‘90210’ Star Gillian Zinser: I Get Compared to Brenda Walsh!

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90210 – an old zip code with a whole lot of new drama! The CW’s hit television show is currently filming it’s fourth season. One of the show’s stars, actress Gillian Zinser, is only kidding with the Brenda Walsh bit, because by now, it’s no secret that the spin-off teen drama is very different from the original series. 

“I think we are really just trying to touch on the generation now, opposed to the old one touching on the generation then…times are changing,” says Tristan Wilds

Tristan and Gillian were at the Hurley Walk the Walk 2011 National Championship surfing competition Thursday afternoon in Huntington Beach, CA. Celebuzz caught up with the duo to get the scoop on the popular show’s upcoming season! 

“What can you not expect? There are so many ensemble stories coming together. There are a bunch of new characters and some old characters leaving us and a lot of transitions, we are all coming into our own,” says Zinser. 

The season picks up with the gang after their high school graduation. The two wouldn’t give us any spoilers, but they did hint to the fact that the group will all be doing their own thing. 

“If they will go to college, if they won’t, what they have seen done this summer, maybe something opened their eyes to something else…you will definitely get to see where kids want to be after high school,” says Tristan. 

They may all be carving their own paths, but Gillian assures us the clan still has one thing in common. 

“I think a lot of us have just grown the ‘eff’ up over the summer and you will see that in the surprising decisions that we all make in terms of where we are all going and who we are staying with and who we are leaving behind,” says Zisner. 

Do you want to know who will be staying or who is checking out of the popular zip code? Tune into the season premiere Tuesday, September 13th at 8 PM on the CW!