Baby Flynn Continues to Stun Us With Cuteness (PHOTOS)

Flynn Bloom is quickly becoming the frontrunner for the cutest celebrity baby.

Little Flynn, who’s just eight months old, has everything that makes us go “awwww” when it comes to baby-centric adorableness: Cute face, super famous/hot mom, and those CHEEKS! Don’t you just want to pinch them?! It takes quite a bit of charm to make one look away from Miranda Kerr, but when Flynn is in her arms, it’s hard to even notice the Victoria’s Secret beauty.

Flynn and supermodel mom Miranda took a stroll once again through Sydney, where they’ve been for the past few weeks as Miranda spends some time in her home country of Australia. The two have been enjoying their time despite the fact that Orlando Bloom, Flynn’s father and Miranda’s husband, hasn’t been Down Under with the duo.