Reader's Respond: Is Selena Gomez's Concert Costume Too Racy?

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez
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Selena Gomez stepped out baring her stomach Tuesday night in a purple and silver number that Celebuzz readers definitely supported. When asked if the ensemble was a little too racy for the 19-year-old Disney star, Facebook and website readers alike responded in a nearly unanimous NO! 

After the jump, meander through some of those comments!

Amber Stidam Grzyb was the first to comment, writing: "She is 19 not 15 so no I see no problem with it if that is how she chooses to dress. Not really a big deal. What bothers me is the underage celebrities that dress like porn stars or something."

Laurel Orosz agreed: "Shes a grown women she can wear whatever she wants to!!!!"

Many of you compared SelGo to that of Britney Spears, saying that if Brit could wear it at 16, Selena could sport it at 19. 

Jasmine Marquez Rivera wrote:  "Yes, I agree Brittany did it when she was much younger so WTH people? Selena looks amazing, not raunchy."

Darien Killjoy Rodriguez agreed, writing: "Seriously? Anyone remember the 'Baby One More Time' video? Britney was 16 at the time and nobody said a thing."

Yai Colon had a lengthy comment that read in part: "Omg!!! Are u kidding me! She's a 19-year-old young lady. She's showing off her belly I've seen 14-year-olds show more than that! Seriously she's wearing long pants and she's not wearing a low cut shirt ... so, no I see no problem."

Kendell M Rodney added to the comments: "She is coming of age, its all good."

Meanwhile, on our webpage, Milly had a different view, writing: "Oh good, everyone saying that it’s good for Selena, but if Miley wear something it’s a crime! Come on guys that is shady !! I’m just saying…"

But Kayla Jean's opinion differed. She wrote: "Are they seriously calling this racy? Really? Other celebrities wears less on stage. Selena looks amazing! Let her do what she wants. She’s old enough to make her own decisions."

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  • Julie

    I took my daughter to the Selena concert in Cleveland tonight. I thought she did an amazing job. She is a great entertainer and keeps her fans engaged in her performance the entire time. And those simple, tasteful, flattering, sparkly.......completely mesmerizing.....perfect star selections for entertaining a only if those outfits came in my size.....just kidding, there is a reason they don't......great concert Selena! If you have a Selena fan at home, I recommend checking out the concert!

  • #1 Selena Fan
    #1 Selena Fan

    SHE'S 19 Duhhhhhhh :p

  • PJ

    thts not a muffin top she is bending over thts why stop ur just jealous like 'livesinafairytale' says

  • aisha

    um lmbo it's so funny how girls can be so criticizing ! you girls need to all GROW up i swear. don't be jealous just because selena's beautiful c: so don't freaking whine. dum dum.,

  • aisha

    lisa girl you just jealous ! she's beautiful .

  • livesinafairytale

    Are you kidding me? She has the flattest abs I've ever seen. You two are obviously just being pathetic and jealous. Please, green is not a nice color on you.

  • PJ

    i dnt think its slutty its like as if she is at a beach and wearing a bikini but if she did a britney tribute i dnt think she shud wear tht but she is 19 now she is not a lil kid anymore she is allow to have freedom and do wht every she wants its just tht she has fans tht are like 6-10 yrs. old so she has to be careful on wht she does cuz they do look up to her -but i still love her


    i wish i could at the concert..:'(


    wow....i love you selena....<3 <3


    YOU ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YA YOU AWSOME

  • Adysha

    She's 18?!? Are we seriously having this debate over her showing her belly? Even though these girls are celebs, can we please allow them to grow up like every other teenage girl. They can't stay the young Disney stars we knew them as forever....

  • buzzbuzz13

    ikr u can see that she is sucking that in

  • minisaur

    No reason to get snappy. I agree with you completely up until you say dumbass and then its just targeted hate. Love. Don't Fight.

  • minisaur

    Selena Gomez is beautiful to those that she loves and those that love her. It's the same as anyone else. You are beautiful to those that you love, and love you. Hell, I'll admit I'm ugly imo, but I have people that call me beautiful. Beauty doesn't just mean your outer surface, so stop insulting people in your comments. If one of you doesn't like Selena, you can say it. It's called voicing your opinion, but it's not gonna stop anything about her. If one of you loves Selena, you have no reason to judge the person who doesn't. Why is that so hard for all you people to grasp?

  • Sandy

    She's so toned! Would kill for her abs!

  • Melissa

    So she's fake because she doesn't look perfect in this one image where it's at a freaking hot concert? She looks like she's about to cry dumbass, never thought of that? Your comment was probably more faker than the way you expressed all your thoughts in in just a few words.

  • Nazia Nazir
    Nazia Nazir


  • Nazia Nazir
    Nazia Nazir

    selena gomez is 19 years old...she is old enough to know whats right for her...there are people younger than her walkin what she is doin is fabulesly appropriate for her age....KEEP toKINGG <3 selena!!!!! <3

  • Nazia Nazir
    Nazia Nazir

    shut up jenna...just SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!...look at who u r takin to and then make sure ull not cum 0.00000000000000000000001% as pretty as her...and ull not luk as cute and pretty in that stop bein jealous and stop showin it out...*****!!!!!

  • Victoria Bella
    Victoria Bella

    "COUGH, COUGH" ...

  • Victoria Bella
    Victoria Bella

    muffin top :D

  • Victoria Bella
    Victoria Bella

    umm... ppl can b preetierr than SELENA ! ! umm, u don't lisa's pic, doo u ? i don't think soo, ughh, think much ?

  • V

    Ok any child or anyone for that matter who has gone to the beach has seen more, so what's the issue.... Where is this double standard emanating from? When Justin Bieber rips off his shirt it's let's rejoice but when Selena shows her stomach it's issue all around.

  • xchloex13

    Selena looks amazing really pretty. I love the top too:)

  • Cocojonesfan

    Ewww. She's turning racy like Carmen Lopez rebellious, like when she wore crop tops and Selena is going down Carmen's racy path. There was also a photo of Selena Gomez with no shirt on. Ewww.

  • Jasmin Orellana
    Jasmin Orellana

    At least She has shorts on under them pants, and her cleavage isn't showing, just her belly! GOSH...LEAVE THIS GIRL ALONE! Girls her age in the spot light OR even out of the spot light would have put some booty shorts that stand out of them pants to be notice. Those shorts she has on look like basketball shorts!

  • jenna

    WTF!!this pic looks just like ***** I've always thought she's fake !!

  • celenamarie01

    i think she is the most positive role modle out there right now! i absolutely adore her... not many young celebrities are ambassadors like she is ... she is very involved with UNICEF.... her parents raised her well!!!

  • celenamarie01

    what she is wearing is not a bit racy! she is 19 years old! she shows more skin wearing a bikini than she does with this outfit! I see nothing wrong with it! now if she was 14 and a role model to young kids yeah I would have a problem with it cause a 14 year old shouldn't wear clothes that show their stomach that much... would I let my 8 year old wear this? no beause this outfit isn't age approriate... if she were Selena's age yeah I would.

  • abcdefg

    it reminds me of justin bieber clothes, with the purple and the hoodie but overalll cute notslutty

  • Beavis

    I am Cornholio!

  • Julia

    I am pretty sure that you are not prettier than her

  • Nash

    She is beautiful.. Lisa i guess you are the one is ugly.. poor you..i feel sorry for you :)

  • sona

    that is not racy at all, Miley is racy sometimes when she wears this-

  • jkkk

    seriously? miley is being called slut coz she strated wearing them at 15 and in public. all the grownup celebrities wear clothes like this all the time. selena wearing it only when she was 19 thats called growing up.she still cant wear diapers and play around like a kid. she is growing up. she is wearing them on stage only. miley is a slut coz she goes braless,wear see through in public even wen she was young.she acts like slut so she is being called as slut sel acts classy so she is being called classy simple as that

  • lisa

    lololol she's so fucking ugly

  • sydsouth

    * Sure, so racy she might get raped in her stomach. Nothing wrong at all. *

  • Waqar Yameen
    Waqar Yameen

    Nice One......

  • Markrep Mandy C
    Markrep Mandy C

    oh get over it people she's 19 she can dress how she wants and its not showing anything except her tummy wow really

  • rainbowpanda

    uhh selena is wearing pants duhh miley never wears them who knows where he leaves its just a short top dats its its okaay younger girls wear bikins to pools and stuff where kids go soo its fine for selena

  • Crystal

    she's not 12! she can wear whatever she wants

  • Phelicia Odima
    Phelicia Odima

    This girl is gorgeous.If she finds the need to show out her toned be it.And you know what else,I just cannot stand it when people compare Miley to her...her to Miley,blah effin blah.People need to realize,this is not 1920 anymore.Slutty suddenly has a new version.Miley is living her life.Who cares?She can smoke off a bong,pole dance on a show,wHATEVER!That does not mean she is the devil and Selena is the angel.You never know.Maybe behind Selena's sweet face,lurks surprises for the universe!!!Still waters run deep.So just let young hollywood be young hollywood.And usher in the surprises as they come and go:)

  • Shelby Williams
    Shelby Williams

    since i would wear it, i like it!

  • Jacqui Ethridge Van Tassel
    Jacqui Ethridge Van Tassel

    I think she looks great. They are stage clothes. I wouldn't recommend them for going to the grocery store, but they show a whole lot less then a lot of other celebs we can name.

  • javi

    i use to like miley but what selena was wearing is nice not sluty its not the outfit with the hart in the crotch that miley was wearing in australia that one was for show and sluty only hookers wear what miley use in australia.

  • ugh

    um its unfair people call miley cyrus slutty now and not her?? wtf?? if its slutyt for miley it is for her.

  • javi

    this is no different from miley cyrus,lady gaga or madonna when madonna was in her prime miley cyrus in australia dress like a dominatrix and gaga wears diferent crazy outfits every show so in my view no is not racy or inapropiate i think she should dres sexy in every show.

  • Noah

    Wow. I bet that Justin Bieber is making her dress all promiscuous like. That little kid is a negative influence on her!