Sneak Peek: Kristen Stewart Stuns in Leather for W Magazine (VIDEO)

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Holy hotness alert! Entertainment Tonight is airing a sneak preview of Kristen Stewart's shoot for W Magazine and it is absolutely stunning.

The Twilight star's hair and makeup is high-fashion perfection and she's dressed up in leather and fur for the gorgeous shoot. Check out the clip:

We know this is just a teaser but we are already dying over it (and we're sure Robert Pattinson is too!). Watch tonight's ET and check back at Celebuzz for much more from the shoot later!

K-Stew fans sound off! Is this her hottest spread to date? Let us in the comment section!

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  • oniszko2

    She has so much make-up on her, you have to look close to see the real Kristen...I bet she hated all that stuff on her......

  • Elena

    OMG she is sooo beautiful¡¡¡ I loove her <3¡¡¡

  • Elena

    Woow she looks gorgeous¡¡ I love her, she is amazing¡¡¡ Kristen Rocks¡¡¡¡¡

  • Jona

    I could no tell that it was Kristen

  • W

    She looks amazing. K-stew ROCKS!

  • Apple Pie
    Apple Pie

    No one cares! If you're stupid enough to look to a stranger as your role model, than that's your issue!

  • ki

    they are pretty pics, but you can't even tell who she is.

  • Palas

    It's really not that good. It's too photoshopped. Maybe they should have chosen someone who could pull it off, instead of completely altering her face. It looks like some sort of alien. Not to mention, she is one of the worst role models out there. I definitely will not be picking up this issue.

  • dont' get it.......
    dont' get it.......

    It would be so nice to read a post without a bunch of hateful jealous comments. She is beautiful. Story done - go away all of you who can't just let it be. Its sad you have to display your pitiful insecurities here.

  • xxangelxx

    And your stupidity is showing. It doesn't look like her and it has been most definitely been photoshopped. Are you so stupid that you call someone jealous when they are simply pointing out a simple fact? Apparently you are.

  • sona

    wow i looked at this pic for 100 of times and still can't believe it's her!!! good job! really! i'm not a hater or jealous or anything but this makeup and hair is more than she usually does, that's why people in the comments wrote that this is probably photoshoped

  • WOW

    Kristen looks SUPER-SEXY!!

  • C

    Your jealousy is soooooo obvious.

  • Whattheheck!

    Really..are you are the true knowledge of beauty. Shut up!

  • cara

    to Alicia Dahlen, well sorry honey, she's not a megan fox who will butcher her natural lips with surgery in real life and I'm definitely sure the two famous photographers Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott who did this shoot will not photoshopped somebody else's lip into Kristen's. They are professionals and won't gamble their names for a sham. This is definitely just a lipstick trick and camera angles.

  • Alicia Dahlen
    Alicia Dahlen

    Those are NOT her real lips in that top pic! No way, no day.

  • Alicia Dahlen
    Alicia Dahlen

    Those are NOT her real lips in that top pic! No way, no day.

  • tinkerbelle

    If they did photoshop, then at least it's tastefully done unlike the Vogue photoshoot. I like these pictures!

  • M

    It doesn't even look like her, she actually looks like a girl here. Photoshop saving Celebrits' life since always.

  • Soy

    Vogue should learn

  • kp

    The photos don't even look like her the photos have been airbrushed to the extreme... The photos look pretty but in real life she doesn't.

  • sj

    gorgeous! does not look like her one bit.

  • Jamie Estep Carbone
    Jamie Estep Carbone

    You go Kristen! Show that sexy side we all know you have. As much as I love her no fuss look, she looks stunning in these pics.

  • cara

    WOW!!! She is so beautiful!! When is this mag out?? I'd like to see her dresses too. Her make-up and get up looks like a cross between angelina jolie and brigette bardot in the 60's. Love it!

  • angel2317

    OMG ... she looks breathtaking <3<3

  • abi

    She looks stunning! Cant wait for the mag to hit the shelves!

  • lili

    yup,her best photo shoot yet,idk why people are complaining about too much eye makeup,it's a 60s photo shoot she looks hot,the cat eye make up make her green eyes pop up,she looks gorgeous.go kristen!!!