Pretty in Pink! Dianna Agron Dyes Her Locks (PHOTOS)

Dianna Covers Cosmo!
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Hollywood ladies dying their hair crayon colors is a full on epidemic!

The latest star spotted with some funky colored locks? Glee star Dianna Agron! The 24-year-old actress was seen sporting a new pink hair 'do (with matching sunglasses to boot) while out and about in LA on Thursday.

Could this be for her own personal enjoyment? Or is this some twisted Glee plot line?

We guess we'll just have to wait and see!

The cast just came back to set this week and have been hard at work filming ever since.

While there weren't any clues about why she dyed her hair pink, she did tweet about her excitement to be back on set:

"On set with my friends. It's pretty awesome. #gangsallhere"
Do you approve of Dianna's pink hair? Sound off in the comments!



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  • liv

    i absolute adore Dianna Agron... and she looks pretty amazing with pink hair... i gotta love see he in season 3

  • Jessica Babylynn Hang
    Jessica Babylynn Hang

    i think shes pretty and very talented.


    1- SHE IS GORGEOUS 2- She is a good actress 3-she died her hair for glee (It looks like Quinn is punk or something)

  • HSMGleeks

    First a nose job (even though that was because she broke her nose) and now this? Pink doesn't look nice in her hair. There was nothing wrong with it all. I think she can act. I mean she's not terrible.

  • totalgleek1477

    i love the hair but she shouldn't have cut it. her long hair was gorgeous! as for the color, its cute but blonde is better for her.

  • no acting skills
    no acting skills

    cute girl but a terrible actress.

  • danyy

    Girl, bye.