Amanda Seyfried Steps Out Wearing a Wedding Dress! (PHOTO)

Amanda's Puppy Love
Amanda Seyfried takes her adorable dog for a walk.
It seems only fitting that Amanda Seyfried would be onset in a wedding dress for a movie titled The Wedding. The Big Love actress looked stunning in a flowing floor-length off-white gown when she stepped out of her trailer this week. Amanda, 25, has been filming in Greenwich, Connecticut for the movie that also stars Robert De Niro, Katherine Heigl and Topher Grace. 

Is Topher playing Amanda’s groom? We’ll have to wait until a movie trailer hits or some leaked pics to determine that! According to London Daily Mail, the romcom is centered around the special day of Missy O’Connor, played by Amanda. Despite being away from her California home, the actress was sure to bring along her best friend: her dog Finn!

Taking a break from filming The Wedding, the actress played fetch with her dog earlier this week. She ran around the set in a floral mod dress and flip flops as her pup chased after the tennis ball. Check out the pics below!