Jesse Eisenberg Takes Off Full Blast In GQ Magazine!

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Jesse Eisenberg shows his face on this book –GQ Magazine that is — looking rather dapper regardless of the fiery situation he’s gotten himself into.

The Oscar-nominated actor, known for playing Mark Zuckerberg in Social Network, has shuffled towards comedy in his new movie 30 Seconds or Less. Playing along side comedian Aziz Ansari, he has definitely got a lot to live up to! We’re sure he’ll have us rolling with laughter in the upcoming flick.

Who would have even guessed that he once suffered from crippling shyness?

 The young and talented star showcases his good mood attitude, regardless of his misfortune in the Comedy Issue of GQ magazine. He shares his most intimate moments and insecurities, such as being quite the shy guy as a young boy. 

 “I cried every day of the first grade. In class. Which meant I ended up getting comfortable emoting in a place where it wasn’t the norm.” Jesse said in his interview with GQ

While he may be have been a little bit of a “cry baby,” his next role is sure to have us laughing harder than ever! To check out Jesse in his many tailored suits looks and sticky situations, make sure to pick up the August issue of GQ magazine. With all the hottest A-list funny people, this issue will not let you down!