Rebecca Black Rocks Out on 'America's Got Talent' (VIDEO)

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Rebecca Black is on the press offensive, and after giving a candid Nightline interview discussing the effects of fame and bullying, she belted out her hit song on America's Got Talent on Wednesday night.

Black brought the infamous song "Friday" to the AGT stage, ripping through an abbreviated version of the viral sensation -- complete with a glittery backdrop, dancers, and no autotune. After Black finished, host Nick Cannon was so enthused that he sang some of the lyrics, calling it "my jam."

The performance came on the same day that Black's interview with Nightline revealed that she dropped out of high school because of bullying she faced after "Friday" was released.

"I've had a lot of experience with not being likes and all that," she said. "I think if I hadn't had to deal with that in the past then I totally would have handled this differently and I would have gone down in burning flames. But I've learned that you just can't let it get to you."

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  • robot

    i'm not trying to be an asshole for no reason...this is just plain terrible; it almost hurts to watch...listening to her ridiculously auto-tuned youtube videos, it was hard to tell if her voice was actually any good...but now it's official; she really can't sing for shit

  • M


  • ammo

    if money can a good singer jb cant be ......well iam not jb fan or rebecca onces but not a hater.....cuz we dont have a right 2 judge a person........................ ;)

  • ammo

    listen....she is cute ............,may be!!!!but she is not a good singer and if you are a star so you also act sweetly .................................thats a fact ,the real 1;P

  • trunoel

    She needs to STOP the whole performing thing now. She needs to get a singing coach an practice practice practice. Thennnnnnnnn she should make more music and book shows. As for now, she is only going to bring about MORE ridicule and bullying with performances like this...:/

  • kamiluccha

    she is really good looking girl , but when she opens her mouth , ugly comes out.

  • chanel500

    Um...seriously? Why is this girl doing this to herself?