Vanessa Hudgens Is Hat Happy in Cali (PHOTOS)

Vhud for Candies
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With a whole lot of attention being paid to her new, short ‘do, Vanessa Hudgens covered things up on Wednesday when she went for a stroll in Toluca Lake, California.

Rocking a maxi dress with a bit of a Native American flair to its print, Hudgens also opted for a big old black hat covering her cropped cut. With a camera in hand (and her bra exposed), Hudgens at one point turned the tables on the paparazzi by pointing her lens at them and snapping away while her pal in a belly-shirt and short-shorts laughed.

Hudgens’ short hair has caused many to be split on whether the look is a chic move or a big mistake. What do you think? Drop us a line on Facebook!