Kendall Jenner Has a Personal Matchmaker: Justin Bieber!

Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner

Justin Bieber is a celebrity of many talents. He's obviously got the music thing in the bag, but he's also highly skilled in the art of pranks, swagger and social media. The combination of all three of those last traits has led to his newest professional foray, as he's now trying his hand at matchmaking by trying to set up none other than Kendall Jenner.

Remember back in high school when you used to try setting up your friends on random dates with someone they thought was cute? Well, using Twitter as his vehicle, Bieber tried doing his friend a solid early on Tuesday, writing in a tweet: "Hey @Kendalljenner you should let my boy @iamjulkeyz take you on a date ;) dm him"

So who exactly is this @iamjulkeyz fella? It's music producer and writer Julian Swirsky, who has worked with Bieber, his pal Sean Kingston, Nicole Scherzinger and others. Oh, and did we mention he's 16 years old -- a perfect age for aspiring model Kendall?

Jenner hasn't tweeted back at Bieber just yet. However, this isn't the first time that Bieber has engaged in some form of romantic involvement with a Kardashian/Jenner. Last year, he engaged with some casual flirting with Kendall's half-sister Kim Kardashian, as the two traded friendly tweets -- ultimately leading to Kim facing the scorn of Bieber's ravenous female fanbase.

Nowadays, Kim is engaged and Bieber seems mighty happy with his girlfriend Selena Gomez, so now he's content just trying to help his friends out.



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  • brendacool

    HELLO i am miss Brenda, i contacted you for us to be friends please mail me on ( i will tell you more about my self then, thanks, Brenda.

  • Dea

    Yes,,,jadian dώōηƍ,,,,,Q mendukung 100 % buat keduany,,,mabeles deuhhhh

  • Julia

    They would make a cute couple. Even tho Kendall is much tall than him.

  • Anna

    I hope Justin know that Kendall wants to date him not his friends.

  • Nicole

    poor girl needs some ProActive. She should concentrate on school and not worry about her pimp mom