$50,000 Makeover on ‘Home by Novogratz’ (PHOTOS)

This week, Home by Novogratz gets schooled. 

Cortney and Robert Novogratz — a young, artsy couple who’ve spent the last decade designing unique properties while raising seven kids — partnered with Bounty in their efforts to help improve public schools. Winegard Elementary School in Orlando, Florida was named the grand-prize winner.

Click through the gallery to see the amazing transformation, and read on to find out how their kids were an integral part of the school makeover.

Your children have play an important role in your careers; can you give a few examples of their ideas that you incorporated into the makeover?
We spoke to them to see what they thought were important assets to have in the classroom to make learning easier and more fun. They suggested ideas like using bright colors, fun art work, and to provide the kids with good places to store their materials. The part of the school we are making over at Winegard has to do with the creative arts, so the kids suggested anything that would help the students to be inspired — musical instruments, computers, craft materials. Check out our makeover pictures for many of these ideas realized.

What inspired you to do the school makeover?
It wasn’t a difficult decision. We obviously love kids (we do have seven of them!) and support them. We love what Bounty has done, offering to help schools all over the country clean up their environments with their “We Love Our School” campaign in order to help make learning easier and more efficient. We get a chance to help out a school that really needs it, and offer inspiration to kids who are hungry to learn and have been affected by budget cuts and other shortages that many schools face today, especially in the area of artistic pursuits.

How did you ultimately choose the school that would receive the makeover from all the entries?
Bounty ran a nation-wide contest to find their winner, and they chose Winegard Elementary School in Orlando, Florida. The school hasn’t been updated in a really long time, and it is exciting to be able to help!

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