Anne Hathaway Praises Kate Middleton for Dressing ‘Like a Lady’

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Anne's Revealing Outfit
Hathaway wears a sheer dress to a fashion show.
With body-baring outfits a standard in Hollywood, Anne Hathaway says she’s thankful that Kate Middleton is such a refined lady when it comes to fashion.

“Can I tell you how grateful I am to Kate Middleton?” she told USA Today. “Because she is such an advocate for dressing like a lady … I’m just very grateful to [her] for making looking appropriate really fun again. So, right now my fashion choices are all about Kate Middleton.”

The actress gets to flaunt her Middleton-inspired style while promoting her new movie One Day. Those outfits, though, are a far cry from the skin-tight costumes she’s squeezing into while filming her next project, The Dark Knight Rises.

“I had to change my body in order to achieve the shape I wanted for Catwoman,” she says. “We fit it over the course of a few months, and every time I would target a different body part we could take off the Spanx,” she laughs. “So it’s not your traditional movie prep.”