10 Things to Expect from the New (International) Season of ‘Jersey Shore’ (PHOTOS)

10 Things To Expect from the New Season of 'Jersey Shore'

The most famous guidos and guidettes of them all are back, but this time they're taking fist pumping to a whole new level – international.

The cast of Jersey shore is relocating from Sea Side to their native land of Italy. From what we can see in the previews, this season definitely won’t disappoint.

But what can we expect to happen this season? Celebuzz breaks it down!

This time around, everyone’s favorite juicehead gorillas and Jersey girls are faced with not only baggage from last season, but also a language barrier that doesn't make their overseas visit any easier.

With the season premiere airing tonight (Thursday) on MTV, we thought you could use some help to get a little taste of what Italy has to offer. Besides Ronnie Magro and Sammi ‘Sweetheart’ Giancola doing what they do best --fighting -- we can expect to see make ups, break ups, and plenty of smooshing. Find out these facts and more by looking through the gallery!


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  • appartments malta
    appartments malta

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  • courtneybaaaby

    christen your worse at spelling.

  • Milly

    I love them both , but I don't think they should be together... TO MUCH DRAMA!!!

  • Milly

    not at all you. Not even look trashy...

  • Milly


  • Milly

    I'm from Lithuania. Get a clue why I'm selling not that correct

  • samantha

    this is going to be a great season full of drama and good times

  • broni

    What channel and what time is the new series on? Please help.

  • christen

    girl u ell mutch wrong its much

  • christen

    i hate denna too that girl is fucking crazy u heard me

  • christen

    wow i luv the jersey shore crew expeshaly snooki she looks like a giniea pig

  • DeenaHateer

    Just gotta say it. I hate Deena. I really hate Deena. I can deal with the other girls. I can accept that Situation has always been an egotistical two-faced douchebag. But Deena. Ugh. The minute she opens her mouth she makes my skin crawl. Everything that flies out of her trap sounds like an unintelligent spoiled brat. And seriously she's not all that. I know other 'guidettes' who are ten times prettier than her. So once again...I hate Deena.

  • Cath

    when the second season starts? pleASeee

  • ashhhulee

    i love snooki and jwoww but they look so trashy here. haha.

  • davenport

    love the show, bunch of hotties! about 6 are super doable

  • Milly

    I loooove Deena's clothing !!! And Samii looks good tooo like always !!! <333

  • Milly

    I love them so mutch !!!! <333 :-**


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