WATCH: Sneak Peak Clip of ‘The Help’ (VIDEO)

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Emma Stone is definitely this year’s It Girl! The young actress has numerous movies that have taken the box office by storm — and more to come as she is currently filming The Amazing Spider-Man.

On August 10, a curly haired Emma, Academy Award–nominated Viola Davis, and Octavia Spencer star in The Help. The movie is based off the New York Times #1 best selling book of the same name, in which three women push the envelope of their time period in Minnesota during the 1960’s.

Check out this sneak peak clip of The Help before you see it in theaters!

When times are changing and societal gaps must be closed, it isn’t always the easiest task to step outside the ordinary and be the first to change with those times. However, Skeeter, Aibileen and Minny decide to stick together and write a book that puts them all at high risk. No matter the scrutiny these women face they stick by their book, in pursuit of something greater!

Check out the trailer below:

This movie is sure to be a hit this summer. Make sure to check it out when it hits theatres August 10th! Let Celebuzz know if you’re going to see The Help by commenting below.