Readers Respond to Nikki Reed's Mani: Cute or Weird?


Nikki Reed and her fiance of three months Paul McDonald are quite the lovebirds, but is this latest display of affection just a little too cutesy?

The 23-year-old Twilight actress was seen at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday in LA sporting her beau's face on her nails. Talk about a man-icure!

The Celebuzz staff is all about fun nail trends, but with this look we're still on the fence.

So, we thought we'd ask our loyal readers on Facebook if they think this trend will be taking off, or whether it should be banned.

Connie M. thinks it's rather strange, saying:

"if she was a teenager it would be cute, but she's it's weird"
Violet S. however was digging Nikki's nails:
"I think it's cute! Way better than getting a tat of the guys face or name lol."
Valid point!

And Zanda S. reminds us that this has been done before!

"She wouldn't be the first to do that. Katy Perry had her husban [sic] Russel [sic] Brand way before any other celebrity did! Dress rocks though"
Great feedback guys! Keep the debate going by voting in the poll!



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