Readers Respond: Will Anne Hathaway Make a Good Catwoman?

It was announced back in January that the usual rom-com queen Anne Hathaway would step into the shoes (paws?) of Catwoman for the upcoming Batman flick The Dark Knight rises, and on Friday we got a first look at Anne in the infamous suit.

While some Celebuzz staffers think that Anne will kill it as Selina Kyle, others weren’t entirely convinced.

So we decided to take the debate to Facebook to see what you guys, our faithful readers, had to say about Anne as Catwoman.

While the post itself on Facebook received nearly 100 likes, some people were not feeling Anne as Catwoman, with many saying they would like to see Angelina Jolie in the role.

Shannon N. said: “Not sure – Catwoman is usually very sexy – I really can’t see Anne being sexy. She’s mostly too awkward.”

Erick repeated the sentiment, but did add give Anne props on her acting chops.

“She is hot but she doesn’t has the vibe of hotness, sexiness, and mostly the femme fatale style…guess Angelina would had fit better into the role but still Anne is a great actress….we’ll see how does it go….”

There were plenty of people that think Anne will make a fab Catwoman, and Jennifer P. made a great point, saying:

“I think Anne Hathaway could do just about anything. I’m finding as I watch her work, she’s become a very versatile actress. I’m not going to compare her to past Catwomen. Each actress put her own stamp on that role, but I’m looking forward to it. I really like Anne. Can’t wait to see how she does this!”

Lots of great feedback, but we could always use more! Cast your vote in the poll above to give your two cents about Anne as Catwoman.