Who's the Hottest Catwoman? (POLL)

Batman Villain Pic
Tom Hardy as Batman Villain Bane
Tom Hardy posed as the 'Dark Knight' villain Bane. Read More »

They're some of the sexiest women in Hollywood and they've all put on the latex and leather for the coveted Catwoman role! From Michelle Pfeiffer's 1992 role in Batman Returns as the woman-turned-kitty, to Halle Berry's sexy (yet not so well received) role in the 2004 movie Catwoman, to most recently Anne Hathaway shooting scenes for the highly anticipated Dark Knight Rises, Celebuzz wants to know which catwoman makes you me-ow! 

Cast your vote in the poll and leave a few comments as well!

Pfeiffer's Catwoman character is pretty hard to top but will Anne pull it off? Check out the trailer for Batman Returns below!


Click the pics of Anne in her Catwoman costume to get a feel for how Dark Knight Rises will fair!

Last but not least, here's hot Halle in her spandex suit!



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  • Jon Marrs
    Jon Marrs

    Michelle's the best Catwoman. Besides, her mask's look makes it 'easier' for her to remain a mtstery.

  • jack

    Halle berry hands down for hotness

  • Louie

    Michelle - Her Selina Kyle was awsome as well. She immerses herself in a role.

  • JD

    All of the above! Michelle wins for now because Batman Returns and her portrayal were the best. Anne will be great though, she's the classic burglar version updated for the modern era. Halle wasn't bad in the role but the plot was terrible and had nothing to do with the comic character, she could not save an awful script.

  • aliza

    To answer the poll, Halle Berry would be the hottest but Michelle Pfeiffer is the most perfect catwoman.

  • aaa2ee2eeemeee3ee

    perry for sure

  • AliceN

    Um sorry Eartha Kitt should be on here, she OWNED catwoman

  • Angel Trice
    Angel Trice

    Halle . . No doubt about it. [img]http://www.celebuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/05/catwoman17-340_508.jpg[/img]

  • shh

    me ubiese gustado mas rihanna q las otras 3, pero JLo tambien le sale bien

  • dfgjhreo

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  • zoli osaze
    zoli osaze

    i love michelle pfeiffer.....but halle berry was the best catwoman....movie was dumb.....halle rocked

  • Tricia

    No one will ever outdo Michelle Pfeiffer. I am very confused by this Anne Hathaway casting. I don't see how it could possibly work. But I guess time will tell!

  • citygirl

    MICHELLE HANDS DOWN!! wat a disappointment... wheres Annes cat head? i guess its only one picture i hope it turns out great come on Christopher Nolan