'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Arrested Once Again

Jenelle Evans Booking Photo
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Jenelle Evans, the troubled and erratic brunette on MTV's Teen Mom series, has been arrested again in North Carolina.

While no details have been released as to why exactly Evans was arrested have been officially released, TMZ is reporting (via Jenelle's lawyer) that she tested positive for marijuana and opiates during a probation meeting. RadarOnline is reporting that she is currently being held on a $10,000 bond.

Evans was sentenced to a year of probation after being arrested for drug paraphernalia possession, and was later charged with assault of a vicious attack on another girl that was caught on tape and made its way around the internet.

On Mom, Evans frequently discussed how she and her friends smoked marijuana, and much of her storyline detailed her broken home and family-straining fights with her mother. Jenelle's behavior eventually led to her mother legally taking custody of her son Jace. Watch a clip below.

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  • Info Apa Adanya
    Info Apa Adanya

    I just could not leave your web site before suggesting that I actually loved the standard information a person provide in your visitors? Is gonna be back ceaselessly in order to investigate cross-check new posts

  • citygirl

    Her mom is a nutcase, it is no wonder she is the way she is. Hopefully she can get her life straight and get her son back. I think she then needs to get away from her mother for a bit. Her mom was horrible to her when she was pregnant... Sad

  • justaguy

    I'd like to violate her hooha

  • jhildebrand40

    You know the people that are on here and make these kind of comments about teen mom's are worthless. How do you think she is going to change if when she reads these comments about her and how she is a worthless piece of s*** mom. You all should be ashamed I am not condoning how she is acting but to call her names and continually put her down does not help the situation. Do you people actually think that Janelle does not see this. How would you feel if you were reading comments about you and all you saw were comments like you are worthless and you are a piece of s***. You are going to begin to believe what you read and go out and be more destructive with you life. You will go out and do drugs and liquor and if you have never done them you will start because they will make you feel better and you can escape from the hell that you are living in. So you know if you can't say anything nice do not say anything at all. She is a child trying to find her place in this world. She needs to be told nice things to get her away from her distructiveness. How would you feel if someone kept putting you down all the time, You would feel bad and eventually start to believe the people that are putting you down and you will fall deeper into a rut and become depressed and worthless and unworthy to be around anybody but the people who keep you on the road to trouble. Yes she has some problems and yes she has not been the best mom but if everybody would shut up maybe with some therapy she can pick herself back up and become a great mom. We all have made mistakes and we have learned from them and we pick ourselves up dust ourselves off and strive to make a better life for ourselves. Give her a chance to do that stop putting her down and lets see what happens. You know deep down she wants to be a mom and to make something of her self don't stop her from ever doing that. She deserves to make a go of her life. Let her try but she wont if everybody keeps putting her down.

  • sydney

    She is just a horrible mom, just like half of america that have 8 different kids, living on welfare, drug addicts, incarcerated,etc. She was way to young to have a baby. I feel bad for Jayce knowing he has a worthless mother. Luckily Jenelle's mom takes care of him. She will never learn to grow up, and I hope that she never gets to see Jayce again. Its sad to think that their are mothers in worse shape then she is, only Jenelle is in the spotlight so everyone can see. Motherhood is a blessing and shouldn't be taken for granted. Jenelle I hope you know that me and other people think that you are a worthless piece of s**t mom.

  • Ari

    tenn - a typo, not a misspelling of 'teen'.

  • Ari

    nikkisunshine79 - it's really hard to take anything you say seriously, no matter how sincere and thoughtful - until you learn how to spell like an adult. You seem concerned for this tenn mom's kid, and I am concerned about you.

  • nikki

    i meant to say hit me up for suport

  • nikki

    she is a kid that had a kid..she wants to due right but drugs mess with ur head an u dont reach the goals you r reaching for...the guy shes with is a loser, but everyones young an dum at one point. she jus needs the right help an her moms crazy an yells always even when she trys. she will grow up an i hope the romor of triblits was false thats fo sure. but girl is u read this blogs it me up for some suport...nikkisunshine79

  • Prissy

    seriously why is this girl such a hot mess. I hope they never give her son back to her. She's been successful in damaging his poor psyche in the short time he's been alive. No mother, no father and being raised by his grandmother. So sad.