Zac Efron’s Leap Onto the A-List

Zac Efron's Awesome Hair
It's so swirly! Look at Zac's locks through the years.
A hunky guy with dreamy eyes that can sing, act, and dance? What more can we ask for?

Zac Efron has quickly risen to fame during the last few years as one of young Hollywood’s A-List stars. At the young age of 23, he already has television shows, movies, and musicals under his belt, but it was a risky ‘yes’ that skyrocketed him to fame.

Although Zac got his start on television as a teen on the hit drama series Summerland, his big break came as the star of what turned out to be Disney’s popular musical movie series, High School Musical. Before musicals became the ‘it’ thing, Zac starred alongside fellow Young Hollywood stars Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale in the one that started the craze.

Zefron showed off his triple threat skills and subsequently stole the hearts of girls – and moms – everywhere. His ‘yes’ to High School Musical (which was only the first movie of the musical trilogy) had Hollywood instantly saying ‘yes’ to him, thus making him one of our favorite lead actors.

With great acting chops and incredible looks, it doesn’t look like this Hollywood hottie is going anywhere anytime soon – and we’re not complaining.

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