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no! no! Hair Removal Treatment
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UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for participating!

Summer is officially here and it's time to make sure you are bikini ready.  Don't waste money at the salon to get rid of unwanted hair, Celebuzz is giving one lucky reader a chance to win the no!no! Hair Removal System.

The treatment is the only at-home hair removal system that reduces the rate of hair regrowth.  Universally safe and effective for everyone, the slim design and cord-free operation makes it easy to hold and manipulate for hard to reach areas like the bikini line, curved areas and facial hair. no!no! Hair ensures that hair will grow back at a slower rate than shaving and waxing, making it a cost-effective alternative for getting rid of unwanted hair.

The no!no! Hair is built with Thermicon™, an innovative technology developed by Radiancy. Thermicon uses the scientific principles of thermal transference to conduct a gentle pulse of heat. The Thermicon technology delivers this gentle pulse of heat over the skin to immediately remove and crystallize hair. The pulse signal then travels down the hair shaft and weakens the hair follicle, thus reducing hair re-growth.

Here’s how to enter: Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter, then leave us a comment telling us why you should be the lucky winner! PLEASE NOTE: You must sign in to Celebuzz (or use Facebook to sign in) in order to comment and win.

Make sure you are ready to hit the beach this summer and enter to win now!  This giveaway will end on Wednesday, August 17th, at 9 AM ET.




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  • Vemtira

    Has a winner been chosen for this yet?

  • Haidian Zi-Qaletaqa
    Haidian Zi-Qaletaqa


  • xxxkarinaxxxx

    lol your so lame it says until 9a.m maybe you should learn to READ

  • kardashiansxoxoxoxo

    OMG ignore the last comment hahaha Now that the contest is over please choose me please, read my other comments to understand why i should win this amazing product :)

  • xxxkarinaxxxx

    I should win this because my tan skin has gotten really splotchy because I am constantly shaving my legs because they itch from the hair growth. Also in the winter I cant even wear jeans because the constant scratching from hair growth makes my legs torn up, and hurt. This would be used for a good cause:) saving my legs!

  • kardashiansxoxoxoxo

    I know the contest is over but PLEASE!!!!!! :D

  • Dan Drenchek
    Dan Drenchek

    I would give this to my fiance (like you on facebook and follow @riptide6277)

  • Christina Bisaillon
    Christina Bisaillon

    This product is fabulous and I would love to own it! I don't have the money to buy it but if I were to win it then I would definitely use it!

  • kardashiansxoxoxoxo

    I would really like to win this product because I've tried so many other products like creams and such and lately they have irritated my skin. Because its summer time I try and keep my hairgrowth under control but having it on my neck sometimes its hard because my skin will get irritated. Please pick me <3

  • xxxkarinaxxxx

    I really would love to win this because I have always had problems with my dry skin and this would be greatly appreciated and used. I cant stand itching which is what happens when i have hair growth on my legs!!! Thanks!

  • Diane Bassette
    Diane Bassette

    I "must" win this to keep my hair growth under control! I must say I am a modest woman and would find it very difficult to have hair removal done in a spa. This would be awesome to win!! @saraminda following on twitter and facebook!

  • kardashiansxoxoxoxo

    hello... I know this is my fourth comment on this article but I really need this product. It would make me feel so much better to know that I can go out and not have to worry if I haven't waxed for a week and that the hair is showing, and oh my God waxing is so painful... I tried it by myself with one of the at home waxing kits and my face still hurts:( So please Celebuzz make a girl with her Sweet 16 only a few months away a very happy teenager :) ( By the way I have permission by my parents to enter into this contest, I asked them in advanced)

  • xxxkarinaxxxx


  • Karina

    I should be the lucky winner because of my skin being so dry as soon as hair grows on my legs, i have the worst itch all over my legs. I have to constantly shave in order to feel better and I am always cold, so I pretty much shave on a daily basis. My legs are torn up now because of the constant shaving and sooner or later I will need to get a hair remover. It would be awesome to win. Thanks!

  • Randa

    I wish to win this amazin wonderfull machine coz my wedding is on this september n I tried to buy it but we faced a financial issues To be honest when i heard n saw alots n alots of adv. n i saw all the comments about it i wish to have it for my self.. maybe i dont have much words to say how it gonna made me the most happier person on this univers if i win but i hope so deep inside that i win before my wedding date Coz honestly ,,, It is the one that every girl dearm about , And i say : It is my dream i wish to come true

  • Alyssa Forkell
    Alyssa Forkell

    i need this because it is so embarrassing sometimes when you miss spot and someone notices or just the facial, its really gross! i follow on twitter pandaxaly and i liked on facebook! email: alyssabubbleteax3@gmail(dot)com

  • kardashiansxoxoxoxo

    I don't know if commenting on this post more then once will greater my chances at getting chosen for this contest but why not? :) I would really love to win this because, this is the one problem I have that makes me a little self conscious and as a teen I usually do babysitting on the weekends but that doesn't pay enough to go waxing every week... its that bad that it grows back so fast and corse that I have to spend so much money on this. So please choose me to win this I would greatly appreciate this. I follow you guys on twitter (my twitter name is @markellaroros, search me if you don't believe me ;)) and I like you guys on facebook. Please help me out:)

  • fms1291

    I should win because I'm Italian and Italians have major problems with facial hair. I need some help to keep it under control! Hahaha

  • Laura Halfacre
    Laura Halfacre

    I would love to win this because i'm a college student and I can't afford waxing and I really really need it! I would love to try this hair removal device out!

  • egood33

    I would love to win because unwanted hair and I'm tired of shaving all the time!

  • chelyea

    I should win this because my kids don't leave me much time for trips to the salon to get waxed. Heck, I barely have time to shave in the shower. With the no!no!, I could use it pretty much anywhere in the house at any time.

  • kardashiansxoxoxoxo

    It's me again :) I would love to be the lucky winner because I have PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrom) and it causes alot of unwanted hair growth on my chin and neck and being a teenager its hard to cover it up because its very dark and i have fair skin. Please choose me to win this! I would greatly appreciate this <3

  • linds82

    I have very sensitive skin, and constantly nick myself shaving; this would be painless, no shaving with razors and no mess! Sounds like a sweet deal to me :)

  • Alisa Yaeger
    Alisa Yaeger

    I think I should win because, I hate the little hairs that keep coming back on my chinny, chin, chin. I am not one of the three pigs, I am a beautiful creation and want the big bad wolf (nono hair remover) to blow these little hairs down for good!!! Thank you for your consideration! PS. My daughter has inherited this problem as well!Ali HELP US! :-)

  • Divina Villanueva
    Divina Villanueva

    I think i should be the lucky winner because I am hispanic and have LOTS AND LOTS of unwanted hair!

  • Samara Calcano
    Samara Calcano

    i should win because i've spent a lot of money on laser treaments but slowly but surely it didnt take and started growing back. i would love to have this to take care of it on my own.

  • Colleen Boudreau
    Colleen Boudreau

    i should win because i hate shaving so much!!

  • kardashiansxoxoxoxo

    Please let me win this... I really need something like this, I have very visual facial hair that grows back quickly and darkly and it makes it very hard for me to go out because most of the time I can't cover it up with make up and it makes me very uncomforble. I tried some other methods but my sink got a bad reaction to it and it hurts. Please help me, I tried laser hair removal but $500 went to waste. I follow you guys on twitter andI always check this site before I do anything on my computer! please choose me, I really need this. Its very embarrising to be 16 and to walk around in the summer with unwanted hair on your face. Please :)

  • Christy Hatfield-Jacobs
    Christy Hatfield-Jacobs

    Let's see. I should get the No-no because I have lots of hair to remove, like a lot of girls. I can't afford one because my husband hasn't been working in a few years and I read Celebuzz every day! It's a bookmark for me. :o)

  • Kathryn Perkins
    Kathryn Perkins

    I would LOVE to win simply because I'm 10 weeks pregnant and over the coming months it's going to be crazy hard to shave my legs! ;) And who seriously likes to shave anyways?!

  • twinklemepink06

    I would love to be the winner, because I've tried everything else to get rid of the "wild hairs" that pop up. Even lasering didn't work well! I think this might be my solution!

  • ecaterina29

    O M G!!!! please pick me:)ever since i saw this item on tv i wanted it soooo bad. i need it so bad:) i HATE shaving and i have to do it everyday because my hair grows back so quickly it's unbelievable. i really need it. i don't have the money to buy it so winning it will make my day:)

  • danielleakame

    i would love this because im in my sisters wedding and i need to look flawless! the maid of honor has to be pretty!!! make bridezilla happy!

  • memommon

    I would LOVE to have this, having just turned 50 my hormones are a mess right now and I have some unwanted hair occurring under my chin and this may just be the answer I am looking for!!

  • ambermiller86

    I would LOVE this! I get unwanted hair on my chin.. have to pluck all the time LOL it's time consuming and embarassing.. it would be good for all sorts of areas lol :D

  • ricardinbri

    if the only place I'd have hair (the dark coarse thick one) is on my legs, I'd be HAPPY. But it's not just legs, it's everywhere else lol I'm naturally like that & it sucks and it's embarrassing -_-

  • Marie Berriet
    Marie Berriet

    I'd love to win the hair removal System, because, as a student, coming up with the money to wax is really difficult, and shaving irritates my skin extremely badly, which is inconvenient in both summer and winter... I have seen, envious, the advert for this product countless of times, but there is no way with my tight budget to even consider it. (You should therefore understand my excitement when i saw this giveaway alert :p) The fact that i'm half german, dark hair with pale skin is not really the most discrete kind of hair in the world. However, with this solution, i'd not only save money by not buying all the non effective other possibilities, i'd be able to not worry for once about being all itchy :p So i'll just have to hope that i'm the one selected for this giveaway, that sure would make my summer!

  • vemtira

    I would love to win this as being Spanish, German and Comanche, dark hair has always been an issue for me with a lot of time and money spent in eliminating all that I can. I lost my job 8 months ago after spending 15 years in marketing, and have now returned to school in order to move into a new career in radiology. Living off of unemployment while looking for a job and returning to school has left me living on a budget of about $50 a month after paying my mortgage and bills. Therefore, my choices of eliminating this dark hair has become a true challenge. I realize that with my current situation, hair removal shouldn't be on the forefront of my mind, but I am female and still take pride in looking my best. I have seen the no!no! advertised many times and have thought if I could only save enough money to purchase one, but silly things like food and toilet paper make it difficult to save. So hopefully I will be chosen to win! If not, thanks for the opportunity to try!!

  • michellemarie

    I would love to try this product on those pesky unwanted little hairs that we all hate. please and thank you.

  • Katheryn Mansur
    Katheryn Mansur

    I saw this product before on a magazine and have wanted since, it's a bit hard to come up with that amount of money. This would be a great product for me because unfortunately having a lot of unwanted hair runs in my family. I've tried bleaching, nair, shaving, waxing etc. It would truly be amazing to win!!! Thank youu!

  • Samantha

    I would love to win! I'm going on my honeymoon, and this would be so great and save me money!

  • Jd Drenchek-Scavo
    Jd Drenchek-Scavo

    I would love to be becuase shaving irrates me alot. I can't weara bathing suit for a couple of days afterwards becuase of it

  • Ashley Kiel
    Ashley Kiel

    I would love to be a winner. I have dark hair on my arms and legs. I have noticed a few areas on my face and some on my stomach. I have tried bleaching, waxing, and shaving. Laser hair removal is just too expensive! This would be something great to try! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to win!

  • dixie

    Over the years I have tried everything to get rid of the unwanted hair, you name it I tried it! But I never even heard of this little machine, it sounds intriguing, if this was a solution to my unwanted hair all this time I think I should have it ;)

  • ilovekardashians44

    I think I should be the lucky winner because I am so tired of shaving, and this amazing device would help get the job done so simple! Love it! Plus, professional laser hair removal is very costly, and I feel like this would work just as well, also in the comfort of my own home!

  • wheat636

    Shaving irritates my skin badly, so I've tried epilators and laser hair removal. The first does remove all hair and is painful, and the second is also painful and costly, not to mention requiring long trips to the doctor's office, and the results are not extraordinary. I would love to try this convenient tool.

  • Kaitlyn Rose Wentz
    Kaitlyn Rose Wentz

    I am so tired of shaving!!

  • emorgan223

    I have been in love with this product for years but its price makes it unattainable when compared to things like.... rent or power.

  • Jamie Estep Carbone
    Jamie Estep Carbone

    I would love to win this. I have light unwanted hair on my face that I would be so happy to get rid of. Just never wanted to go spend $500 to have it professionally removed.