‘Glee the 3D Concert Movie’ Premieres in Los Angeles (PHOTOS)

Hold on to your seats and channel your inner ‘Gleek’ because it’s going to be a bumpy ride. The cast of Glee is coming to a big screen near you! And even better … they will be in 3D!

That’s right, Glee lovers! Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Darren Criss and the rest of the Glee gang will be making their very first film appearance together in one of the most anticipated movies of the summer — Glee the 3D Concert Movie! The New Directions took Los Angeles by storm on Saturday night to premiere their movie — and Celebuzz was on the red carpet to get the 4-1-1 on the movie excitement, fashion and everything in between.

The film, which hits theaters on August 12th for a two week run, features all of your favorite glee club members live in concert, giving fans a little taste of what their live show has to offer.

On the red carpet, Lea Michele showed that she clearly doesn’t take fashion tips from her alter ego, Rachel Berry. She stole the show as she waltzed her way through the carpet looking lovely in a black lace corset dress from Marchesa, something she claims is “very different” than what she’s used to wearing on the show.

As the Glee phenomenon continues to take over the world, Lea took the time to credit all the Gleeks out there for making this possible, stating:

We just have the most amazing fans, so all that we do is for them. It’s a universal thing that people can respond to.

The New Directions weren’t the only famous glee club walking the red carpet, though. Noticeably present alongside the stars of the hit television series were Darren Criss and the Dalton Academy Warblers (who had nothing but nice things to say about their glee club leader). The Warblers gushed:

It’s been absolutely amazing to be surrounded by this kind of talent. Darren is incredible. He’s not just an amazing actor, he’s good at everything. It’s not just him, but it’s everybody on the show.

Darren Criss was recently upgraded to a season regular, and we can’t wait to see if this Warbler will finally join his on-screen boyfriend, Chris Colfer, at McKinley High this season. Which begs the question: Will fans be seeing more of the Warblers next season as well? The Warblers’ response: “That’s to be continued.” We sure hope so!

The troubled bully Max Adler proved that he cleans up well by strutting the red carpet looking chic in an all black suit. We asked Adler to dish out which other character he would love to play on the show. His answer? Finn. Max told us:

I connect with Finn a lot because in high school I got my hands on a lot of things. I was in student government, was friends with all the athletes and got good grades. I totally get what Finn is trying to balance.

Adler recently made a guest appearance as a mentor on the hit reality series The Glee Project, in which 12 contestants sing their way through each week to win a seven-episode stint on Glee. We are just a few weeks away from finding out who came out on top and will join Max Adler and the rest of the crew next season. Adler to a few seconds to wish the final five contestants luck as they made their way into the premiere.

What a sweetheart in real life!

While you anxiously await the arrival of Glee the 3D Concert Movie, here’s a sneak peak at what you’ll be able to enjoy.

Are you ready to Gleek out as you get the chance to be up close and personal at the Glee concert? Sound off in the comments!

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