The Meet & Greet: Sydney Rouviere, ‘My Mom Had To Cover My Eyes!’

Sandra & Ryan!
Former costars reunite at 'Change Up' premiere
Welcome back to the Celebuzz Meet & Greet, where we talk with rising actors, musicians and entertainers before they hit it big. Watch out for these future A-listers! 

Eight-year-old Sydney Rouviere’s mom may have covered her eyes during certain scenes in her new R-rated movie, The Change-Up, but we advise you to keep your eyes wide open for this rising star!

Sydney plays Jason Bateman and Leslie Mann’s daughter, Cara Lockwood, in the hilarious comedy. Starring in an R-rated movie does not come without consequences, no matter how old you are!

“I heard bad language a lot of times in scenes,” Sydney tells Celebuzz. “Sometimes I would be in the same scene when they would have to curse but they cut some of it out. I would still hear it, but it’s ok because I already know what it is.”

That’s a good thing, because there is plenty of foul language in the movie. Sydney shines onscreen and manages to steal the scene every time! She brings the audience through all different types of emotions — viewers fall in love with her bubbly personality and hurt for her character when she’s bullied in dance class. What advice does she have for young kids being bullied?

“Go tell a teacher or someone else around,” says Rouviere. 

Smart girl! Luckily, Sydney hasn’t ever been bullied before, but she does have some similarities to her family-oriented character in the movie. 

“I get along with my parents and my siblings really well. I like playing with my siblings and we all do acting, which Cara kind of does acting because ballet is acting in a way,” says Sydney. 

The young star comes from a family of actors. What made Sydney want to follow in their footsteps?

“It kind of helps me with school because learning lines is just like learning the words for spelling and I like it because it helps me and it’s fun traveling and meeting new people and stars and stuff,” she says. 

She also got to meet some pretty big stars while working on The Change-Up. Household names like Ryan Reynolds and Olivia Wilde also made up the cast of the movie. When Sydney found out she would be starring alongside them she was excited, to say the least!

“I was like oh my god I am working with actual better, bigger stars! Oh my god this is really, really fun oh my god! My mom and everyone was screaming and running around the house,” she exclaims. 

It would be hard to stay humble for a kid her age after working alongside Hollywood’s A-listers, but believe it or not, when we asked Sydney who she would want to change places with, out of anyone in the world, she chose someone in her family! 

“I would like to switch with my sister Taylor because she is really nice, she is really pretty — she is like a superstar! She is really good at acting and modeling and she has straight A’s,” Sydney gushes.  

How precious! This talented young actress doesn’t need to switch places with anyone right now though, being a movie star at the age of eight is pretty impressive! Be sure to check out her big debut in The Change-Up in theaters today!