Ryan Gosling Feeds a Baby on the Set of ‘The Place Beyond The Pines’ (PHOTOS)

Ryan's Funny Faces
Ryan Gosling teases the photogs.
What could be better than a Ryan Gosling sighting? Ryan Gosling feeding a baby! 

No, he doesn’t have a secret love child. The actor was snapped in character while on a break filming his new movie ‘The Place Beyond The Pines,’ in New York. The baby Ry is doting over is reportedly his co-star, who apparently got a little hungry doing all that hard acting stuff!

The Crazy, Stupid, Love star is sporting a bright blond new hairdo for the role. We think he looks good with any color, but the bleached hairdo is really starting to grow on us! 

The visual feast doesn’t end there! Ry recently showed off his biceps and tattoos as he rode a motorcycle while filming scenes for his new movie. Take a look below:

After a string of critically acclaimed and commercially successful movies, his talents are appropriately in the spotlight– after many, many years in the business. Celebuzz recently showcased some of his earlier work by uncovering a vintage video with Justin Timberlake. In a clip from their Mickey Mouse Club days, the boys break it down, going full boy band by serenading a crowd full of screaming young girls.

Sadly, there are limited RyGos moments from this era, as he was eventually booted from the club.

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