Emma Stone’s ‘Help’ Costar Chris Lowell Kisses & Tells: ‘It Was Ridiculous’

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The Help, starring Emma Stone and Viola Davis, already has Hollywood buzzing with awards season several months out, and there is a reason why: it’s awesome.

The love interest in the film is Chris Lowell (you may recognize him from Private Practice), who not only holds it down as one of the only guys in the all female cast, but has the fortune of kissing Ms. Stone. Or was it? 

“I completely disagree she is a good kisser and she will say the exact same thing about me,” Chris told Celebuzz about their makeout scene. “Here is our reasoning why…”

“Emma’s nose is so flat and mine is so pointy that I would just end up sticking her in the eye every time we kissed,” Lowell laughed on the red carpet at The Help premiere Tuesday night in LA. “Then [the scene] would all fall to pieces. It was like kissing my sister it was ridiculous!”

Chris is able to laugh it off because he and Stone are good friends when the cameras stop rolling.

“Emma is great she just makes it so easy [at work], she is so professional and so off book and so prepared, she’s rehearsed it a million times,” raved the adorable Lowell. “At the same time she is not stuck in her ways and she is adaptable to change and what you’re doing.”

Chris continued to rave about his pal:

“Her performances are just as strong off screen as they are on. A lot of times you work with actors who check out when their close up comes, she’s not like that.”

As we said, Chris totally holds his own in the female driven cast.

“I was kind of intimidated going into it. It’s not just a female cast it’s the female cast, they are some of the greatest actresses,” gushed Lowell. “Everyone just got along so serendipitously it was painless. Everyone was great and very giving and everyone has their own technique but they are all delicate with each other and delicate actresses. So it was really easy, I got along with everybody.”

The fact he said “serendipitously” is only making us crush on Chris more! Next up for the rising star:

“I just finished AWOL which is a Vietnam war activist film. It’s a lot of fun, Liam Hemsworth and Teresa Palmer who are wonderful. I’m very lucky!”

The Help hits theaters today, August 10. Check it out!