Selena Gomez Gives New York a Bit of Belly (PHOTOS)

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Thousands of fans in upstate New York were treated to the musical magic of Selena Gomez on Tuesday night — and they even got a glimpse of the 19-year-old star’s new and slightly risque wardrobe.

Selena strutted and sang her way through her tunes with her band The Scene, blazing through her latest fan favorites from the album When the Sun Goes Down. While doing so, at one point Selena wore an odd belly-shirt-hoodie combo that was equal parts sexy and confusing. 

She also brought out the rest of her wardrobe, which includes glittery (and somewhat skimpy) dresses — a fairly major departure from more conservative wardrobe choices from her past tours and singing engagements.

Meantime, while Selena was off in New York, her boyfriend Justin Bieber was having fun trying to play matchmaker for Kendall Jenner. Early Tuesday, Justin tweeted at Kendall, aiming to hook him up with producer pal Julien Swirsky.