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UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for participating! Congrats to our winner, Crissie Louise!

You too can be a star!  Win the Teen Choice Awards Gift Bag -- yes, the same one given to the cast of Twilight and Glee, Tyra Banks, Kim Kardashian and more, courtesy of Backstage Creations. Teen Choice 2011 is airing live on Sunday, August 7th (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) on FOX.

One lucky Celebuzz reader will win their very own gift bag like the one shown above! Here’s how to enter:

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, and hit the comments below letting us know what star you'd like to take as your date to the Teen Choice Awards and why. PLEASE NOTE: You must sign in to Celebuzz (or use Facebook to sign in) in order to comment and win.

This giveaway will end on Friday, August 12 at 9 AM ET.

So what's included? 3M Privacy Screen Protectors, ARM & HAMMER® Spinbrush® GLŌBRUSH®,  Just Dance 3, Kobo eReader Touch Edition, UP2U gum by Mentos, Angel by Thierry Mugler, Bananagrams, Cellairis phone accessories, Claro revolutionary acne-clearing device, Essie, LeSportsac large weekender, Logitech’s Color Collection, Mead® and New Five Star® notebooks, Moodeez bags, Paper Petals Stationery, Philips O’Neill Stretch headphones, Tyra Banks' debut adventure fantasy novel and beach towel and back pack tote. (Items in photo subject to change based on availability- some colors and styles may vary.)

Good luck and get commenting!


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Default avatar
  • Christina Agostinho
    Christina Agostinho

    I would take Taylor Lautner because who wouldn't want a hot wolf to keep you warm if it gets cold?

  • Shelby Williams
    Shelby Williams

    so... WHO won?!

  • Toni 'Regina Phalange' McGowan
    Toni 'Regina Phalange' McGowan

    My dream date would be Andy Samberg <3 What a funny guy and such a MINX! What more could you ask for?!

  • Lovelle Simon
    Lovelle Simon

    I would take Justin Bieber. He's so down to earth , hilarious and sweet . I think we have a lot in common , we would just clique like we've known each other for years.

  • ariannalovescs

    I would take Cody Simpson because he is my age, he's cute, he looks like a fun person to hang out with, his accent is to die for, his eyes are gorgeous and cause I think he'd make an awesome date! His personality looks like it would light up my night and he's just a fun looking person! He would defintily be the perfect date, no doubt about it! :D ♥

  • Chloe Maria Currie
    Chloe Maria Currie

    I would take Matt Lanter from 90210! He is just such and gentleman and seems so nice. Also, it dosen't hurt that he is good-looking ;o)

  • Kari Jordan
    Kari Jordan

    I'd take David Tennant, because he's the epitome of perfection, and he'd probably wear a kilt.

  • chelyea

    I would take Chris Young because he's funny, hot, and the man can sing.

  • Rachel Hurd
    Rachel Hurd

    I would take Cody Simpson. Because I think he is such a sweet guy. And he seems like such a gentlemen. Plus, he's got a great sense of humor. And that accent? Who doesn't love it? He would just be the perfect date to take and I would have alot of fun with him. Also, he's my celeb crush. So I think he would be PERFECT to take as a date to the TCA's

  • shelby klein
    shelby klein

    i would love to take Robert Pattinson because he is amazing and i love his hot british accent!!!!!!!!

  • Lena Toulhoat Naef
    Lena Toulhoat Naef

    I'd take Angelina Jolie because she is gorgeous and smart, plus her "husband" is super hot too ;D

  • Brianna Gonsalves
    Brianna Gonsalves

    I would take TAYLOR LAUTNER. Honestly, I love him so much. But no in a creepy way. I think he is totally adorable, cute, funny & has a great personality. Well, assuming from what I've read in every single magazine. I think he is amazing! [img][/img]

  • Summer Lillie Pruitt
    Summer Lillie Pruitt

    I would take ryan potter because he seems like a cool fun guy and he's a Supah Ninja!!! :D

  • Jd Drenchek-Scavo
    Jd Drenchek-Scavo

    bradley cooper

  • Karina Campos
    Karina Campos

    i would like to take Justin Bieber for my date to the teen choice awards because hes so inspirational and such a gentleman. it would be such an honor to take him because hes my role model and i think hes very cute,and he has the greatest personality ever. it would be my dream 2 go to the teen choice awrds and to let justin bieber my date. i would be the most humble and grateful girl in the world...<3 -karina :)

  • tatertott98

    I would love to take Cody Simpson because he seems really down to earth and he's a big inspiration. Plus he's cute :)

  • danielleakame

    hmmm i think i would like to take Ryan Gosling! he is an amazing actor, he loves animals, and seems like a genuine person! not stuck up or anything. and not to mention unbelievably hot. :o)

  • Lalli Lopez
    Lalli Lopez

    I would love to have Christophe Mintz Take ME to the teen Choice Award he is just too damn funny hahaha i Love His MOvies He always Makes me Laugh and i like and i kno that i would have an amazing Fun Nigth with him as my Date and not be Bored as Heck:) [img][/img]

  • daniela

    I would like to take Taylor Lautner because he is so hot, he is a good actor and i want to see how he's personality is like .

  • Samara Calcano
    Samara Calcano

    i would take maxwell because id take him anywhere!

  • Alex M Briggs
    Alex M Briggs

    I would definitely take Tyler Posey to the Teen Choice Awards for 6 reasons. 1. He's SUPER gorgeous 2. He has an amazing body 3. He seems so down to earth 4. He plays a werewolf on Teen Wolf 5. His smile makes me melt 6. He's soooooo iresistable :) <3 [img][/img]

  • Elizabeth Osota
    Elizabeth Osota

    I would like to take Nick Jonas to the Teen Choice Awards because he is a gentlemen and would treat me right.

  • lilybiscuit7

    I'd probably take Ryan Reynolds. He's so funny, I'd have a great time :)

  • Erica Merkley
    Erica Merkley

    I would take Darren Criss because he seems like the most genuine down to earth guy. He is creative, funny, super cute, and a great actor/musician. He inspires so many people, and I think he would be the perfect guy to have a great time with.

  • dramadoll202

    I definitely take Darren Criss. Not only is he so fun and seems like a really great guy...perhaps even chivalrous, but maybe I could get a song out of him. He'll serenade me after the show! And he's incredibly talented. It'd be an honor to take him :D

  • Miranda

    I would take Justin Bieber, not just beucase he's cute, but beucase he is a BIG insperation to me! , He showed me that anyone can become what they want, and also I would love to do Jerking and Douging with him :) <3

  • dayna502

    I would take James Maslow. He's super sweet, down to earth and cute. :D

  • dessylove16

    i would take taylor lautner because one day i will marry him and that would make my life so happy

  • Ja Anna Bratcher
    Ja Anna Bratcher

    If I could take anyone with me to the Teen Choice Awards I would choose to take Blake Michael. I would take him because he seems like a pretty funny guy on Lemonade Mouth and on his Youtube videos and I follow him on twitter too. I think Blake is really cute and he seems really sweet and nice and i would love to meet him and talk to him and ask what its like being on Lemonade Mouth. I would also ask how excited he was for Lemonade Mouth 2 because i know i'm very excited. I want to meet Blake because I think he's really nice funny and sweet and I think that we could be really great friends and have an AMAZING time at the Teen Choice Awards [img] Michael-340_429.jpg[/img]

  • Shelby Williams
    Shelby Williams

    I would take my best friend in the whole wide world Edward. I know he may not be a star to other people, but in my eyes he is a star to me. Edward always helps me up when I am feeling down, he never has a bad thing to say, he's real about everything, he's hilarious, he is a fabulous artist, and personally, he is a great singer (He definitely has star qualities!). Edward may not be the most famous person in the world, but forever he will have a place in my heart as a star and I would invite him to the Kids Choice awards with me any day! Plus, he loves talking to people and isn't afraid to give a random person a hug or sign something for someone!

  • deanna6

    1. Following on FB(Deanna Cali), Twitter(@calidreamin87) & Tumblr( 2. I would like to take Eminem because I love him. :)

  • emmy411

    I would take Tom Felton because who wouldn't want to take a great looking British guy with an amazing accent???

  • Jess Shields
    Jess Shields

    If I could take anyone it would be David Archuleta. I would take him because he is a really sweet guy and i think we would have a lot of fun hanging out and getting to know each other.

  • leisalove

    I would take Johnny Depp because he seems like a very nice gentlemen.I’m a huge fan of Johnny Depp. I love his acting, and his style. His hair is amazing. I would kill to touch his hair. I know that would be a night to remember if I took Johnny Depp.

  • egood33

    Well, I'm married, so it would be weird to take another guy. I would want to take Lady Gaga! She would be sure to be a fun date! :)

  • Leanne

    If I was going to the 'Teen Choice Awards' I would take Betty White with me because as we all know Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis were invited to some ball for soldiers and so was Betty White but she coild not go because she had to film her show.. So that is why I would bring Betty with me .. Hope you pick me..would love to get the gift bag!!

  • loveangel221

    I would take Taylor Lautner because he look like a cool guy, and that he can make someone laugh and smile. Also because he was amazing in the twilight series and i love his smile and how he represent his self. Main reason is he super hot and look really nice.

  • danierules101

    I would take Booboo Stewert because he is a really talented actor. He seems like a really down to earth guy. He is a sweetie and really hot!!! i would love to hang out with him. He has a great personality towards his fans and to his older sister.

  • Donna Pierson Wilson
    Donna Pierson Wilson

    I would take James Franco to get him away from so many apes and be around humans again...jk. Sorry, that movie is stuck in my head since I saw it tonight and was really good.

  • sunchicka

    Justin Bieber. Because he's a great guy.

  • Miley Lui
    Miley Lui

    I would like to take Shia Labeouf to TCA! :D I am his big fan! So I'm a big fan of Transformers! Xo If I could go to TCA with him by my side, it would definitely make me scream! Haha He's so hot, literally! :)

  • shel704

    I'd take Ashton Kutcher...he's got big shoes to fill with his new role on Two & a Half Men and could use a little fun. He seems like a down-to-earth guy.

  • emorgan223

    I would take Meryl Streep. The woman is incredible, and let's be honest, she'd be a lot of fun. Plus maybe I can find out her secret for looking that good at her age.

  • prodigalsun

    I would take Justin Bieber, because my mother says he seems like the nice sort of boy she would like me to marry.

  • fms1291

    I would take Tom Felton because he has the greatest sense of humor. That's what I love the most in a guy, you have to be able to make me laugh! His gorgeous blue eyes don't hurt either ;)

  • Catalina Gude
    Catalina Gude

    I would like to go with the Kardashian sisters. They look like they would be lots of fun to hang out and get all dolled up like them.

  • Kathleen Pasqualini
    Kathleen Pasqualini

    I would take Cory Monteith because I know he'd be fun to hang out with. He's very nice, funny and down to earth. The perfect date! He's not too bad looking either :)

  • juliannex18

    I would take Taylor Lautner because he seems like such a gentleman and of course because he's HOT!

  • Liza Sanchez
    Liza Sanchez

    Luis Miguel because he'!

  • Breanna Caroline
    Breanna Caroline

    I would take Chris Colfer because I think we share a lot in common. Being writers, actors, and musicians. Plus, his attitude is so real and he's hilarious. From what I've seen at awards shows, he always comes looking so handsome and I wouldn't mind having him as my arm candy either!

  • bracefacejoyce

    I would like to take David Henrie as my date to the Teen Choice Awards because he’s such a gentleman , has gorgeous eyes and I admire his Work . I think he's one of the best actor I have ever seen .

  • Alyssa Forkell
    Alyssa Forkell

    i would take Paul Wesley from the vampire diaries because hes cute (and of course i have a huge crush ^__^) and he seems like he would just be really chill and cool to be with their! <3 i liked you on facebook and i follow on twitter: pandaxaly

  • Nicole Elise
    Nicole Elise

    I would love to go with Emma Stone. She is so beautiful, charismatic, funny and so sweet. No matter how sexy any of the guys mentioned above are, shed be a no fail date guaranteed. She seems like an amazing person to be around : )

  • jgiesler1

    I would love to take Justin Timberlake because he's gorgeous and he seems down to earth. Plus he cracks me up so I know for sure I would have the time of my life. That would be amazing =)

  • Anisa Alexandra Lahlali
    Anisa Alexandra Lahlali

    I would take Justin Bieber because he's, obviously, one hot sausage.

  • Denisha Peterson
    Denisha Peterson

    i would take ian somerholder, because he's beyond sexy and i would enjoy seeing that gorgeous smirk of his the whole night

  • denisseminaya

    i would take Jake T Austin because he seems like a really cool, funny and down to earth guy which are one of the best qualities you could find on a guy and he is also like so cute :D

  • Arianna Jimenez
    Arianna Jimenez

    I would take Cody Simpson because he seems like a funny person to hang out with throughout the show and he's hot ;)

  • angelakr07

    Hmmm where to start!! First let me start off by saying when it comes to Celebs i know everything!! If i had the chance to take a date to the Teen Choice awards it would either have to be Kellan Lutz.. He's gorgeous and i've had the biggest crush on him! Dream come true :)

  • Melissa Tapia
    Melissa Tapia

    As a date I would like to take....Robert Pattinson! Who else would I take? If i had a chance to snag him from Kristen Stewart I would!

  • ecaterina29

    ever since i saw jay hernandez i've had a crush on him. i would LOVE to go with him

  • dropastitch

    Hmmmm....I guess I'd like to take Rosie O'Donnell. Odd choice, I know, but I just think she is hysterical and it would be an evening spent laughing our arses off.

  • ambermiller86

    um.. I would take leon thomas... because well, he's really nice and seems fun and it would be fun to talk to him and just hang out!!

  • Raymond Medina
    Raymond Medina

    I would take Ian somerhalder....sighhhh, seems like a cool guy. :)

  • Shannon Knowles
    Shannon Knowles

    I would have to take Robert Kardashian! He is so hot, funny and awesome - like, the night would be so much fun with him xo

  • Iako Mgvdliashvili
    Iako Mgvdliashvili

    what if i don't want the date? okey then, i want michael jackson. why? it's impossible

  • cindya

    I would take Dave Grohl. He seems like such a fun guy to hang out with. FRESH POTS!!!

  • andrea1990

    I would like to go to the teen choice awards with Michael Steger from 90210. I heard that he has some Austrian roots and I am actually from Austria, but since 4 months I am living as an au pair in California. I would like to ask him stuff like, how is it to play a teenager in High school, when he is actually a little older than the other actors =) or how he feels about all the drama in the show ...

  • memommon

    I'd take Bear Grylls because if we got lost he could take care of us no matter where we ended up at!!!

  • Courtenay Elrick
    Courtenay Elrick

    i would take Justin Bieber as my date to the teen choice awards because i'm absolutely infactuated with him. I have all his CDs, posters, t-shirts, magazines, new perfume line, and i bought his movie the first day it came out. the first hour the store opened. i Tweet him everyday, and I am officially courtenaybieber on twitter. he's retweeted me once, and i know every word to every song he's made. that's why i would bring him as my date, not just to the awards but for life <3

  • selenabecky

    I would to take Justin Bieber because I love him. :D

  • Michela Molteni
    Michela Molteni

    The whole Glee cast!! And by that, I mean Darren Criss =D It would be very embarassing for me to fangirl, but well... I found him totally totally awesome (n_n) and I feel just like he was the male version of me - that means, perfection (OBVIOUSLY ;) )

  • rebeldegurl1991

    wow no brainer Robert Pattinson.....he has a british accent!!! and hes hot!

  • Colleen Boudreau
    Colleen Boudreau

    i would take Ryan Gosling because i love him he's so hot!

  • Nalia Martinez
    Nalia Martinez

    i would like to take Justin Bieber as my date to the teen choice awards because im a huge fan of his music and he seems like a really down to earth guy and would love to meet him one day(:

  • Jennifer Hughes
    Jennifer Hughes

    I would take Darren Criss in a heartbeat, because he'd be a blast to hang out with.

  • Tanesha Blackmon
    Tanesha Blackmon

    I think that if I had to pick just one person I would pick Robert Pattinson, not because he is sexy but because he seems very well read and like he could have a lot to talk about intellecually.

  • Keivy Cannon
    Keivy Cannon

    I would like to take Diggy Simmons because I love his style and his music. He seems like that awesome and chill type dude that would be fun to hang out with.

  • Nicolle Marie
    Nicolle Marie

    I would take Emma Stone as my date because she's hilarious and seems like she'd be a great friend. Plus, I know it'd be an awesome girls night full of laughs! Seriously, who DOESN'T want to be Emma Stone's best friend?!

  • Eric Hiromi Iwamoto
    Eric Hiromi Iwamoto

    I'd go with Cat Deeley so I could hear her talk with her awesome British accent the whole time.

  • michellemarie

    Mila Kunis! Who else?! :-)

  • wheat636

    I'd like to take Bear Grylls. He is so clever, tough, down to earth, and I would LOVE to have him to myself afterwards!

  • Crissie Louise
    Crissie Louise

    I would take Darren Criss with me because I absolutely admire him for becoming so big in show business but not forgetting where he came from, being still avidly involved in Starkid, the production company he helped start, and giving back to his fans. He has such an amazing voice and deserves everything that comes to him. Also I am in musical theater and love Harry Potter like him so it would give us something to talk about instead of just staring awkwardly around the room.

  • kabezzz

    I would have to take David Henrie!

  • tkkerr

    It would definitely be between Ryan Reynolds (soo hot) and Shia LaBeouf (so dreamy)......hmm can I do both? I'd take Shia...I've liked him ever since Even Stevens, that's almost a love for a lifetime!

  • Laia Prieto Ivorra
    Laia Prieto Ivorra

    I'll take Darren Criss with me, 'cause he's so cool at this kind of parties and I'd love to see him in person wearing a bow tie <3

  • Brian

    I would take Selena Gomez because she needs to date a real man and not you-know-who.

  • Effie Jacobson
    Effie Jacobson

    I would take Britney Spears. She is hailed as a queen at the TCAs!!

  • Erin Laidley
    Erin Laidley

    I would love to take Darren Criss. He's adorable, really down to earth, hilarious, and a huge fanboy so it would certainly be a great time :) !

  • Tracy Parral
    Tracy Parral

    i would love to take johnny depp

  • Joshua St John
    Joshua St John

    I would take lady gaga. I would so love to meet her

  • o0simon0o

    I would take Ashley Benson because she's beautiful, she's an amazing actress and in the videos of her on Youtube she seems to be so funny!

  • Phelicia Odima
    Phelicia Odima

    I would love to take Dylan O'Brien (Stiles from TEEN WOLF)because he is a sexy young upcoming stud.He seems to know what he wants,he' well behaved,a gentleman,and he is sure to make a lady really really laugh.:) [img] 5-340_437.png[/img]

  • Phelicia Odima
    Phelicia Odima

    I would loooooooove to take Ian Somerhalder from the Vampire Diaries(Damon),because he is sexy and seems to have success under his feet.Anddddd He is funny,and such a cutie,and a verrry verrry bad boy;))

  • Ginny Clair Hitt
    Ginny Clair Hitt

    I would like to take Taylor Lautner because i would like to talk to him about what it was like dating taylor swift.

  • imalexia1

    I would take Robert Pattinson, because he is really hot (duh) and because he has a sence of humor!(which I love!) ;D

  • Chelsea White
    Chelsea White

    I would take Tyler Posey because he is totally hot and Teen Wolf is amazing.

  • Tanja Piirainen
    Tanja Piirainen

    I would take Mitchell Musso, he seems nice, fun guy, day would be really WOW

  • miireyaa

    I would like to take Michael Trevino because he seems like a fun guy who would make the day interesting.