Zoe Saldana: The Next Big Action Star (PHOTOS)

Hunky Heroes
Check out these butt-kicking beefcakes!
You better watch out for Zoe Saldana! On August 26, the Latina actress returns to the silver screen in Colombiana, playing the beautiful but deadly Cataleya Restrepo–a trained assassin out to avenge her parents’ murder.

Since it’s certain that Saldana will be whooping major butt in the movie, Celebuzz wanted to salute some of Hollywood’s hottest action heroines and villainesses. Whether they’re in skin-tight spandex or barely-there armor, these chicks know how to kick serious ass!

Find out who joins Saldana as one of Tinseltown’s biggest action stars in our gallery!  

This isn’t Zoe’s first time playing an action heroine though! The young actress starred in action flick The Losers as cold-blooded assassin Aisha and played Neytiri in sci-fi thriller Avatar. It looks like Saldana is now officially a certified tough cookie!

Check out Zoe in the action-packed Colombiana trailer below!