Who’s the Hottest Catwoman? (POLL)

Batman Villain Pic
Tom Hardy posed as the 'Dark Knight' villain Bane.
They’re some of the sexiest women in Hollywood and they’ve all put on the latex and leather for the coveted Catwoman role! From Michelle Pfeiffer’s 1992 role in Batman Returns as the woman-turned-kitty, to Halle Berry’s sexy (yet not so well received) role in the 2004 movie Catwoman, to most recently Anne Hathaway shooting scenes for the highly anticipated Dark Knight Rises, Celebuzz wants to know which catwoman makes you me-ow! 

Cast your vote in the poll and leave a few comments as well!

Pfeiffer’s Catwoman character is pretty hard to top but will Anne pull it off? Check out the trailer for Batman Returns below!

Click the pics of Anne in her Catwoman costume to get a feel for how Dark Knight Rises will fair!

Last but not least, here’s hot Halle in her spandex suit!