Reader’s Respond: Is Selena Gomez’s Concert Costume Too Racy?

Selena Gomez stepped out baring her stomach Tuesday night in a purple and silver number that Celebuzz readers definitely supported. When asked if the ensemble was a little too racy for the 19-year-old Disney star, Facebook and website readers alike responded in a nearly unanimous NO! 

After the jump, meander through some of those comments!

Amber Stidam Grzyb was the first to comment, writing: “She is 19 not 15 so no I see no problem with it if that is how she chooses to dress. Not really a big deal. What bothers me is the underage celebrities that dress like porn stars or something.”

Laurel Orosz agreed: “Shes a grown women she can wear whatever she wants to!!!!”

Many of you compared SelGo to that of Britney Spears, saying that if Brit could wear it at 16, Selena could sport it at 19. 

Jasmine Marquez Rivera wrote:  “Yes, I agree Brittany did it when she was much younger so WTH people? Selena looks amazing, not raunchy.”

Darien Killjoy Rodriguez agreed, writing: “Seriously? Anyone remember the ‘Baby One More Time’ video? Britney was 16 at the time and nobody said a thing.”

Yai Colon had a lengthy comment that read in part: “Omg!!! Are u kidding me! She’s a 19-year-old young lady. She’s showing off her belly I’ve seen 14-year-olds show more than that! Seriously she’s wearing long pants and she’s not wearing a low cut shirt … so, no I see no problem.”

Kendell M Rodney added to the comments: “She is coming of age, its all good.”

Meanwhile, on our webpage, Milly had a different view, writing: “Oh good, everyone saying that it’s good for Selena, but if Miley wear something it’s a crime! Come on guys that is shady !! I’m just saying…”

But Kayla Jean’s opinion differed. She wrote: “Are they seriously calling this racy? Really? Other celebrities wears less on stage. Selena looks amazing! Let her do what she wants. She’s old enough to make her own decisions.”

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