Go Behind the Scenes of Victoria Justice’s ‘Best Friend’s Brother’! (VIDEO)

Victoria's Best Looks
These photos don't do her justice.
Oh, unrequited love! The funny thing is that it often comes in the form of crushing on your BFF’s sibling — just ask Victoria Justice! Her new single, “Best Friend’s Brother,” describes exactly what the sticky situation is all about.

The Victorious starlet recently took time out between takes to show off the set of “Best Friend’s Brother.” Watch as she hops in and out of wardrobe changes and flirts up a storm with her hunky co-star!

But don’t worry about keeping your bro away from Victoria, she’s already got a boy of her own!

The brunette babe and her boyfriend, Nickelodeon actor Ryan Rottman, were out and about all summer this year. Last month, they were spotted taking a nice romantic bike ride together. How cute!

Do you have a a crush on your best friend’s brother? Sound off in the comments below!