Viola Davis’ Favorite Part of Filming ‘The Help’: ‘We Got to Gain Weight!’

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Oscar nominated actress Viola Davis is a powerhouse for a reason. She has actual talent and is one of those celebs that is so sophisticated, yet fun on a carpet.

“It was absolutely wonderful having a practically all female cast, there was just wonderful female energy,” Viola told Celebuzz at the red carpet premiere of The Help Tuesday night. “There were no egos, no one wanted to be the star. And we got to gain weight!”

Can’t beat that in Hollywood!

But on a more serious note, Davis said her role in this film really was the chance of a lifetime.

“My mother’s story, my grandmother’s story is not going to make it to the history books. Their stories sort of pass along with them,” Viola told reporters on the carpet about what The Help meant to her. “I think their contributions to history are extraordinary. They are the weight of so much pain and hatred that we haven’t had to do. They paved the way for us to enjoy the freedoms we enjoy today.”

That wasn’t all Viola shared last night. Davis also told E! News that she was adopting! Big congrats to the mother-to-be!

The Help hits theaters today August 10.

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