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Snooki Talks Jersey Boys
Snooki reveals which guy is the gayest on the 'Jersey Shore.'
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Looks like Snooki’s irresistible charm has rubbed off on yet another helpless man. Jean Paul Makhlouf (J.P.) from the band Cash Cash admits the poof-tastic star entices him.

“I would probably have to say Snooki is my favorite one on the show,” says JP. “As bad as she can be portrayed, I would still take a bite out of Snooki’s cookie.”

We think all of America can relate with JP — in some shape or form! The 4″9′ tall tv personality’s crazy behavior and has contributed to making Jersey Shore a huge phenomenon. People everywhere tune in to see The Situation’s abs, learn the latest about Jwoww’s relationships and catch all of the Jerseylicious drama.  

So, imagine what it feels like to learn you will be a part of this skyrocketing success?

“We freaked out! We were in Japan and a fan tweeted it at us and we all screamed like little 12 year old girls! We licensed our CD to MTV a few months back and were hoping they might pick some of the songs for the show, but we didn’t think it would actually happen! It really means a lot to us; being from Jersey and getting to be a part of the show,” says JP.

Cash Cash is the band with the “Jersey Girl” song playing at the end of the season four trailer. It’s been a week since the trailer came out and we still can’t stop humming the catchy tune. The infectious song left us wanting more – so Celebuzz had to track down JP for an in-depth interview!

How did you guys come together to make the group?
Sam and I have been playing music since we were in fifth grade. We did our first show together playing “About A Girl” by Nirvana and “Purple Haze” by Jimi Hendrix. We played in jazz band together and then started various bands in high school that finally turned into our band right before Cash Cash called The Consequence. We went through tons of different drummers and line-ups till one day we realized my brother was old enough and good enough to join the band playing keyboards. He was in a band with Anthony, and then the four of us morphed together creating Cash Cash.

Cash Cash is a unique name, how did you guys come up with the name for the group?
The song “Cash Cash” came first. Our old band The Consequence had the song “Cash Cash” written. After we got signed, we found out the rapper Consequence owned the name and legally we had to change it. It was also around a time where a lot of people were also trying to screw us over – from agents to other labels – and out of frustration trying to come up with a new name, I yelled “Everyone’s after all our damn cash and we don’t even have any yet, we should just name the band Cash Cash!” We all laughed and the name stuck!

You play homage to some famous songs – such as “Living on a Prayer” for Jersey native Jon Bon Jovi, how did you decide what songs to choose to make homage to?
Ahh it was easy… I mean, Jovi and The Boss are just two huge iconic figures that came out of Jersey that we were all fans of growing up. Bon Jovi just has some of the most amazing arena chant rock anthems that are timeless. The Boss puts so much emotion and heart into his music, it just pulls you right in.

Your new album came out in April, tell us a little bit about the style of the album.
We wanted to make sure it bumped a lot harder than the last record. Don’t get me wrong – I love our first CD, but it was lacking a little drive and edge. I think we took it in a better direction, while keeping our original sound at the same time. The songs are dancier and more electro driven. They are less rock, but have more power behind them at the same time. The lyrics go a little deep in a few songs, but there’s still plenty of feel good party anthems to put on get wild to. My favorite song off the album would probably be either “Sexin’ On The Dance Floor” or “Jersey Girl.”

You guys have been busy traveling and performing at different shows and events, what’s it like touring?
We’ve been so lucky to do some amazing tours over the last few years. It’s been such an amazing experience seeing so many places around the world and sharing the stage with so many amazing bands. We got to do a huge US tour with Metro Station, a sold out UK tour with Cobra Starship, the Vans Warped Tour, and headline tours in Brazil and Japan as well. It’s an experience we’ll get to remember the rest of our lives. You really learn a lot about yourself touring and become a lot more independent. Most of us grow up living in a box, learning about things through books and television, but it’s a whole different ball game when you’re out there experiencing it hands on. I always tell everyone you should go do some form of traveling at least once in your life, even if it’s just a simple road trip with friends or a vacation with family. It’ll open up your mind.

Describe your perfect Jersey Girl?
A perfect Jersey girl has them ‘Tig ‘ol Bitties that I can’t ignore” [laughs]. To me a perfect Jersey girl is a mix between Kesha & Katy Perry. A lady on the street but a freak in the bed. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of jersey girls can be mad trashy, but when they have the perfect balance between class and ass it’s on! A jersey girl ain’t afraid to hit a bitch, but at the same time she’ll also bring her baby boy some ginger ale and a biscotti when they’re hung over.

Tell us a little about “Jersey Girl” and where the inspiration came from for the song. 
We always wanted to make a song with a Jersey reference, but never got around to it on our first record. I got my heart broken by a Jersey girl way back in the day and then started to get into plastic big city girls instead that were materialistic social ladder climbers. After a few bad experiences with those type of girls, I realized I would take a real Jersey girl that was brought up on a lot of the same morals I was over them any day. The beauty is, you don’t have to be from Jersey to be a Jersey Girl. It’s more of a mind set and lifestyle! Hence the lyric “I know that you’re a Jersey girl inside!”

What is your ultimate goal for the group?
We’ve seen some amazing places and played some unforgettable shows! The ultimate goal is to keep doing them till my feet prevent me from doing so. I would love to get over to places like Indonesia and Australia, that would be awesome.

If you could perform with anyone in the music industry who would it be and why?
I would love to perform with Johnny Rzeznik from the Goo Goo Dolls. He’s one of my favorite rockers that influenced me to perform in more ways than one. Other than that I would love to put on robot masks and go dance around stage with Daft Punk.

Do you guys have any upcoming projects or future plans?
We want to release a five song acoustic EP around December, and then pop out another full length album by spring of next year. We’re also thinking about doing more tours in Japan, because our last one kicked so much ass!

Cash Cash is definitely a talented group and with Jersey Shore on their side the guys are sure to raise to fame quickly! Celebuzz will be giving away the group’s CD, “Love or Lust.”  

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