VINTAGE VIDEO: Fergie Clowns Around Singing ‘Say You, Say Me’ (VIDEO)

Fergie’s Airport Style
Fergie shows off her studded style.
Fergie Wears Short Shorts
The singer shows off her legs.
Fergie Touches Down
Fergie & Josh land at LAX.
It’s Flashback Friday! 

Everyone knows Fergie as the hot bodied, midriff-barring babe from from the Black Eyed Peas(and wife to Josh Duhamel), but before she hit it big with the chart-topping super group she was a rising star on Kids Incorporated

The show ran from 1983 to 1993, an interesting time in pop culture that continues to deliver viral video gems thanks to the magic of YouTube! WARNING: If clowns freak you out, you may want to avoid this clip.  

In the video, a young Stacy Ferguson — as she was called pre-nickname — sings the Lionel Richie tune in an episode called “Stacy and the Clown.”

With wavy blonde hair, canary yellow pants and a matching top that is only improved by the totally 80’s multicolored pattern, she belts out the song while a clown does some type of interpretive dance with  broom. Later, he jams out with a yo-yo while the pre-famed Fergie belts out the ballad. 

Despite the fashions and somewhat odd pairing, there’s no doubt this Kid has talent! Watch the video and tell us your thoughts in the comments! 

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