Vanessa Hudgens Dishes About New Haircut at the US Open of Surfing (PHOTOS)

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Sporting a pink summer dress and her new shorter hairdo, Vanessa Hudgens was having a ball at Huntington Beach, California this Thursday. V.Hud was hitting the sand and surf for Hurley’s Walk the Walk National Championship at the US Open of Surfing, where the actress was the host and judge for the competition.

Hudgens recently chopped her signature luscious locks for her role in her new film, Gimme Shelter. The brunette beauty told Celebuzz exactly how she felt when she first made the cut.

“It was terrifying but I was so passionate about the character that I wanted to do everything that I could to make her great,” says Hudgens. “During the fact it was great–I looked like a boy and it was awesome. But now that I’m home I’m like, ‘I’m stuck with this short haircut. What the hell am I going to do?!'”

Well, it looks like Vanessa’s new hair hasn’t affected her impeccable fashion sense one bit! The starlet looked fab in a floppy hat and maxi dress earlier this week during an afternoon stroll with a friend.

It also seems like Vanessa doesn’t regret taking on the much edgier role in Gimme Shelter, or the drastic hair change.

“I’m the most proud I’ve ever been on anything I’ve worked on,” says the actress.

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