Emma Stone Explains Her ‘Husky’ Voice on ‘Letterman’ (VIDEO)

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Ever wonder if Emma Stone’s somewhat gritty voice is just something she was born with, or maybe the byproduct of something else? Well, now you can find out straight from the husky source.

Stone chatted up David Letterman on The Late Show Wednesday night, and almost right from the get-go, Letterman commented on how such a young, pretty gal could have such a “husky” voice. Emma was happy to explain that her voice has been like that her whole life, and was because of a bad bout with colic when she was a baby.

“I was screaming constantly in discomfort, and I think my mom really had a lovely time with that,” Stone said, explaining the long-term effects of her screaming bouts. Even still, she has trouble with losing her voice if she talks too  much.

“I lose it all the time. It’s kind of a miracle that I can talk right now,” she joked, adding that when she was doing the chemistry tests for Crazy, Stupid, Love. with Ryan Gosling, she had “no voice.” Thankfully, the chemistry was there, so voice or not, all worked out well for Emma.

Stone has had one whopping summer. She starred in Crazy, and on August 10 will hit the big screen again in the highly-anticipated screen version of The Help. Watch a trailer below:

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