Gabriel Aubry & Daughter Nahla Work a Pout in WeHo (PHOTOS)

Cute Celeb Kids
The most adorable offspring Hollywood has to offer.
There’s a short list of Hollywood’s hottest dads, and Gabriel Aubry certainly ranks in the top tier.

He’s all the more desirable when challenged on daddy duty by a pouting tot in his arms. Nobody ever said raising kids is easy!

Halle Berry’s ex scooped up their daughter Nahla in West Hollywood today, where cameras captured a perfect pout drawn across the little girl’s face as she was carried off in daddy’s arms. Maybe the male model is teaching his little girl to emote for the cameras?

Although her parents are no longer together, Nahla spends plenty of time with both parents. They regularly pick her up and drop her off at school — or out for ice cream dates with mom.

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