Readers Respond: Should Teen Moms Like Jenelle Evans Be on TV?

'Teen Mom' Arrested
Jenelle Evans was arrested for violating probation.
Celebuzz readers had a lot to say when news broke that Teen Mom parent Jenelle Evans, 19, had been arrested again in North Carolina for reportedly violating her probation after testing positive for marijuana and opiates. 

RadarOnline is reporting that she is currently being held on a $10,000 bond. Prior to this latest arrest, Evans was sentenced to a year of probation after being arrested for drug paraphernalia possession, and was later charged with assault of a vicious attack on another girl that was caught on tape and made its way around the internet.

Upon hearing this latest news, the comments flooded in on our Facebook, Twitter and Celebuzz’s website!

FB user Amber Stidam Grzyb wrote: “[Jenelle] needs some serious help. She is far to immature still and I am thinking she may never be ready to be a mom. Some people just really shouldn’t have kids. Glad to see that a lot of the other girls have grown a lot though.”

Stephanie Hernandez felt differently, writing: “The way I see it if you don’t like the show, then don’t watch it. There are a couple of girls that I don’t think should be on there but I wouldn’t cancel the whole show because of it. A lot of them have grown up and its good to see the positive in them.”

Meanwhile, Prissy gave her two cents on, saying: “Seriously, why is this girl such a hot mess? I hope they never give her son back to her. She’s been successful in damaging his poor psyche in the short time he’s been alive. No mother, no father and being raised by his grandmother. So sad.”

Real mom Heather Wilder wrote on Facebook: “OK, I was a teen mom and I always had to fight dirty looks and people judging me. Just because there are the moms like Janelle does not mean every mom acts this way. Some of the girls on the show are great moms so let’s not make judgments on all of us cause a few are not doing what they should!”

Melissa Falk writes: “This girl needs to get her act together. She is a mother now. Get clean get a job! Be responsible.”

Jonathan Rachael goes against the majority, writing about the show: “Are you serious? This show is the first show that has proved to girls that having a baby at a young age isn’t a good idea. And that giving a child to adoption isn’t the worse thing. there are ways to deal with it…”

Angela Nesbitt also doesn’t have a popular point of view regarding Jenelle, writing: “That is so annoying. How they are so quick to put her in jail but all these actors that get DUI over and over and for drugs don’t go to jail and only probation.”

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