nice to them and don't feel the need to defend your family. The people who don't trash talk are always the ones who are believed. Saying nothing works better than being defensive.

  • whatever

    I am sure you love this ape so much. There are so many ignorant and arrogant people in this world that relate to this ape and her fraud husband. Do you really feel sad about her financial situation too and are you praying for her. If you are not an idiot, you would have prayed for innocent people especially children that are in bad situations instead of this fool and her fraudulent husband that raked in 11 million dollars debt and applied for bankrupcty. You would have paid for all the people that lost their money once these fools applied for bankcruptcy. You would have been alarmed for what might have happened if juicy joe aka bull dog husband of hers hit somebody on the road while he was driving while drunk or when he was driving with a fake license.

  • anniea

    OMG So true. Can you imagine getting that kind of gift then asking for MORE (ie: bling on mic)? She is for sure a glutton for "things". Her comment for buying all that crap was, "because we can". Huh? It sounds like because she grew up poor she has to brag about all the things her husband can afford to buy her and the kids, now. People who grew up with money or who earned every penny themselves don't talk like that. It's NEVER classy to brag about wealth. Also, her "charity" event didn't look like it brought in much in terms of donations....lots of empty shelves. I've been on committees for Xmas donations and we've spent a tiny fraction of what she spent and couldn't even open the door to the donation room because it was so jam packed. Sounds like it was a big ole tax deduction party to me.

  • Jen

    I can't fathom why any of you give a shit about all this drama.

  • dia

    Omg did you see her reaction when she saw the studio? She was worried about her "bling" microphone! She is a gold digger!

  • Ll

    Grow up. Please. "celebrity" my ass.l

  • Sal

    Teresa I really like you but you're so hateful. Let the drama go. You used to be so happy. What happened? Now you just seem mean. I hope the old Teresa return. I don't blame your brother for leaving. Your husband was so disrespectful to Melissa on Christmas of all holidays.

  • Lisa Lisa
    Lisa Lisa

    Hi Teresa, What's up w/ Bravo anyway? They don't post anyone's comments anymore. For what it is worth, I'm 100% Italian and am in a similar situation. I really think the Italian blood has something to do with it. For some reason, Italians seem to treat family worse than a stranger. Family is supposed to have your back, not stomp and kick you when you're down. I don't know what will come of your situation or mine. For you, you really seem to want to get your brother back. So you have to stop attacking Melissa. Instead of blogging your frustration, maybe you could talk to your brother and explain everything you said here and that you are inviting him NOW to come over for the WHOLE Chistmas Eve 2011 and that you will continue to work on your relationship with Melissa. But, airing your frustration is probably not helping. Also, your hubby is not helping either. When cameras are around DO NOT diss the in-laws. It will be revealed for dramatic effect! While Bravo may have edited the heck out of last week's show, your hubby did say "the witch over there". Melissa was "over there", not her sister. So some of his wrath was directed towards Melissa. Just be careful if you really do want to mend fences. It hurts when someone says mean words behind your back. While I know Kathy technically said worse, her emotions were very obvious and you shouldn't be surprised she said that in the moment. You know you pissed her off and you let her stay pissed. Her emotions got the better of her. But, you and Joe invited Melissa into your home, smiled at her, made her think she was welcomed and then he said ugly things behind her back while she was an invited guest in your home. That's not the same. Plus, how will that mend things with your brother? Doesn't it make it worse?

  • Fan

    Hi Teresa, Also - not sure if its "editing" but it does appear that Melissa and Kathy are making more of an effort to move forward, be positive, forgive, ect.. than you are. Do you think that you are ready to move forward? (Or did you at the time of the show taping?) It just seems like you are often saying negative things about Melissa and Kathy... I hardly hear any recognition by you involving their efforts.

  • Fan

    Hi Teresa, So happy to see that your brother and family visited you on Christmas Eve - I wonder though, all this drama about him staying for dinner, couldn't it have been avoided if you clarified expectations before hand? Thanks...

  • Kelly

    Just a helpful hint, when talking or writing, always put yourself last. It's not me and Joe, but Joe and I, or Joe and me. You Never put yourself first. By the way, this is coming from an English teacher. I hope you are not insulted, but I think it's an important lesson that you will use forever.

  • Kristen

    TEAM TERESA!!! TEAM TERESA! Anyone w half of brain can see what is really going on here. Melissa's sisters are horribe! This family will never be right because of them all bringing it out for everyone to see. Hope it was worth it Melissa.

  • la

    Also she did state, "who pulled his mom's hair" in the second long paragraph!!! Whats the deal, just leave them alone, they all need to fix this, they are family. Everyone needs to take one side and that side is to pull this family together again for the kids and parents!!!!

  • Muriel

    T...I love you girl. Don't let the naysayers get you down. I know that you are coming from a place of hurt....I can see it in your eyes this season. I know how you feel. I have a very similar situation in my family with my brother. Joey will always side with Melissa, whether she's right or wrong if he's like my brother, and with good reason...he has to go home with her LOL. For what it's worth this is what I did. I had a talk with both of them and told them how they were hurting me and the family....which you have already done. Then I asked them to forgive me for any wrong I had done and then...and this is the important part, I forgave them to the best of my human ability and asked the Lord to help me forgive them continually...and guess what. I had done what He expects of me (He knows my heart and knows I truly meant it). I received peace and now the burden is on them until they do the same thing. I feel so free and you can too. I have been amazed at some of the changes I have seen in them also. Peace and love to you and your family in these trying times and know that you are in many of our prayers. Love love love u!

  • la

    Love you Teresa, your the best housewife!!!!

  • Tara

    First i have to say everyone needs to give Joe a break. I mean maybe its just me but Joe reminded me exactly of my dad on christmas morning. We were 3 girls all jumping around our parents room waiting patiently and impatiently for him to wake up because we werent aloud to see what "santa" had for us until he woke up. Since christmas eve was such a huge holiday in our family and we went to midnight mass... and as i kid on christmas eve and our aunts house we werent aloud to open our family gifts until midnight so we were out LATE then by the time we got home they put us to bed and then put our toys together, set the tree up, put the milk out and ate some cookies it was the wee hours on the night/early morning... and us kids were so ecstatic that we woke up extra early meaning our parents only probably just fell asleep... so YES every christmas morning my dad looked and still looks like Joe Guidice (even when he's coming to see his grandson now) and my husband as my son gets older will probably be the same way. So chill out people he's human!!! Also yes he called her a witch ummmm... SO WHAT?!?!? He said witch, not and effing b!tch, or that he's going to b^rn the f-ing house down like some other housewives husbands have said. If you new your brother in law who you grew up with was allowing his wife infront of him to go around all talk about his sister and his brother in law and their financial situations and bash them to "outsiders" like lawyer friends etc... the word witch might be a compliment to what you'd be saying if the shoe was on your foot. Anyway: to Teresa hold your head high... when the grass is cut the snakes will show!!! So lay low and let them bury themselves, it will all come out. Kathy is no saint and its those people who sit around the table who cause the most trouble and hopefully your brother sees that. I know Melissa does but thats what she wants. I hope you and your brother can work this out before its to late. Sending you hugs xoxo...

  • lisa123

    I really love how Teresa and Joe gave each other "small gifts". It really did seem like it was all about the children on Christmas. I don't feel the same about what went on over at Melissa's Christmas. (It was all about her...What do Rolex's and pumps and sound studios have to do with Jesus' birthday?) Did she even give her husband a gift for Christmas? It could be editing but it looked like he got NADA - ZILCH. She acted like a greedy little piggy. She reminded me of Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka. Apparently gluttony is okay on Jesus' birthday, just not sex with her husband LOL

  • MikefromNJ

    Teresa, What can you do when it comes to reality TV? You can't please everyone, its impossible. Obviously you are hurt, not so much for yourself but for your parents & the kids any great mom would see that and any dad with a pulse would expect nothing less than that quality from any woman who represents a family. In your case, because the tabloids are your nemesis, you are an easy target & everyone thinks they know Joe and Teresa Guidice. We dont know shit. What we do know is we've lost Dina from the show, the voice of reason & now Caroline the voice of gospel has to work overtime to try and make sense of this season in regards to whats happening to Joe & Teresa. Along comes new cast members, family of yours. I've read in there that Melissa is using the show as a platform to launch her music career, good for her. Honestly speaking, shes the only start out vocalist Housewife that has actual vocal talent. She sings in tune, and doesnt "talk" her way through a song. So if she did the show to better herself, then its a positive, perhaps an even better lifestyle for your Niece & Nephews as well as your brother. Bravo Melissa, just stop saying Jesus's birthday already, we've got the gist of Christmas. Its also been said that Kathy has done the same to promote a possible restuarant/catering business, again good for her. If it works out and they make a profitable go at it, if not thinking of what it does for helping Kathy & Rich, think about your second cousins, their kids Victoria & Joey. I do have issues with Melissas extended family jumping in front of the cam & making remarks but lets face it, they are just "fill ins" and do we really care what they say? Everyone with a pulse knows that the "15 Minutes of Fame" guy that asked Joe Guidice for the money he owed him, only does this with cameras around. Let him ask Joe in a secluded area of downtown Franklin Lakes & Joe would hit him so hard he'd end up in Sussex County. I think what has alot of people on edge with your blogs is your razor edge approach to the issues at hand. As a person can hear hate, you can also read hate. What isnt being said is that you may hate what Melissa or Kathy may be doing but you love them because they are family. When I read your blogs sometimes, I fear my computer desk is going to flip over so its all in the presentation. Lifes too short for all the petty stuff. The deep family stuff should never be for any of us to read at all PERIOD. In the end, you'll always be one of my favorites. Just relax & enjoy the fame and your fans. Bickerblogs are just going to reignite issues that should have been long ended. Be well, Ciao Mike

  • MikefromNJ

    Did I overlook that part in the blog about the punch? I thought I read hair pull as Teresa has stated & written about in the past. Not sure where you read that, perhaps another blog I missed, I'll keep looking though. Seems you may dislike the Guidices, I guess jealousy drives people to hatred.

  • Christi

    If you lived in Dallas, we'd be besties with NO drama! Your girls are absolutely Angelic!

  • Damndromeda

    First things first, I really enjoy watching the show, and hope it continues on for many more seasons. I will agree with you that it was awkward and probably really inappropriate for Kathy to invite your brother and his family to her house for Christmas Eve, especially if she knew that he already had an invitation to spend the holiday at your house with your (and HIS) parents and everything. She HAS to know that you all are supposed to be trying to get things back on track among your families. Why would she want to take him away from that? It doesn't make much sense if she has any respect for the family unit. Furthermore, it doesn't make sense that he and his family would agree to ATTEND her holiday function if they were really and truly trying to get THEIR immediate family situation back on track... That [Kathy's motive for inviting your brother and his family to her house for Christmas Eve, that is] remains one big WTF right now, I'm hoping there'll be more information on that in a future episode, but something tells me not to hold my breath for it. Regardless, I don't know what she was thinking. The only explanation I can think of is that she wanted your brother and his family to have an "out," on the off chance that there might be some awkwardness (or what have you) at your holiday party, at least they'd have someplace else to go besides home. The other thing is that as long as there's conflict between you and your brother she can intercede and have her family get together with his family because I'm sure she is painfully aware that once you and your brother are close again, she'll just have to get in where she fits in. And please don't anyone take that like I'm bashing Kathy, I think she and her family are interesting characters on the show, and her family brings a very unique element to the content of the show, just because her children are slightly older but are not yet [late teens - twentysomething] young adults. I actually enjoy watching her and her husband interact, because they seem to have a very special relationship, which I think is also quite interesting. Kathy's family is also unique in that it gives the viewers a chance to see some actual parenting going on beyond controlling toddlers and children, which really gives the show some dimension. Also, her restaurant endeavor promises to be something to stay tuned for, and I look forward to watching that as that develops as well. I know that the bond between your brother and yourself is still not completely mended, but you can't force it together again, either. Again, it's all going to take some time. Time sucks, but it's the best medicine for this owie. Let me also suggest to the other adult members of your family (no matter what they think or how they really feel) that they should be aware that it is unwise to say things that might FURTHER JEOPARDIZE your [personal and family] relationship with your brother's family while the cameras are rolling... I was really shocked that your husband called Melissa a witch. I don't know what provoked that remark, and it seemed to have been expressed for no apparent reason the way it was edited for TV. Isn't there a car ride he can go on (or something) to get that stuff off his chest while the cameras are rolling and you're genuinely trying to mend fences? You know your brother and his wife are going to see that outburst of his, and even though YOU didn't say it, you WILL have to pay the price for it. It sucks because you seem to be the one taking all the heat for everything right now. I'm sorry for that, but I'm confident that this is nothing you can't handle. I think with a little time, patience, resilience, and sincerity, you can rise above all of this and have things the way you want them to be eventually. I understand that you come from a passionate stock, and that you want things better NOW, but there is no quick fix for feelings that have been hurt. Likewise, I'm sure that things were said which you might consider to be hurtful as well. You don't have to dwell on those things or replay them over and over in your mind... The things they said may be true, they may be false, they may have been true at one time, or whatever but they don't EVER sum up who or what you are, and what you're about because you are ever-changing. The best way to counteract this kind of stuff is to just be considerate, always try to be the bigger person - even if it makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up, exercise moderation when things get crazy, and always keep moving forward, away from that shit people keep trying to make you step in. And you know, obviously, you'll want to try and avoid situations you KNOW are going to land you in a conflict. You already have plenty of conflict to deal with, why add to it? Lastly, it is possible to forgive someone without forgetting what they've done to wrong you. You forgive them to relieve the tension of the situation, even though you know that you may not be able to trust that person again for a very long time or EVER. You are chalking your experience with this person up to a lesson learned and hopefully not soon repeated. You forgive them to be the bigger person, and give THEM the benefit of the doubt. I don't mean to sound like a jerk here, but some people really don't know that that they're assholes. So maybe you forgive someone because they don't know they're an arrogant asshole, and while that takes the stress off having to see the person, it certainly doesn't excuse their behavior, or make it any more palatable. The forgiveness is just there to say "Hey, I know you probably meant well when you did or said So-and-So, but you're still a jackhole and now I know exactly who you are and what you're about." And still, you tread very carefully where that person is concerned, and treat them with a VERY long handled spoon until there comes a time when you can both sit down and discuss the matter like reasonable people...

  • Kathy Helbing
    Kathy Helbing

    Hi Teresa! After buying Fabulicious recently, I read it cover to cover. That's the first time I have ever read a cookbook that way and I was both informed and entertained at the same time. Last night I made spaghetti with sauce and meatballs along with the roasted red bell peppers and the asparagus from. My 3 finicky kids ate every bite and both my husband I loved it all too. It was all so easy and so tasty. Thanks for putting me back in touch with my own Italian roots. Watching you all on RHWONJ has really inspired me to embrace my Italian family background so that I can pass some of that culture down to my own children. Many thanks, Kathy

  • jan77

    Ok it's official RHONJFAN is that horrible looking Lysa Simpson.. Lysa who talks nothing but trash about Teresa on Twitter and Facebook.. The same animal Joe was referring towards!!! Lysa, get a life and stop living off of your sister's fame!!

  • dani45

    I agree. I don't blame Teresa for feeling upset with these two. No matter how hard they "claim" to try on TV, the truth is that they joined a show Teresa was already on without her knowledge, knowing that there is bad blood between them!! Teresa needs this to support herself, the other two are selfish at best!!!! They did this behind her back to hurt her. No matter how fake they are, I still cannot get pass that.. Besides, Kathy could have called and tried to make a real mends with Teresa without the cameras like a real loving family member would!!! Kathy states "evil" is worse then "fk B?," Pluease.. Kathy your reaching at best with that BS!!

  • Tianaxo

    Remember Kathy's husband called Teresa a fu**ing bi***?

  • Tianaxo

    I love you Tre, and to all the people who write dumb sh** on here, "Get a hobby".

  • missy54

    Teresa, you are a great Mom but please stop justifying everything negative someone prints about you. Do you own anything? Your starting to sound like Jill Zarin, which by the way you two would get along great together. I do believe that Melissa is coming from a good place. Your brother is a great guy and you can see he adores his wife and children. Look at the difference with him with his wife and children and look at your husband. Sorry not talking about Christmas Eve but always. He never interacts with your kids that I have seen on tv. Now about gifts for your kids, didn't Gia have her own cell phone at 7 years old. Yes I believe she did. Also what Joe no diamonds. Teresa your husband has provided for you finacially for years, have you looked at your house. When is enough for you????

  • realintx

    Teresa, everything you blogged, I have seen with my own eyes. Kathy continues the crap just so she can be on TV. If she wasn't constantly taking shots at you, there would be no reason for her to be on the show at all. She's boring! I am pretty pissed at Bravo for manipulating the blogs and comments like they do. At the beginning they wanted people sympathetic with you and hating Melissa. Now they want people to hate you and love Melissa. And for them to exploit your family troubles like this is shameful. Hang in there Teresa. You are a great mom and wife. That's all that really matters in life.

  • FanNoMore

    ANOTHER lie you have been caught in. SO did she pull her hair or punch her in the face? If you tell the TRUTH you dont need to remember the little details that get you caught. Just like last season when you said on the show that you have never made your own pizza dough but then put out a cook book talking about the pizza you have always made. Lies Lies Lies. You are comstantly lying on the show and the cameras catch it!!!! You USED TO BE MY FAVORITE but now you are a THEIF and a LIAR.

  • NJ Nails
    NJ Nails

    Teresa, u are great and u make the show. Stop defending yourself, you are who you are and if they dont like it then they should stay away. Kathy is a Teresa wanna be and as for Melissa, well I think shes a gold digger. All she has to do is bat her eyes and flash her boobs and she gets what she wants. Girls like her are a dime a dozen!!! Stay the amazing person that you are.

  • Velvet

    I just laughed at Kathy having three brothers. I think we've seen one of them. Rosie, right? Kathy just wants her own cookbook. Tell that heffer to step off, you got there first.


    So true last week it was pull her hair and now it's a punch, I thought the punch was thrown by Lysa?? I am confused and now that people are starting to like someone else besides Teresa she isnt so happy


    I am Italian Honey and that was Joe's idea to stay or go not Melissa's, yes she is a shit starter even in past episodes she has started the fights (pay attention please). Trust me I want them all to get along because the kids and parents are suffering. AS I STATED Teresa was my favorite but not this season even with the digs on Caroline in the beginning not cool.

  • SD

    Melissa and Kathy are so jealous of Teresa. They wanted on the show and they got it. I hope they both get the karma they deserve. They are rotten to the core. You see it in everything they do. Joe Gorga knows it, but like he said 'I give her anything she wants.' (aka short man's syndrome) Sad he couldn't have convinced his wife to leave his sister alone. Really sad.

  • hugeteresafan

    You are my favorite on RHONJ! I'm sorry, but I just don't get why some people are attacking you. Melissa kept referring to Christmas as Jesus's Birthday. If she really felt that way then why was their Christmas so materialistic? It made me sick to my stomach! She surely doesn't live by what she says! I can't stand Kathy either! I really wish Melissa, Kathy and Kim G would get off the show. All they do is make my blood boil! It hurt me when your brother left on Christmas Eve to go to Kathy's. He should of stayed if he truly intends on working on his family relationships! If you don't want to mend fences with Kathy then I don't think you should be forced to. You are forced enough to be around her at all of these holiday parties. You and Joe hold your heads up high because I believe you both are carrying yourselves very well!

  • ricci

    Teresa, YOU are the one lying, and I think that more and more people are starting to see it, and you can't take it. You used to be the "QUEEN BEE", and now you can't stand sharing the spotlight. Remember..the truth always comes out, and we are going to see it all when the judge decides at the trial and the time that must be served. Truth always comes out!!!!!

  • Marissa Rose
    Marissa Rose

    Look, at the end of the day; you either make a choice. You's either can "coexist" in the same room together for the parents and the kids(not for yourselves) or you's cut ties completely-family or not. I mean, me personally, I would have to make a decision. There's too much "bad blood" in the family for there to be the kind of "closeness" that once was. I will not "take sides" because I am a stranger and an outsider. However, I've had similar situations within my own family and my future husband's side to say, "Irregardless of the he said/she said business, who was "right", who was "wrong," at the end of the day, it's about making a choice to either "coexist" as human beings in the same room together, or be done with each other all together." I, personally, don't see the "closeness" or how things may have been, ever coming to be again. But, for the kids sake and your parents sake, either keep it brief with each other in being civil to each other or don't have each other in your lives. Both parties are wrong. Teresa, I love you to death, I do! I've also grown to love Melissa. But you BOTH are in the wrong. Come to the realization that you's probably will never be close, like maybe you's once were(or even you and your brother being close, for that matter). But just coexist together and be cordial together. Keep it brief when there's family functions, holiday's, events, etc. It will save both families more heartaches and aggravation then both sides have endured. As far as Kathy goes, same thing. If you's two can't at least be "cordial" and JUST coexist together, then you both need to come to the realization and acceptance to "break ties" for good. Family or not, it happens. It's very sad and unfortunate but the nonsense on EVERYONE'S part needs to stop. These kids(your's and Melissa's) are going to grow up feeling like they have to "take sides" because of the drama and bad behavior of past family drama. Then, they'll start resenting each other ultimately, leading to them breaking ties with each other. Their cousins, let them have each other. Stop with the "past" and the he said/she said and just COEXIST together. You's are trying to "rekindle" something that can never be to where it once was. You're trying to be "close" again, and that may never happen because neither party's can let go of what was said and done in the past. Christmas was almost eight months ago. I know because it's being aired now, you all feel the need to "explain." You don't have to justify or explain ANYTHING that goes on between you all and your families. Why because it's being aired out to the public? Guess what? The public is what's hurting your families even more! Not helping!! By explaining these episodes, you's are rehashing and bringing up everything that's almost a YEAR old. Because there's so much bad blood in the family, that we, the public, can see on air, me personally, I'd rather forfeit being on the show and concentrate on "real" time.(Like you's are now, probably). The public is not helping your family either, nor is Bravo. If anything, they LOVE having your family business being put out there on display because it's "juicy" drama to them. At what expense are you's all willing to put your families through in "giving the public what they want? and will it be worth it?" Just think about it; all three families!

  • frankswif3y

    She's LYING! Keep your stories straight TERESA! First you claimed Melissa's sister pulled your mother-in-law's hair and NOW you're saying she punched her in the face?! I didn't believe Mlelissa's sister at first but NOW I DO! You are a liar just like your fraud husband! YOU BOTH SHOULD GO TO JAIL!

  • ciaobella

    Don't listen to others Teresa... some people will never understand what its like to be part of an Italian family. There are certain things you do and don't do. Leaving before dinner was disrespectful and hurtful to you and your parents... putting all the presents in the car and not letting the kids open them with the whole family was just wrong. A lot of us out here understand!

  • frankswif3y

    Teresa is a LIAR! Last week she claimed Melissa's sister pulled her mother in law's hair and now she claims she punched her in the face? She's the one who can't get her stories straight. She's a liar just like her fraud husband. I hope they both go to jail!

  • TeresaFan1

    Teresa, you are my favorite housewife of all the shows. I don't agree with how Kathy and Melissa have talked badly about you but you need to be the bigger person. It's best that you settle the problems you have with them off camera and move on. Your parents are getting older and this drama is not good for them. You cannot control what they do- you can only control your behavior. Please make changes soon. xx

  • BellaBabe

    I totally agree with what you've said. Look, families are crazy...especially Italian one...I know first hand...LOL Melissa is a spoiled brat...Kathy needs meds...and they were put on the show for DRAMA...after Danielle, they had to get someone on to do it and it had to be directed at Teresa because that's where most of the Danielle drama was...so they are both just Danielle replacements in my opinion...saw Teresa at a booksigning in July at Stew Leonards in Yonkers, NY...she was a doll and way prettier in person...she was very very friendly to my friends and I...I am Team Teresa all the way!!!

  • tialynn

    I dont even know where to began Teressa. I love you and your caracter, how about that? LOL First of all I know you are trying to reconcile with your family. But, at this point I think that there aren't going to be many more apologies coming from Kathy, Melissa, your brother, Melissa's sisters or anyone...doesnt matter who or what. I understand everything you are feeling from Kathy, but it's time to "put your big girls panties" on as Caroline says, and let Kathy speak. This will clear the air. I know your not ready and I would'nt be either, but, on the outside looking in...this is the part of the "Christening family breakout" that needs to mended before this ends. Noone is asking to you be her BFF or even apologize to her, but make the peace with her enough be tolerated and the family will mend itself. Maybe you will find a newfound "friend/cousin" in Kathy, Maybe you wont. But you have to understand, that whether or not she is right or wrong coming up to you, at least she has tried. Now, in reality, she is in a position to be hurt by you. NOT THAT YOU HAVE TO CARE....LOL But, in reality...everyone is okay, but you and Kathy. Now Melissa, she's finnacy (back and forth kinda) but all in all she has had nothing but passionate words, "trying" to let this slide. Her wording of being around "strangers" is becuase the behavior and relationships in this family is strange to the family at the moment. Its sucks being the fist time not being together on Christmas, but this is an intense moment and I understand the uncomfortable feeling with your brother and Mellissa. Now "juicy Joe" and his crazy ass, he's a man, hard to have feelings and emotions. Hard as rock at times. But things will change!! Anywho, I think ive said enough today. I feel so close to you guys yet soooo sooo far...(East Texas to be exact) I know is weird but if you need a third party to chat with sometimes, you can allways call on a fan!!! Stay in Touch Teressa!!! ....until next time!!

  • gggalax

    Thank you for finally speaking the truth and revealing the Machiavellian nature of Melissa and Kathy.

  • shasha

    I don't care what these others say...Teresa I love you! Say it like you mean it! love love love you!

  • menapoli

    RHONJFAN you obiviously don't know what it is to come from an Italian family.............. Family and holidays together are the most important things to us and getting up and leaving during a holiday was not right on their part at all. Before you start blaming Teresa and you yourself being a "shit starter" make sure you know the facts..............just saying

  • Italiana

    This season I wondered why Melissa and Kathy who dont need the money would join the cast knowing all the negative that would come out between the 3 of you. Its OBVIOUS Melissa wanted to "sing"or chirp, and Kathy wanted to promote any buisiness she was going to get involved in. Thats very clear! Joining the show would allow all the family drama that was kept quite for all these years to ALL come out. I cant believe that these girls would put themselves out there like that just for some notoriety. Teresa kept her family drama where it belongs AT HOME between the families. Now that Kathy and Melissa joined its all over the place. Selfish girls! You would of been better off unknown housewives than exposed housewives!

  • Terry

    I went through something very similar with my husband's family/my in-laws, and let me tell you--I think that you need to stop being so defensive, and just be the better person. Stop it with the gossiping, talking bad about your family, etc. and do whatever you have to do to make things right. Especially for the kids, because they are the ones suffering. If you take the high road, you might be surprised at how much better things could be again between the families. I never thought I would say this in my life, but I love my in-laws now, and my sister in law is probably one of my best friends.

  • foxxyq

    well Theresa i had to cut my reading short, due to all about you, from wht my eyes see Kathy is trying with you and keep pushing her down do you really think you are the bigger person no you are not, you are the one who is keeping all the grudge, the only reason you wanted to make up with Melissa is because you missed your brother and is jealous off all the attention he gives his wive, and further more Christmas is not yours it is everyone, and they are adults to choose who they may celebrate it with, if you had been the bigger person and make up with Kathy may be you would have been able to spend Christmas eve with your family the way you wanted too, you talk about celebrating Jesus well something you do not know about Jesus because i have not seen you exercise it is Jesus forgive, he loves, and i am not seeing that from you, Theresa is time for you to forget about yourself and accept your family all off them not partial, asl o you cannot get angry with Kathy blog she said what he said about your dad and her dad passively, if you were talking about the incident you would have talked about your dad passively as well and dogged her dad, so again let bygon be bygon and make up with your family, forgive and forget even though it is hard at times, but God will bless you for doing so, i know you can do it Theresa want it bad enough to do...

  • Lo Blessedbeyondtharest Hopkins
    Lo Blessedbeyondtharest Hopkins

    Obviously this RHONJFAN is Melissa or maybe her fame whoring sisters for that matter ! Anyone with eyes can see how fake Melissa and Kathy are ! I would NEVER go on reality tv and bash my family for all to see. I remember watching Regis when he was talking to Melissa and asking her the simple question of , "You had to know they were bringing you on for drama right???!" Its sad the things that people will do for a little fame. Yes, Teresa can be a little blunt in her encounters with Melissa and Kathy but GOD bless her because if it was my cousin and sister and law I would punch them in their face. They both need to get a life and get their OWN show. NO ONE likes them. I find those two to be DISGUSTING ! As well as her brother and Richy ! Two men who need a backbone cuz obviously they dont have one. XOXO TERESA, Ashley P.S. Give em a little Danielle treatment in the reunion egh ??!!

  • Gia

    hi teresa i love you so much

  • cccc

    sounds like a Marcoi sister above., still mad they barely let you wanna bes on the show? kathy trashes teresa every week. she'd be a fool not to defend herself

  • cc

    Caroline and Jacqueline are getting sick of your shit

  • cc

    Teresa you need to stop being so stuck up!!


    First and foremost, a man should not talk about women, that is very disrespectful. We all know he was talking about Melissa cause he said the witch over THERE!! I do not protect my husband if he is wrong towards my family. Not protecting him when he is wrong.. You kept saying Kathy is talking badly about your family in blogs and it is not true. You talk about her more than she has. She has said only nice things about your dad. Read it.. Stop blaming editing, Melissa is trying more than you. You use to be my favorite but this season you are a drama queen and now I see you are a shit starter and past fights you have started. Now I see why you and Caroline aren't close you are a shit starter... Stop feeding your parents crap about their son and daughter-in-law if you stop talking so much about them there will be peace.. Just sayin.......

  • Iako Mgvdliashvili
    Iako Mgvdliashvili

    that pic scared me!