The Meet & Greet: ‘Falling Skies’ Star Maxim Knight’s Plan for Alien Attack!

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Although he’s only 11, actor Maxim Knight has already attained what many in the industry strive for their whole career — a regular series gig! Max plays the son of Noah Wyle on Falling Skies, the TNT original series produced by the legendary master Steven Spielberg.

Tell us about your show and the character you play?
It’s an alien TV show and its about a group of people trying to survive in this world full of aliens. My character is the youngest son of Tommy [played by Noah Wyle] and he represents hope in the show through my dads eyes. I’m his littlest boy and he wants to protect me. His character uses that motivation for who hes trying to protect. Matt is only 8, but he wants to help out in the resistance. He finds little ways to help, but he wants to do something bigger and gets into tricky business.

How are you and Matt alike?
I think matt and I are very similar, mentally, but he’s in a different world so his personality changes because of his surroundings. I think we are a lot alike because we also care a lot about our dad. I love my family and so does Matt. We both have a very strong bond with family.

If aliens attacked for real, what would you do?
I think that I would try and find a resistance like on the show! The best thing to do, if there are any warnings, put your hands on as much food as possible. What I would do is hide in a hole. You probably shouldn’t take charge unless you have a group that supports you — don’t try and go out individually.

What is it like to work with Noah Wyle?
He’s a really nice person and he’s always like taking us out to dinner and buying us food. Once we went to a fish place and he bought us dessert, and we couldn’t even eat it all! He’s like my surrogate dad.

What kind of stuff do you do with your time off?
I have a pool, so I love to go swimming. I love to play video games. I’m kind of of an expert. My favorite game is Zelda. I also love games made by Rare, they’re one of the best developers ever. I hope to create video games one day because it seems really cool. I love the interactive side to it; doing whatever you want. I like those kind of game that is up to your creativity. I’m also a sucker for the old style video games.

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the show below: