The Situation Teaches Conan How to Get His Abs (VIDEOS)

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Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino brought his six-pack abs to late night and shared his stomach secrets with Conan O’Brien. As the “muscular messiah,” Mike got on the floor and put a twist on the basic sit-up. “Whoa! That’s impressive and the twist is important,” Conan commented in all seriousness. Then it was Conan’s turn! 

“You know I had this dream last night. It was crazy,” the late night host said while holding onto Sitch’s legs. “We definitely got a situation,” the Jersey Shore star responded.  Following the abs exercise, Conan joked, “I need to immediately go to the hospital.”

That wasn’t all he shared with Coco. He also gave him some tips on speaking Italian and “the language of The Situation.”

“Ciao Senorina. … That’s the first step,” The Situation said on meeting women in Florence, Italy, where season four of the reality show was taped. Coco joked, “You have truly mastered the language.”

The Jersey Shore ladies man does have a way with the women. Check him out on KTLA Wednesday morning when he unabashedly hit on one of the reporters! 


Also, check out The Sitch on the Shore tonight on MTV.