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Mrs. Ice Tea, aka Coco, reveals how she keeps her trademark look in check! One tip she gave to Allure Magazine was to take your time. She explained: 

“I piss Ice off sometimes at night because my regimen is kind of long. He just gets in bed and starts watching Tivo right away, and I’m like ‘wait, hold up, I still need to get myself ready.’ He’s like ‘I don’t understand why you gotta do all of that.’ Believe me, it’s a lot of preparation, but it really is well worth it at the end. You want that young look forever, you know?”

The E! reality star also reveals that even she has some weaknesses. She disclosed to Allure

“I have a habit of picking my lips. But if I have lip gloss on them, I won’t do that. So I have lip gloss on pretty much 24/7, even before I go to bed. I think I probably apply [lip gloss] every hour that I’m awake.”

Coco also admitted that Snooki from Jersey Shore isn’t the only one obsessed with tanning. She says, “I am also a very, very big tanner, and I know that’s awful for the skin. I’ve been tanning since I was 15. The thing is, I kind of have to keep golden/bronze skin because I am a swimsuit model. So if someone calls me in the dead of winter, I still have to look like I’ve been on the beach. I tan once a week, and I Mystic [spray tan] once a week—I call it a cocktail.”

The curvaceous model adds: 

“You know, when people ask what I would change about myself, I would really say my skin. Because I am really a white, white girl, like vampire white, but that doesn’t really go along with the profession I’m in. So If I were to be reborn again, maybe I could have a more bronze look.”

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