Readers Respond: Is The Situation’s 15 Minutes of Fame Over?

Is Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s time in the spotlight starting to fade out?

Between promoting vodka, tanning beds, workout and himself, America has had their fair share of the Jersey guido. That’s why we thought we’d ask our readers on Facebook: are you a fan of The Situation or are you ready for his 15 minutes to be over?

We got some pretty interesting responses, so we thought we’d share what people had to say:

The Sitch got a little love, with Tina S. proclaiming, “I ♥ him!!!” but most people seemed to share the same sentiment of being “over it.”

Catherine P. wasn’t feeling the Jersey love and said, “Even when his 15 min were starting, I was hoping they’d be over.”

However, Daysia R. made an interesting point by mentioning, “Honestly he is toooooo cocky he needs too relax but besides that i lovee him & the whole cast & the show (:”

What do you guys think? Are you over him? Or do you think he’s just misunderstood? Keep the debate going in the comments!