Bam Margera Unveils Ryan Dunn Tribute Tattoo (PHOTOS)

Judging by the amount of ink that Bam Margera has, it was a safe assumption that he'd very likely be adding a tribute tattoo in honor of his Jackass co-star and best friend, Ryan Dunn.

Dunn, who died in a fiery car crash in late June, is now forever immortalized on Margera's chest. The tattoo, just below Margera's left shoulder, is a facial portrait of the bearded Dunn with the wording "Random Hero" beneath his face.

Dunn's life came to an abrupt end on June 28 following a night of drinking at a local Pennsylvania bar when his car -- reportedly going in excess of 140 miles per hour on a local road -- went out of control, jumped a guardrail and crashed into a tree. The impact is said to have killed Dunn instantly, and resulted in the car bursting into flames.



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  • Aly Gibson
    Aly Gibson

    this article is riddled with inaccuracies. as a journalist, that's frustrating...

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  • Iako Mgvdliashvili
    Iako Mgvdliashvili

    it's so nice of him! and ryan's death was worse than amy's ;((