‘Jersey Shore’ Premiere: Falling, Bidets, Pigeons and Smooches (VIDEOS)

By: Mike Hess / August 5, 2011

Vinny Leaves 'Shore'
Vinny said goodbye to the 'Jersey Shore' house.
Wow, JWoww
'Shore' diva shows off her fab bikini body.
GTL fans far and wide were likely hairspray-stuck to their televisions last night, as the fourth season of Jersey Shore premiered — this time, putting The Situation, Snooki and the rest of the apricot-colored crew in Florence, Italy.

There was a whole lot of ridiculousness crammed into the season’s first hour, and for those who may not have had a chance to see it — or for those who simply want to relive the glory — Celebuzz is trying out a new little feature for you. We’re breaking down the finest (well, maybe not) moments from the show and calling out the things that you’ll need to know to prepare for as the season progresses.

So, get your bronzer out, pour yourself a tall glass of coffee or limoncello, and enjoy:

Firstly, upon arrival, things weren’t going so well for the girls. Their flight went to Milan instead of Florence, and to add insult to injury, Deena found herself in a very familiar spot — on the floor thanks to her not-so-sturdy sense of balance.

With the girls delayed, the Shore fellas were the first to arrive at their (insanely gorgeous) Florence pad. There was marble, statues, incredible views, and as Vinny found out, a European bathroom staple: The bidet. Please do allow yourself to be taught the purposes of a bidet by Vinny. Despite his bluntness, you can’t argue with the guy’s accuracy:

Got that? Good. Now that everyone’s backsides are clean, there’s another dirty situation going on at the Florence crib, as the girls quickly came to find out during a smoke break out on the terrace. Gals, meet every city’s unwanted friend — the pigeon:

Back inside the apartment, the crew quickly fell into their usual routine of doing shots, getting ready to go out (hairspray, bronzer, push-up bras, repeat), only now that they’re in a different country and have a brand new apartment, things weren’t exactly working out for Pauly D and his electricity-reliant hair. Also, karma is wreaking havoc on Ronnie for all of the furniture he’s smashed in his life.

And finally, after all of that drama, it was club time. Who knew that even in Florence, mega-clubs with lasers, fire-flinging bartenders and the like existed? Either way, the amore of Italy seemed to be in the air for Situation, who seems strangely enamored with Miss Snooki — even trying to plant a kiss on her despite her having a boyfriend back home. True love or scripted series premiere plotline aimed at creating all-season tension? Oh, you be the judge:

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